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WorldNet Becomes More Maccentric


Macintosh users have been using AT&T's WorldNet Internet access service since its introduction, but getting online has involved registering using a Windows machine. A group of very dedicated people have been working on a Mac registration kit for the past several months and you can sign up for the Mac kit now.

You get unmetered service for $19.95 a month if you are an AT&T subscriber ($5 more if you aren't) or can get 5 hours a month for nothing (again assuming you are an AT&T; LD subscriber). If you primarially do email you can do ALOT of it in 5 hours by composing and reading offline.

Registration here.or you can use their 800-WORLDNET number.

Note that AT&T is splitting into three companies and no longer will have the NCR computer division. As such it is no longer a supplier of Wintel machines and is courting Mac users for the Internet service.


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