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Weekend Edition 10/4, 1996 - Breaking News

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Apple to Webcast Cool Site of the Year Awards

Apple announced that it is working with Simply Interactive, Inc. to bring the 1996 Cool Site of the Year awards .

AOL Bemoans Its Fickle Users; Stock Falls 10%

Shares of America Online Inc. fell 10% after the nation's largest computer on-line service filed an annual report

Chemistry Shareware for Macintosh, Download here

A new chemistry shareware software product for Apple Macintosh computers titled Periodic

Study Reveals Real-Time Image Processing More Efficient, Affordable

Increased performance and decreased pricing of computer platforms and high-resolution cameras

Apple & High-tech Leaders Join Forces To Enable Encryption

Eleven major information technology vendors and user organizations today announced the formation of an alliance

Technical Snapshot, Tool for Tech Support Staff, Download here

Storm Impact has released Technical Snapshot, a tool for technical support staff (and others)

PBS To Air Apple TV Series For Educators

Integrating technology into the classroom is the theme of six programs produced by Apple Computer,

UMAX Computer Debuts Aggressively Priced Dual-Processor System

UMAX Computer Corporation today introduced its second dual-processor clone

Modern Media Signs Agreement to License Titles two Bandai Digital Entertainment For Pippin Launch

Modern Media Ventures today announced the signing of an agreement to license two titles

Yahoo!'s Traffic Reaches One Billion Page Views in Q3 '96

Yahoo!, Inc. announced that the popular Web site,, reached a landmark one billion

LEVEL 6 Computing Folds, Ceases Publication of Update Weekly.Mac

An open letter from Kevein Garrett shows how tough running a WWW based business can be

Web Advertising To Make A Giant Leap

From Interctive Week Online By Farhan Memon

Hambrecht & Quis, the San Francisco-based investment bank behind Internet successes such as CNET, says advertising


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Thursday 10/3, 1996 - Breaking News

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Apple Adds New Files, Download here

Apple Computer added new files including, OpenTransport Beta 1.1.1b8, Slow SCSI extension, and more.

GDLetter's Newsletter Audience Grows

Ursiny Communications, Inc. (UCI), the publisher of free newsletter for desktop publishers, graphic designers

Lexmark Plans Six-color Inkjet Printers Produce Realistic Photos, No Mac Version

Traditional photographic printing, which requires chemicals, trays, a dark room, and a lot of trial and error

MacUtopia NewsStand, Compilation of Mac New Sites on the WWW

The MacUtopia NewsStand is according to it's author, Anthony Lewis, a site similar to the format of

Play Spades over the WWW with WebSpades

WebSpades is a new java game that was developed on a Macintosh. It lets you play the spades card game

"Teach!" - A Multi-media Authoring Toolkit For Educational Courseware,Download Here!

Many teachers and educationalists find the currently available multi-media authoring programs unsuitable

Apple Says No Change In Profit Forecast, Contradicts Bloomberg Report

Apple Computer Inc Tuesday said it had made no change in its official forecast regarding

Apple Stock Gains After Profit Forecast Report

Shares of Apple Computer Inc rose Tuesday on a report the company may return to profitability sooner than expected.

HP's New Printers Offer 8 Ppm Speed, Improved Graphics & Wireless Printing Capability

Hewlett-Packard introduced the HP LaserJet 6P and 6MP printers, the first in HP's LaserJet 6 Series printer family.

Settlement Reached in Internet Logo Fight with CompuServe

Log On America, a small Internet service provider, has won the right to use a corporate logo that on-line giant CompuServe

Patrick Townsend & Associates Announces The Release Of R66, Mac To Be Supported

Patrick Townsend & Associates Inc. announces the release of R66, an application gateway for mainframe transaction processing

Apple Computer Supports National 21st Century Teacher Initiative with Technology Seminar Series

Apple Computer, Inc. demonstrated its support of the 21st Century Teacher Initiative by launching a series of 20 seminars for K-12 educators


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Wednesday 10/2, 1996 - Breaking News

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WWW Forms Without CGI?

