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March 23, 1996

3M Announces New 120 Megabyte Diskette


3M's Data Storage Products Division, which will formpart of a new, publicly held, independent company to be launched this year, today announced thatits LS-120 Diskette -- the new 3.5 inch diskette with a formatted capacity of 120 MB -- will beavailable on 2 April in North America.

In a separate announcement, Compaq Computer Corporation, Houston, Texas, said today that in
April it will begin offering LS-120 diskette drives to North American users as a standard feature in
the new Pentium-based Compaq Deskpro 5133-1200/LS and Compaq Deskpro 5166-2000/LS
personal computers. In addition, the LS-120 drive may be ordered separately as an option for all
Compaq desktop business PCs.

The four companies involved in the LS-120 technology are Matsushita-Kotobuki Electronics
Industries, Ltd. (MKE), Compaq, 3M and O.R. Technology. Apple Computer has yet to join the partnership.

In its North American announcement, 3M said the suggested list price for its LS-120 Diskette is
$19.99. The 120 MB diskettes will be available through 3M's network of authorized distributors.

"Backward compatibility is a major advantage of LS-120 technology," said Robert Abraham, vice
president, Freeman Associates, Inc., an industry analyst firm in Santa Barbara, California.
"Billions of 1.44 MB diskettes have been sold worldwide and users won't have to discard that investment as they upgrade to LS-120 technology."

Enabling users to store up to 120 MB of data -- text, graphics, audio and video -- on a single
diskette, LS-120 technology offers more than 80 times the capacity and up to five times the
performance of the current 1.44 MB diskette technology. One 3M LS-120 Diskette can store
tremendous amounts of data -- more than 7,000 business letters, about 1,000 years of income tax
return data, or more than 100 average home pages downloaded from the Internet.

While the 3M LS-120 Diskette has the same shape and size as the standard 1.44 MB 3.5-inch
diskette, it uses a combination of magnetic and optical technology to enable greater capacity and
performance. Named after the laser servo technology it employs, LS-120 technology places optical
reference tracks on the diskette that are both written and read by a laser system. The optical sensor
in the drive allows the read-write head to be precisely positioned over the magnetic data tracks,
enabling track densities of 2,490 data tracks per inch (tpi) versus the 135 tpi for a 1.44 MB

3M expects diskette drives based on LS-120 technology to be available as an internal upgrade for
existing PCs as well as an external option. Additional announcements are anticipated by mid-1996,
according to 3M's Phillips.

Quark Releases Stand Alone Word Processor

Quark Inc. has released a stand-alone version of its text-processing and editing application. QuarkCopyDesk Special Edition is aimed at writers and editors who are using QuarkXPress, the company'spage-layout application.

CDSE offers the same copy-fitting and text-processing capabilities of Quark Publishing System. Quark CDSE gives information on line counts, hyphenation and justification. CDSE has similar features to Xpress and offers a black-and-white preview of the first XPress page in which a story will appear. CDSE users also have access to XPress style sheets,.

CDSE is available for an introductory price of $195 through April; after that, it will cost $295.

March 22, 1996

Seapine Supports MAC Developers With QC Web Site

Seapine Software, Inc. today introduced Mac QC Links. A web site dedicated to providing information about Macintosh quality control software and services. Mac QC Links is the one page on the web that Macintosh developers can read to stay up to date on the tools available for testing and debugging Macintosh software.

Companies who provide testing tools and services to the Macintosh developer community should submit their product and service descriptions . Webmasters listing Macintosh developer products and sites are encouraged to add a link to Seapine's Mac QC Links site. Access Mac QC Links .

Founded in 1995, Seapine Software develops Macintosh application software. The company produces TestTrack, the easy-to-use bug tracking tool for Macintosh developers. Seapine is a privately held corporation headquartered in Maineville, Ohio.

MacFair '96 March 23 at New York Hilton & Towers

NY MacFair 96 is a regional Macintosh trade show being sponsored by the New York MacUsers' Group, Apple Computer, Macworld Magazine, and ACI US.

