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LOOK(TM) Gene-to-Drug Software - Now Available on Mac


It's going to be a lot easier for molecular biologists to discover the gene to drug path. Molecular Applications Group (MAG) announced today it is extending its powerful suite of integrated LOOK(TM) UNIX programs to a benchtop Macintosh platform. "The Power Mac is the computer of choice for molecular biologists," said Charlene Son, director of marketing. "With the advent of more robust, faster machines, we set out to port our flagship UNIX product to the Mac. Through dedicated efforts of the engineering team we have achieved our goals and are moving our Mac version into beta test."

LOOK provides integrated application software within its biologically savvy Internet browser permitting researchers to access and download data such as those flowing from the Human Genome Project. These data can then be organized and manipulated using the system's advanced bioinformatics capabilities. LOOK is the first system to give biologists full computing capability to support their drug development work by relating sequence data to protein structure information. This new, easy access to structure analysis and structural modeling tools opens a critical pathway in the drug discovery process.

The new Mac version, according to MAG's Jeff Parrish, director of development, "will provide all the display and analysis features of the UNIX product, with structural modeling taking place on a remote server. For molecular display and analysis routines, our benchtop LOOK on the Apple Macintosh is as fast as our Silcon Graphics UNIX product."

While bringing the power of LOOK to the molecular biologist's workbench is a revolutionary development, the move represents a return to MAG's roots. The first molecular modeling program produced by the company, MacImdad, ran on the Macintosh. MacImdad made structural information available to biologists.

Apple Computer recently announced a series of new high performance Power Macs using the RISC-based PowerPC 604e processor produced by Motorola and IBM, offering speeds up to 20OMHz. The Macintosh version of LOOK is fully compatible with the new Power Macs.


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