On the World Wide Web (WWW), one of the exciting constructs in HTML 2.0 is the use of FORMs to gather information

Apple Computer and NYCWired Host The "Wired...Now What?" Forum

Apple and NYCWired hosted a forum on the realities and challenges of integrating Internet

Former Apple and Pinnacle Exec Joins FirstFloor as SVP

FirstFloor today announced that Kevin McDonald, formerly vice president of sales and marketing

AOL Says Internet Rivalry May Cause them Financial Trouble

America Online acknowledges that it's having trouble keeping subscribers and may face financial

Bandai Digital Awarded by The Chicago Museum of Architecture and Design

Bandai Digital Entertainment Corp. (BDE) Tuesday announced that the company's Pippin @World won

Fractal Offers New 3-D Texture Tool

Fractal Design Detailer is a new graphics program for the Mac only, that lets users paint onto the surface of 3D models

WebSiphon Updated v 1.01, Download here

A new version of WebSiphon is available.This new version has some considerable speed improvements over 1.0

Open Horizon Delivers Mac Connectivity

Apple Computer customers can now extend Open Horizon's secure single sign-on solution to the Mac

Excite, Inc. & Rolling Stone Launch Rock & Roll Internet Guide

Excite Inc. , and Rolling Stone magazine today launched The Rolling Stone Rock Guide

ATI Technologies Ships One Million 3D RAGE Chips, Available in the Xclaim Mac Card

ATI Technologies Inc., announced that it will ship this week the one mill

Sort of Apple News?? The Beatles Anthology 3 to be Released

THE BEATLES ANTHOLOGY 3 comprises 50 songs -- first takes, out-takes, and never before heard recordings

Speed Comparison of Macs on the Web

There is a web page which has several charts that summarize the CPU speed, bus speed, clock multiplier and other information


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Tuesday 10/1, 1996 - Breaking News

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Apple & Netscape Develop Cross-Platform Products for Audio Conferencing, CoolTalk, Download here

Apple and Netscape announced that the two companies intend to work together to

Claris Home Page 2.0, Announced, Free beta version due in 2 Weeks

Claris Corporation announced Claris Home Page 2.0, the next version of the company's popular web authoring

Pajama Sam to Debut in Humongous Entertainment's Most Elaborate CD-ROM Ever

Humongous Entertainment, will introduce its new original character and most elaborate Junior Adventure game ever on Oct. 18. Pajama Sam

Football Statistics Software GameDay Incorporates On-Screen Point & Click Scoring

A point and click method for scoring football games has been announced by Legacy Software.

America Online Unveils New Marketing Approach

America Online today unveiled major new marketing initiatives aimed at building consumer loyalty, increasing retention

Roadster Translates SuperCard Authoring into a Web Authoring tool

Mac users with a passion for multimedia, some scripting experience , and a modicum of Internet savvy

Global Village New Value-Priced 33.6 Mac Modems

Global Village entered the 33.6 Kbps modem market today with a low-cost high-speed desktop fax/modem

OPTIX Intergrates Excalibur RetrievalWare

Blueridge Technologies announced that they have integrated the latest version of Excalibur RetrievalWare

Mac Only GradeBook 3.02 for Teachers Available, Download Demo here

Grades 3.0.2 (demo) is a Mac only program. The program is reportedly very easy to use,

Origami, the Secret Life of PaperČ Released for the Holidays

Casady & Greene, Inc., announced the release of a new CD Rom, edutainment title: Origami

GIFConverter Updated to v2.4, Download here

GIFConverter has been updated to version 2.4 is a graphic viewing and manipulation tool for the Mac

Edmark Four Award-winning Favorites in One CD

Edmark Corp. announced the shipment of four of its award-winning Early Learning House Series


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Monday 9/30, 1996 - Breaking News

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Claris Ships Claris Organizer 2.0 for Macintosh

Claris Corporation today announced that Claris Organizer 2.0, the all-in-one personal information manager for Maci

Maxum Ships PageSentry & PageSentry Pro Maintain Reliable Internet

Maxum Development this week shipped its upgrade to PageSentry Pro & a its new PageSentry

Ultimate Apple Search, Revamped & New URL

The New Ultimate Apple Search has a new look and a new thrust . UAS has reportedly

ScreenView CGI Announced, Download here

TripleSoft Inc. announced the release of ScreenView CGI. ScreenView CGI allows any Macintosh Webmaster

57 Countries and 65 Domains, That's Who Reads The online Macintsuff Times

It is hard to imagine, The online MacinStuff Times has readers in 57 countries

Calling All Mac Mothers


A new site created by Peggy Goldman has appeared on the Net, MacMom's Site

Macromedia Shockwave Technology Spotlights Volvo Car Corp New C70

The car of the future is here -- complete with its own virtual showroom minus the pushy car salesman

CD & Web One Stop Resource for Web Designers

LITTLE MEN STUDIO, Inc. claims to have internet's largest selection of original web element and icon/clip art

MacConnect, Mac Only ISP in New York

MacConnect, the first nationwide Internet access service exclusively for users of the Macintosh Operating System

Netscape CoolTalk beta for the Mac Available, Download here

Netscape has finally released it's version of an Internet telephone system

MacTranslator Now Available with Over 100 dictionaries, Download here

A new version of Word Translator for the Macintosh, a bilingual word translation application


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