Exhibition hours are 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Seminars are from 9:30 until 6:30; and special events will be held both before and afterwards. MacFair registration includes unlimited access to the following:
An extensive all-day seminar series
The Exhibition Hall - with major Mac companies such as America Online, Apple
Computer, APS, Claris, Fractal Design, Intuit, Kodak, Macromedia, Microsoft, Specular,
and many more, as well as local businesses like inFORMed SOLUTIONS, Inc., offfering
some spectacular deals on Agfa Scanners like the new DuoScan (first time shown on the East
Coast) Fargo Dye Sublimation printers, the new low price Miro video capture board (first time
shown on the East Coast) and special pricing on all Apple Macintosh Computers etc..
NYMUG's unique, extremely popular Hands-On Room - where attendees may try out Mac
software and hardware, and see special presentations by leading members of NYMUG's
Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Check out the MacKids' Corner!
NYMUG's annual Macxibition - a professionally juried computer art show, will exhibit
this year's award-winning works.
All-day raffles and a silent auction - Every attendee receives a free raffle ticket and
prize drawings will be held frequently throughout the day.

Events planned for NY MacFair 96 include:

A Keynote Address - by Power Computing's evangelist Bob LeVitus.
A Macxibition Awards Dance Party - will publicly honor the winning artists whose
work will be displayed during the dayOs events.
MINI-CLASSES - An introduction to NYMUG's regular Evening Seminar Series, these
practical lecture-style sessions are designed to equip the student with real-world skills. Seating
is limited.

March 21, 1996

Update of SoundMachine Available here for Download

SoundMachine 2.5.4 has released an update to it's sound conversion, player program dowmload it here.

Taiwan Presidential election uses Macss for Balloting

Power Macintosh will be used exclusively in the upcoming Taiwan Presidential Election live
broadcasting. The Taiwan Television (one of the nation's biggest TV broadcasting company) teamed up with Apple Taiwan for the live coverage of the event that catches the attention of the world. The latest Power Macs and 4th Dimension technology will be used to count votes, display **19,007** candidate's accumulated ballots.

The 1996 Presidential Election of Taiwan is 4 days away, there is a dedicated website for the election, staring from 4pm March 23, 1996 the website will be updated every three minutes to present ballot-counting live on the web.

DayStar Now Converts 7500-9500, Drops Genesis Prices

DayStar Digital has announced new Genesis MP Conversion options, lowering the price of its Genesis MP Systems from $1,500-$2,500, as well as lower prices for the standard six-slot 528MHz and 600MHz systems.

DayStar will convert standard Power Macintosh 7500, 8500, or 9500 systems to four-processor
Genesis MP 528 workstations. Conversions for the 7500/8500 cost $7,499; for the 9500, they are

Reduced from $19,999, the Genesis MP 600 4 PowerPC 604 @ 150MHz is now $17,499. It comeswith 32MB of RAM and a 2GB hard drive. The price of the Genesis MP 528 4 PowerPC 604@132MHz with 16MB RAM and a 1GB hard drive has been lowered from $14,999 to $13,499.

CyberDog Updated, Download Free Beta

Apple Computer has released an update to Cyberdog is the code name for Apple's newest way to explore the Internet. Based on OpenDoc,
Apple's new component software technology, Cyberdog provides a suite of internet browsers, data
viewers, and communication tools to do what you want to do on the Internet. For information,
software, newsgroups and bug reporting, read on!

Cyberdog B2 can be download here.
Open Doc 1.02 has also been released, you can download it here.

Copland Wanna Be, Aaron is updated

Aaron the small init that turns your Mac into a Copland look a like-a-like has turned 1.3. Aaron modifies your finder, copying dialogue box, folders and more to look like Apples new system 8 (Copland).

March 20, 1996

Apple Joins WWW Consortium

Apple Computer, Inc. **19,007** today announced that it has joined the World Wide Web (W3) Consortium, an international standards organization established to ensure that the World Wide Web realizes its full potential as a universal resource of network-accessible information.

The W3 Consortium--run by the Laboratory for Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and affiliated with other complementary international standards organizations--develops common technology standards for the World Wide Web. It works with a wide range of organizations to produce specifications and reference software that can be used by all users of the Web. All software officially contributed to the W3 Consortium is made available to the public for general use.

"Apple has joined the W3 Consortium for two reasons," stated Larry Tesler, Apple vice president of Internet platforms. "First, we plan to ontribute specifications for user-interface technologies that will enrich the text, graphics and multimedia experience of Web users. Second, Apple's goals are similar to those of the W3 Consortium: to offer open, cross-platform technologies that enrich and extend the value of the World Wide Web for all users."

