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PC Computing Newsstand Supplement Strategy Spurs Strong Advertiser Support,Including Apple


PC Computing, a computer publications with paid circulation of 1,000,000, a highly-committed subscriber base and a heavily-trafficked Web site,, the magazine also boasts 1996 ad pages are up six percent from 1995.

One reason for PC Computing's success, of course, is strong editorial content. The publication delivers computing information that's highly relevant to business computing buyers, information that focuses on usability, productivity and other realities of today's business environment. And it's written in a highly accessible manner, speaking technology in the language of business. But marketing savvy has also been an important factor in the PC Computing growth story. One of the magazine's most successful and visible marketing programs has been regular delivery of special editorial premiums -- available only at the newsstand. The most recent is a special report entitled, "Making Money on the Web," and is now available with newsstand copies of the magazine's September issue.

Making Money on the Web, using data from WebTrack Information services, a division of Jupiter Communications, lists the top 100 sites pulling in ad revenues on the Web. PC Computing's editorial staff, led by editor Wendy Taylor, reviews the sites, reveals their secrets and analyzes their future prospects.

"Developing a special editorial supplement on how to make Money on the Web was a natural for PC Computing," said Taylor. "Our readers are business computing buyers who are leading the Internet charge within their companies. They are very interested in learning about how to make a profit on the Web," noted Taylor. "We developed Making Money on the Web to share the secrets of the top money-making Web sites and to help our readers create their own business models for the Internet."

Advertisers responded so enthusiastically to "How to Make Money on the Web" that PC Computing has already announced a second Internet commerce-themed special supplement, the PC Computing "Guide to Shopping on the Web," which will appear with December 1996 newsstand issues. Advertisers in the "How to Make Money on the Web" newsstand supplement are:

American Power Conversion
Easy Photo Drive
Amquest Corp.
Polywell Systems
Practical Peripherals
Swan Technologies
Connectix Video Phone
Microsoft US Robotics
Compaq Netcom Visioneer
Creative Labs Net Gravity
Dell PC Financial Center

"We're very pleased with advertiser response to our latest newsstand supplement," says PC Computing publisher Chris Dobbrow. "We felt that the topic of Making Money on the Web would really resonate with our readers and its great to get such an enthusiastic vote of confidence from our advertiser community."

The September newsstand supplement continues PC Computing's long tradition of offering free, valuable editorial supplements to newsstand readers, The magazine offered its readers the first ever Internet map with its September 1994 issue. Subsequent newsstand supplements have included guides to the best free downloads on the Web; Windows Superguides; best Web site lists; and CD-ROM best buy lists.

Strong reader interest in the Internet also led to the magazines mid-June launch of three innovative PC Computing Web sites ( the Universal PC Computing site, accessible with virtually any connection or browser; the Java-enabled site, which includes sound and other features typically seen on CD-ROMs, which is viewable with Netscape 2.0 and later and Microsoft's Internet Explorer 3.0 Beta 2; and the Shocked site, which uses Macromedia's Shockwave technology to offer the most multimedia-rich PC Computing online experience.

PC Computing is the magazine for serious, results-oriented business professionals who are also powerful buyers mid users of computer products for themselves and their workgroups. Written in the language of business, it can be easily applied to business solutions for competitive advantage. Serving a primary readership of more than 1,000,000 Business Computing Buyers, PC Computing is a leader in testing and reporting on the usability of computer products and how they perform in business environments.


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