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LEVEL 6 Computing Folds, Ceases Publication of Update Weekly.Mac


An open letter from Kevein Garrett, publisher of Update Weekly.Mac, shows how tough running a WWW based business can be. The following is the content of the letter. The editors of The online MacinStuff Times wish Kevin much luck in his future endeavours.

Dear subscriber,

I regret to inform you that I have ceased publication of the Update Weekly.Mac, effective immediately and permanently. Unfortunately, it and its predecessors never made it off of "life support" and I can no longer continue to be financially unsound. Therefore I have abandoned the newsletter and all activities of LEVEL 6 Computing (to my family's great relief :^)).

Most of you are likely unaware of my previous publication, the Macintosh Software Update Report, which began life in October '94. It was a fee-based bimonthly paper/disk/web publication that continued until June of this year. It finally became apparent that it would not ever reach a subscriber base large enough to be profitable, so I tried this sponsor supported version. But unfortunately, it too shows no signs of viability.

My thanks to all of you who have subscribed. I hope that my efforts have made your job easier and your work better.

Best wishes for your endeavors.

-Kevin Garrett


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