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VolanoChat Java Solution Runs on Macs


Volano, a provider of Java chat solutions, today announced the immediate availability of VolanoChat, the first Java based chat solution to offer in-room advertising, complete administrative control, and availability in five languages.

VolanoChat works with all Java-compatible browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 and Netscape Navigator 3.0. VolanoChat supports banner advertisements in its chat rooms to help sites generate revenue. Banner advertisements are shown at the top of each chat window and are rotated according to user defined schedules.

Written entirely in Java, VolanoChat server runs on any platform that supports Java, including Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows NT, Apple MacOS, IBM, OS/2, and almost all UNIX platforms. Server installation is simple and can be accomplished in a matter of minutes.

VolanoChat administrative features include modification of all user-interface text, logos and help pages. Webmasters have control over language selections, creation of permanent groups, allowing users to create groups, access permissions, and banner ad sequences and rotation times.

To support Web sites with an international audience, VolanoChat is multilingual with support for English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

"No amount of fancy graphics or animation can come close to the dynamics and variety provided by real people," said John Neffenger, president of Volano. "With VolanoChat on your site, people will stay longer and come back more often."

Commercial Web sites will use VolanoChat to increase site traffic and generate advertising revenue. The solution is highly scaleable and can accommodate large numbers of simultaneous real-time interactions. Corporate applications include discussion moderation, user-group support, real-time focus group marketing, customer service, and public relations.

Intranet chat rooms can also be established to support corporate initiatives.

VolanoChat is a better way to chat on the Internet. Older chat technologies, such as browser plug-ins, Internet Relay Chat (IRC), and CGI based chat, burden users with special software to download, complicated connection procedures, confusing net splits, painfully slow response times, and quickly outdated software.

VolanoChat solves all of these problems with a simple one button solution. It has been optimized for novice Web users that just want to chat and do not want to worry about how it all works.

"We did an extensive competitive analysis of all the Java chat applications on the market and chose VolanoChat as the best overall from the standpoint of usability, features, system performance and price," said Chris Arnold, head of Internet Marketing at Motiv Systems, Ltd., creators of the Java UK Experience.

"VolanoChat is the fastest and most user-friendly Java chat application that we've seen, and we've seen a lot."

VolanoChat server application is available starting at $400 for a 20 user license. VolanoChat is also available as a service and can be added to any Web site for an annual fee of $120. A live demonstration of VolanoChat can be found at .


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