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Study Reveals Real-Time Image Processing More Efficient, Affordable


Increased performance and decreased pricing of computer platforms and high-resolution cameras has made real-time imaging accessible to a variety of users.

According to a new study by Frost & Sullivan , THE U.S. REAL-TIME IMAGE PROCESSING SYSTEMS MARKET, the major trends affecting market growth are equipment flexibility, higher resolutions, increased accuracy, and ease of use. As real-time image processing usage becomes more mainstream, it will make its way into new fields such as forensics, agriculture, ophthalmology, and endoscopic vision.

Dropping prices have caused pressure to be felt in all segments of the real-time image processing systems industry. However, because companies have been expanding high volume production as a result of technical innovations, the market is expected to top the $5 billion mark by the year 2002. Real-time imaging now represents a major sector of the computer industry as it emerges from a high-end specialized application.

The real-time image processing systems market is being driven by growth in desktop computer platforms. With the introduction of next-generation processors such as Pentium, Alpha, and Power PC, personal computers are as powerful as traditional workstations. For example, developments in charged coupled device(CCD) technology such as mega arrays with up to 25 million pixels are currently in the works. Once limited to high-end special applications, full-color laser printers are now available with 600 dots per inch (dpi) resolution in the $5000 price range.

Some of the advances expected to sustain growth in the realtime imaging industry are the development and implementation of high-accuracy image capturing equipment and advances of CCD arrays. Image capturing equipment is expected to be able to transfer images continuously to a monitor or system memory in order to analyze full-motion video or time-lapse. Higher resolution CCD arrays means potential usage for miniature cameras used for endoscopic vision, as well as for large scanned areas in printing or webbing machinery.

There are six main market segments associated with real-time image processing systems: computer systems, storage systems, image processing equipment, input devices, output devices, and software. In 1995, the total market was $1.77 billion, with computer systems in the lead with $595.6 million. This lion's share is due in part to the fact that computer systems represent the platforms on which real-time systems are built.

Companies listed in the report are: Market Participants, 3M Audio and Video markets Division, Acer America Corporation, Acuity Imaging, Inc., Admax Computer, Inc., Advanced Logic Research, Inc., Advanced Visual Systems, Advent Imaging, Inc., Alacron, Inc., Amber Raytheon, Analogic Corporation, Apple Computer, Inc., ARC Software Inc., AST Research, Inc., AT&T Global information Solutions, BIOSYM/Molecular Simulations, Bit Flow, Inc., Brother International Corporation, Bull HN Information Systems, Inc., CalComp, Inc., Canary Communications, Inc., Canon USA, Inc., Cincinnati Electronics Corporation, Citizen America Corporation, Cognex Corporation, Cohu, Inc., Compaq Computer Corporation, Compix, Inc., Conner Peripherals, Inc., The Cooke Corporation, Coreco, Inc., Creative Integration, Inc., CIE America, Inc., Current Technology, Inc., Dalsa Inc., Datacube, Inc., Data General Corporation, Data Translation, Inc., Dell Computer Corporation, Digital Equipment Corp., DIPIX Technologies, Inc., DOME Imaging Systems, Inc., Eastman Kodak Comp., Edge Technology, Inc., Edmund Scientific Co., Inc., EEV, Inc., EG&G; Reticon, Electrim Corporation, EPIX, Inc., FileTek, Inc., Fujitsu Computer Products of America, FWB, Inc., Gateway 2000, GCC Technologies, Inc., General Imaging Corporation, Hamamatsu Photonic Systems, Handmade Software, Inc., Harmonic Software, Inc., Hewlett-Packard Company, Hitachi America, Ltd., IBM Corporation, ImageNation Corporation, Imaging Technology, Inc., IMAGRAPH CORPORATION, Industrial Computer Source, Inframetrics, Inc., INTERGRAPH Corporation, Ironics, Inc., Jandel Scientific, LaserMaster Corporation, Lexmark International, Inc., Liberty Systems, Inc., Lockheed Martin, Logical Vision, Ltd, Loral Fairchild Imaging Sensors, Mannesmann Tally Corporation, The MathWorks, Inc., Matrox Electronic Systems, Ltd., Maxoptix Corp., Media Cybernetics, Inc., Mega Drive Systems, Inc., MERCRON, Inc., MGA Software, Micro Design International, Inc., Micropolis corporation, Mitsubishi, Electronics America, Molecular Arts Corporation, MountainGate Data Systems, Inc. NEC America, Nikon, Inc., Noesis Vision, Inc., OCE - USA, Olivetti Office USA, Olympus America, Inc., Omron Electronics, Inc., Optimas Corporation, Optima Technology Corp., Oriel Instruments Corporation, Pacific Micro Data, Inc., Packard Bell, Panasonic Camera, Perceptics Corporation, Peritek Corporation, Philips Components, Philips Laser Magnetic Storage, Photometrics, Ltd., Photon Technology International (PTI), Pinnacle Micro, Inc., Pioneer New Media Technologies, Inc., Princeton Instruments, Inc., PULNiX America, Incorporated, QMS, Inc., Radius, Inc., Raidtec Corporation, Research Systems, Inc., Rockwell International, Roland Digital Group, Scientific Software, Inc., Scion Corporation, Seiko Instruments USA, Inc. Sharp Digital Information Products, Inc., Siemens Nixdorf Information Systems, Inc., Sierra Technologies Corporation, Signal Analytics Corporation, Silicon Graphics, Inc., Sonitech International, Sony Electronics, Inc., SpectraSource Instruments, Storage Concepts, Inc., Storage Solutions, Inc., Storage Technology Corporation, Summagraphics Corporation, Sun Microsystems, Inc., TARDIS Systems, Inc., Tektronix, Inc., Ten X Technology, Inc., Texas Instruments, Thomson Components and Tubes Corporation, Unisys Corporation, Universal Imaging Corporation, Univision Technologies, Inc., Vicom Systems, Inc., Visual Information Technologies, Inc., Vital Image Technology, Winchester Systems, Inc., Wyse Technology, Xedar Corporation. Related Companies include the Eastman Kodak Company.



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