Apple has already announced its intention to contribute specifications for its advanced type technology (in conjunction with Adobe and Netscape). The company is also considering submitting its 3DMF file format for three-dimensional graphics.

Apple and the Apple logo are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. registered in the USA and other countries. All other brand names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders, and are hereby acknowledged.

Power Outage Shuts Down MacinStuff for 6 Hours

The tri-state area was battered with a Spring version of a NorEaster yesterday. We experienced wind s in excess of 65 miles an hour, rain, sleet and thunderstorms. At approximately 11:15 PM EST, all power was out. During the storm we experienced 6 brown outs, which shut off the one Windoze machine each and every time (as well as lights and stereo). To our surprise every Mac seemed to be unfazed by the brown outs. Once again proving the superiority of our beloved Macs. (We are not using UPSs on our systems)

Compaq mulls license for PowerPC-based Mac clones

A story in PC week states that Comaq may build Mac Clones. Read the complete story.

New Online Tool for Commodities Investors Free Trial

New York: CPM Group, the world's foremost independent source for unbiased metals commodity research and analysis, has announced the launch of, the first online news service dedicated exclusively to the commodities and precious metals markets. "We believe a site on the Internet is the perfect tool for offering up to the minute market information and analysis accessible to private precious metals investors," says Jeffrey Christian, CPM Group's Managing Director.

As a special promotion, and for a limited time, CPM Group is offering free subscriptions to its online services. Subscribers will receive daily market analyses via e-mail, and access to Precious Metals Investor newsletter reports, critical to understanding the commodities markets.

The online news service offers timely market reports direct from CPM Group's analysts, who carefully monitor the ongoing activities affecting the supply, demand, prices and hedging of precious metals and copper. Subscribers automatically receive daily e-mail about their choice of
gold, silver, copper, or the platinum group metals, or any combination of the four.

Monthly, CPM Group releases its Precious Metals Investor (PMI) newsletter to subscribers online. PMI includes insights and strategies on investing in precious metals, and tracks and reports on short- and long-term price trends.

The extensive website also offers access to general facts about CPM Group and its research, as well as a book store through which visitors can order precious metals books and reports through secured electronic transactions.

CPM Group's online services have already received attention from other online entities: CNN Financial Network Online has awarded it "Wonder of the Web" status. CPM Group's free offer will run through the month of April, at which time current subscribers will be invited to continue their subscriptions at a discount from regular rates. Point your World Wide Web browser to

To request more information .

CLIXSOUNDS Releases Free Email Replacement Sounds (TOO COOL)!

Tired of those boring sound s you get in Claris Emailer and Eudora? This is a must have utility, the "Email Sound Replacer v3" is a utility that automatically replaces your boring stock sounds
that play when your electronic messages have been retrieved. Version 3 contains a very futuristic
style sound that has a dark, steamy, echoing chamber of bass and hollow echos as a robotic,
somewhat neutral gender voice says "You have new electronic messages." The sound is of highest
quality and is in stereo, making it sound great on any system.

The Email Sound Replacer v3 is available for both Claris Emailer v1.0v3 and Eudora. The replacer
works by allowing you to drop your emailer on top of it. The replacer then replaces the sound
resources automatically. You need no extra software. For best results, apply the relacement with
extensions off. Further instructions are included with the file.

March 19, 1996 (Spring has sprung)

Apple Names VP of Internet Platforms

Apple Computer has publicly gotten serious about the internet, and has named Larry Tesler, Apple's chief scientist and a researcher since the days of the ARPANet, as Apple's first vice president of Internet Platforms. Tesler will lead research and development efforts in the Internet product area, work with vendors to make Internet technologies more widely available, and coordinate all of Apples Apple's Internet activities. He was appointed by and will report to David Nagel, senior vice president of worldwide research and development.

Tesler has been Apple's chief scientist for three years and a vice president there for more than nine
years. During that time, he has has been involved in the development of Apple events, AppleScript,
and OpenDoc; he has managed groups and projects including the Advanced Technology Group,
Newton, MacApp 1.0, HyperCard 1.0, and the Apple Internet Connection Kit.

