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Thursday 8/29, 1996 - Breaking News

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Apple adds New Files, Apple Spec Database Download Here


WorldNet Becomes More Maccentric

Macintosh users have been using AT&T's WorldNet Internet access service since its introduction

Now Startup Manager 7.0 & Now Utilities 6.5 Free, Download Both here

The Now Utilities Division of Now Software, Inc. has begun shipping its new, revamped and rewritten Now Startup Manager 7.0

Interactive Media Corporation Ships ActionLine Mac Available on the Web $99, Download Demos Here

Interactive Media Corporation today announced the release of ActionLine, a new web page authoring tool

"Asolut Kelly" Live Cybercast From San Francisco Powered by Macs

Visitors to this year's Absolut A La Carte, A La Park Celebration will enjoy delicious "bytes" of a different kind

Micro Dynamics/FormMaker Win NIH 'Imageworld' Contract Expertise in the Mac Environment Credited

Micro Dynamics, Ltd., a FormMaker Software company, has been awarded a key contract

Micro Dynamics/FormMaker Win NIH 'Imageworld' Contract, Expertise in the Mac Environment Credited

Micro Dynamics, Ltd., a FormMaker Software company, has been awarded a key contract

WWW Site Tracks Mac Software Versions

MacMedic has announced the opening of a new Macintosh related site

New Materials Offer Possibility of Over 6 Terabyte CD's

Scientists from the University of Buffalo (UB) have announced a new data storage technique

Melrose Place Web Site Live Party in September

Well not exactly Mac news but we could not resist this one. An official Web site for the Melrose Place TV show

Netscape & Apple Announce Plans to Develop Navigator for Cyberdog

Apple Computer, Inc. and Netscape Communications Corporation today announced that they have signed an agreement

LOOK(TM) Gene-to-Drug Software - Now Available on Mac

It's going to be a lot easier for molecular biologists to discover the gene to drug path. Molecular Applications Group

McGraw-Hill Home Interactive Mac Multimedia Titles Near Fall Ship Date

McGraw-Hill Home Interactive today announced that John Koronaios has been appointed as vice president of sales and worldwide distribution.

VolanoChat Java Solution Runs on Macs

Volano, a provider of Java chat solutions, today announced the immediate availability of VolanoChat, the first Java based chat solution

PC Computing Newsstand Supplement Strategy Spurs Strong Advertiser Support,Including Apple

PC Computing, a computer publications with paid circulation of 1,000,000

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Wednesday 8/28, 1996 - Breaking News

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Netscape & Microsoft Execs To Go Face-To-Face At Seybold

They battle in the media and they are starting to battle in court. Now Microsoft Corp. and Netscape Communications Inc. say they plan to take their "browser war" person-to-person

Farallon Announces Streamline Starlet/16 Hub, Reduces Prices on 4 & 8-Port Models

Farallon announced the new Streamline Starlet/16 hub, an affordable small desktop hub with high port density for small businesses

DirectorE Breaks Print Barrier: E-Publishing of Multimedia Membership Directories, Download demo here

Saracen Communications, Inc. announced the release of its newest product, DirectorE for Mac

NetManage Unveils 3 Intranet products, 1 for Macintosh

NetManage Inc said it will unveil a family of three products aimed at the corporate market for internal computer networks, or Intranets

Print On Demand Gains momentum; Apple, Adobe, Scitex Co-sponsor events at AppleMarket Centers

Apple Computer, Adobe Systems, and Scitex Corporation announced the refocus of the Print On Demand Initiative (PODI).

Now Offers First Macintosh Calendar and Address Book Plug-Ins for Netscape Navigator, Download here

Now Software Inc., today posted Macintosh versions of the first Netscape Navigator plug-ins

Excite and Intuit Partner, Excite Will Deliver financial info for Quicken Users

Excite Inc. and Intuit Inc. announced an alliance to bring the best financial information on the Internet directly to Quicken users

Sony Slates September to Bring Under $350 Internet Television

Surfing the Web in the comfort of the living room -- without a PC -- will become a reality next month when Sony Electronics Inc. debuts its plug-and-play WebTV

Apple & More Than 40 Companies to Evaluate Proposed Standard For Internet Networking

More than 40 companies, including AT&T Corp., Apple Computer Inc., Hewlett-Packard Co., IBM Corp., Novell Inc. and Sun Microsystems Inc

Symantec Offers Integrated Product Suite for Networks

Aiming to maximize network reliability and reduce computing costs of large distributed networks, Symantec Corporation announced Norton Administrator Suite-Premier Edition

Adobe Announces v4.0 of Persuasion, Includes Web Publishing, Enhanced Authoring Capabilities

Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced Adobe Persuasion Dversion 4.0 for Macintosh /Power Macintosh and Windows

August '96 Developer Web Vote In

Results are now available from the Aug.96 Dev. Web Vote

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Tuesday 8/27, 1996 - Breaking News

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Internet Startup Funded to Develop Java Software, Uses Ex-Apple Employee

A small team of engineers from Sun Microsystems Inc's JavaSoft unit announced they have formed a new company

Software Tracker 1.0, FileMaker Pro Based Shareware Tracking Software, Download here

D&W Media Productions announced the forthcoming release of Software Tracker 1.0. This solution based on Claris FileMaker

