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Monday 12/2, 1996 - Breaking News

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Two Software Makers Claim Faster Web Surfing, No Mac Version Yet!
There's a reason they call the Internet an information superhighway

Toshiba Profit Plunges on Microchip Price Slump
Japanese electronics giant Toshiba Corp.'s first-half group profits plunged 40 percent

QuickScrap, Shareware Scrapbook Replacement
QuickScrap is a Mac Scrapbook replacement. Without QuickScrap you:

SurfTalk Adds Speech Interface to Netscape Navigator for Power Macintosh, Download here
Digital Dreams has released a public beta version of SurfTalk.

QuickMail Express Available Free from CE Software, Download here
A free, introductory version of CE Software, Inc.'s new crossplatform Internet E-mail client software

Another Mac ListServe Bites the Dust, MacDeals
In an email to it's subscribers MacDeals has suspended publishing

Corel Print House Moves to the Macintosh Market
Corel Print House Corel's popular, easy-to-use graphics package is now available for the Macintosh

Totally Hip Software Announces Private Placement
Totally Hip Software Inc. intends to proceed with a proposed private placement financing

Scorpio, SimpleText Replacement, Download here
Abbott Systems Inc has released Scorpio, a new replacement for SimpleText!

Atlasta Vista Launches Unique Screen Saver, Download for free
Atlasta today announced the launch of Atlasta Vista, reportedly the world's first full-screen, full-motion, video screen saver

ScrapIt Pro Updated
Try the utility that made MacUser's list of the top 30 shareware programs

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