PosterWorks 4.0 Released

S.H. Pierce & Co.has released an upgrade to it PosterWorks product -4.0, PosterWorks can create large format sizes of up to 10,000 square feet. The large size posters are composed of multiple panels and are printed from any Postscript device).

A new feature is the Layout Assistant allows users configure layout and printer settings by answering a series of questions, it is similar to Microsofts "Wizards", it allows novice users to easily create multi-panel displays "with ease and precision."

Artwork can now be rotated, resized and repositioned through click-and-drag. Included is a PosterWorks 4.0 template library that has more than 200 framework models for indoor, outdoor, and trade show production standards.

PosterWorks 4.0 costs $495, upgrade pricing was not available at press time..

Truevision Releases Lower End Video Capture Board

Truevision has released the Targa 1000 for PCI Power Macintosh, delivering audio and video capture and JPEG compression at up to 5MBps. The Targa 1000 occupies a single PCI slot and supports NTSC and PAL video standards; S-Video input/output;16-bit, 44.1 and 48Khz audio; and native QuickTime compatibility.

The Targa 1000 lacks some of the advanced features of Targa 2000., it uses Mac motherboard VRAM to drive the graphics display.

The Targa 1000 sells for $3,295 and includes unlimited free technical support. The component video
upgrade costs $1,500.

Avid Releases New Digital Video Board

Avid Technology has announced MCXpress for Macintosh, a powerful PCI-based digital video editing solution designed to meet the needs of **19,007** professional media entrepreneurs and corporate users. MCXpress comes standard with a QuickTime codec for seamless integration with QuickTime applications, real-time audio EQ, EDL support, batch digitizing and four video tracks.

Speed Doubler Update Released

Connectix has released an update to it's Speed Doubler software that reportedly fixes numerous bugs with all three components. Download the update here.

Now Software Ships Public BetaNow Utilities 6.0

In Now Utilities 6.0 you will find all your old friends plus three brand new utilities: Now AutoType, Now Tabs and Now Shortcuts. Look for major enhancements to Now Super Boomerang and improvements to Now Startup Manager, Now Menus, Now QuickFiler, Now
Save and Now FolderMenus.

Download the free demo (available evening of March 18, 1996 )and and try the utility that has won more awards than any other! The free Beta Version will expire on April 1, 1996 (April fools day)

There are 12 components in the new Now Utilities 6.0:

1. Now AutoType
2. Now FolderMenus
3. Now Menus
4. Now Profile5
. Now QuickFiler
6. Now Save
7. Now Scrapbook
8. Now Shortcuts
9. Now Startup Manager
10. Now Super Boomerang
11. Now Tabs
12. Now WYSIWYG Menus

Now Utilities will shortly be adding Plug-ins functionality to Now Shortcuts and Now Tabs by increasing theirabilities. Plug-ins will be available for downloading at the Now Software ftp site

Deneba Release Update for Canvas

Deneba has released Canvas 3.5.4 Updater, it is a utility that updates all previous versions of Canvas 3.5 for Mac OS, including 3.5.0, 3.5.1, 3.5.2, and 3.5.3, to version 3.5.4.

Version 3.5.4 is the current shipping version of Canvas for Mac OS. It includes a number of improvements, including new tools for file import and export. If you have an earlier version of Canvas 3.5, you should update to version 3.5.4.

The Updater is contained in three disk image files. You need to use a utility, such as ShrinkWrap, to mount the disk image files before you can run the Updater. An included Read Me file explains how to work with the disk images and use them to update your installed Canvas program.

March 18, 1996


Congratulations to Scott Boucher. Scott has been verified as being the first winner of the MacinStuff Frequent Reader Award Contest. He was exactly our 14,850th readerhe will be creating cool 3-d scenes in KPT Bryce.

Our next prize in the MacinStuff Frequent Reader Award Program will be Aldus Persuasion v3 . donated by inFORMed SOLUTIOS, Inc.

QuickTime Conferencing Software on the WWW

Apple Computer, Inc. today announced a new World Wide Web site geared toward selling product on the Internet. QuickTime Conferencing, Apple's family of videoconferencing and collaboration products for the Internet, ISDN and LANs, now has its own Web site with product information, free trial software, online demonstrations, and QuickTime Conferencing software for purchase via the First Virtual Internet Payment System.