WebEdge 4 Conference Coming in September

WebEdge, Inc. will continue it's series of conferences for Macintosh Web Developers and Webmasters on September 9-11

Cannon Asks for Assistance From Mac User's

Canon's has developed "View Through The Web", a new product capable of ransmitting live,

Truevision Ships BRAVADO 1000 for Mac; First Professional Video Editing Solution for Less than $900

Truevision today announced it is shipping its award-winning BRAVADO 1000 for Power Macintosh

CBT Appoints James Buckley (Ex-Apple Big Shot) as President and Chief Operating Officer

CBT Group PLC , announced that it has appointed James J. Buckley as president and chief operating officer

Excite Fueled By Odwalla Nourishing Juice Keeps Search Engines Running at Excite

Excite, Inc. put the finishing touches on its new Intelligent Concept Extraction search engine

Einstein's Daydream 1.0 Algorithmic Toolbox for Creating VRML

Algorithmic Research today announced Einstein's Daydream, an algorithmic toolbox for creating VRML

Sony's First Wireless Digital Camera, Interface with Macs

Even with new digital cameras debuting frequently, Sony Electronics still claims the first digital still-camera with a 1.8-inch, liquid crystal display (LCD) screen

IBM Readying Under-$700 Network Computer, Will use PowerPC Processor

IBM will introduce a network computer or thin client machine within abo

Compuserve Posts Losses, Cuts Jobs

Confirming a pre-quarterly prediction, Compuserve Corp. has announced a $17.7 million loss for its first quarter

Sega To Remove Sex And Violence From Video Games

Sega Enterprises has decided to officially remove sex & violense

"The Palace" is Virtual World Chat shareware for Macintosh and Windows

Version 1.6.4 provides significantly improved stability and faster response time over slow net connections

Sprint Says Internet Can Top Long Distance Share

Sprint Corp said that it sees its market share in the Internet service provider arena topping it

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Monday 26, 1996 - Breaking News

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We apologize for not publishing the last few days, we lost our primary hard drive on Monday, spent the entire weekend restoring. Thank you Retrospect for flawlessly restoring 7 gigabytes of hard drives.

NetObjects Appoints Software Developer as Director of Engineering, Macintosh Products, Mac Version Not Yet Available

NetObjects Inc. today announced that it has hired the original developer of the MacWrite

Macintosh Flight Simulator Shadow Riders Web Site Launched

For about the past three years, a large squadron of Macintosh flight simulator pilots has played a key role as an advocate for Macintosh flight sim software

Planning A Rail Trip Online, Visit Amtrak Site

Following the example of many airlines and travel services, Amtrak is now online

The Mac Bathroom Reader Only $13

Here's a great chance to own an autographed copy The Mac Bathroom Reader

New Macintosh Education Web site

Western Civilisation, developers of Palimpsest, the new Macintosh only Hypertext application

TimeSlice Time Tracking Application Goes Commercial, Download Demo here

TimeSlice, previously a shareware product, by Maui Software is now a commercial

Power Computing and Adaptec Join Forces

Adaptec announced today that Power Computing, will offer Adaptec's PowerDomain 2940UW accelerator

Clinton/Gore Endorsed by Over 75 Silicon Valley Executives, Including Steve Jobs

Over 75 business leaders from the largest and fastest-growing high technology companies

ShareBox Allows Sharing of One Computer to get e-mail

Point Net Communication Inc., is shipping ShareBox, a new utility software for people who share the same computer

Multiprocessing Upgrade for Apple Power Mac Systems 180 MHz Dual Processor

DayStar Digital has introduced its new nPOWER 360+. This dual-processor upgrade card for Mac

Microsoft Faces Antitrust Allegations From Netscape

An attorney representing Netscape has asked the US Department of Justice to investigate Microsoft World Wide Web marketing tactics.

Clixsounds' New CD-ROM, "Audion." Download Demo here

Clixsounds, introduced its first CD-ROM, "Audion." Audion is a compilation of over 600MB of sound files

Bell Atlantic Launches Dial-Up Internet Access Service 30 Days Free Unlimited Access, Mac Support Planned

Bell, a dial-up Internet access service, is now available to consumers and businesses

Apple Program Members Who Win SPA Awards

The deadline for entering the 1997 Software Publishers Association Excellence in Software (Codie) Awards Program is September 3, 1996

Greenhouse Exhibitors Sweep Up at Macworld; Deadline for Macworld San Francisco is September 1

A greenhouse is a place for the cultivation of small plants, and the Developer Greenhouse at this month's Macworld Boston Expo

SIVC Assists in Keeping Software Up to Date over the Net, Some Mac Developers Already Support

SIVC is a system developed here at the University of Texas to help people on the Internet keep their software up-to-date

Monotype Licenses Professional Publishing Solutions to Lexmark International

As part of a new initiative to bring their professional desktop publishing expertise to OEMs and software developers

iCat Electronic Commerce Suite awarded Editors' Choice by Macworld Magazine & Four Stars by Macworld

iCat Corp.'s iCat Electronic Commerce Suite), has received Macworld's "Editors' Choice" award

Film Scouts Festival Fever Feast of Fall Technical-support From Apple Computer, Cybercasts from the Europe

Film Scouts feeds your festival fever with a feast of fall cybercasts

Disney's Aladdin Shockwave Web site

To coincide with the release of Disney's "Aladdin and the King of Thieves" created a Shockwave enhanced Web site

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