"Apple's customers have always been on the **19,007** leading edge of technological innovation. The timing is right for our growing Internet-savvy customer base to have access to our products via the World Wide Web," said Satjiv Chahil, senior vice president of corporate marketing, whose responsibilities include entertainment, new media and Internet at Apple. "We see the QuickTime Conferencing site as the first piece of what we expect will become a large, fully developed distribution channel for Apple."

Apple Videoconferencing Products Available for Purchase Online Apple is offering its award-winning, full-featured QuickTime Conferencing software, which gives Power Macintosh AV users multi-party videoconferencing, shared whiteboard collaboration capabilities, additional broadcast features, an interactive help guide, and Apple customer support, for purchase at the QuickTime Conferencing Web site for an introductory price of $59.95. Customers can complete the purchase transaction online, using First Virtual Holdings' secure Internet Payment System.

"We are very excited that Apple has chosen First Virtual as their secure Internet payment system," said Lee Stein, Chairman and CEO of First Virtual Holdings Incorporated. "The Apple-First Virtual relationship will enable the Internet commerce industry to explode with a variety of products and services never before imagined. Apple is the leader in technological innovations and First Virtual, with our Virtual PIN, is the leader in easy, secure Internet commerce. Being at the forefront of this
new world is where Apple and First Virtual belong and we're happy to be here."

Free Trial Videoconferencing and Webcast-Viewer Software A trial version of Apple's QuickTime Conferencing software is also available for download from the new site. The feature-limited software allows Power Macintosh users to try out videoconferencing on local area networks and over the Internet with 112k or greater bandwidth capability. QuickTime TV, Apple's recently announced Internet broadcast-viewing software, is also available for downloading free of charge from the site, to use for watching live online webcasts. QuickTime TV technology was most recently used in the
Apple QuickTime Live! webcast of the 32nd Annual Grammy Awards.

This web site is the newest addition in Apple's growing portfolio of web sites targeted toward people in Apple's key markets, such as education, the music industry, and multimedia. The QTC site joins Apple's collection of sites in the multimedia market, such as: Apple Multimedia Program
Apple Publishing and New Media , QuickTime Live and Quicktime VR .


Apple, the Apple logo, Macintosh, and QuickTime are registered
trademarks, and Power Macintosh and Mac are trademarks of Apple Computer,
Inc. All other brand names mentioned may be trademarks or registered
trademarks of their respective holders, and are hereby acknowledged.

News, Updates, and Tidbits

Syquest:and a System 7.5.3 issue.
and the fireball cache issue.
Apple: and a MacBug update.
Apple delivers low-cost 1500 & 2500 low-cost color ink jet printers and a color desktop scanner
Shockwave 4.0 for PPC with Netscape 2.0 is available here
Shockwave 4.0 for Non-PPC (6800) with Netscape 2.0 is available here

March 17, 1996

Keep Trying, 7.5.3 Availibility Improving

On March 14, we reported that System 7.5.3 would be available here for download. Due to Apple Copyright and licensing we have been prohibited from doing so. The other site for download seem to have loosened up a bit, so keep on trying. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.Apples CD-ROM or floppy set will ship around March 29, 1996.
The new system is available from the following ftp site.

Apple FTP Mirror sites:

  • 200 users Located in California
  • 200 users Located in Texas
  • 60 usersLocated in Texas
  • 140 usersLocated in Texas
  • 60 usersLocated in California
  • 60 usersLocated in California
  • Third Party Mirror FTP sites:

    Certain Internal Hard Drives May Cause Data Corruption

    On Friday 3/8/96, Quantum --the manufacturer of the Fireball hard drive released documentation at the APS site, this problem is not necessarily the fault of the Fieball drive alone and could "theoretically apply to *almost any* third-party hard drive that has been installed internally".

    APS says that this corruption has been most prevalent with Apple PowerMac 7100/66 Mac's, but has been
    observed on other PowerMac's. Therea has not been any problems with drives that have been installed in 68XXX Mac's, or 6100's.

    The cause of the problem is the Write Cache on these drives, and the fact that the PowerMac's in
    which they were installed were shutting down before the data in the drive's cache could be
    completely flushed to the drive. Drives formatted using Apples HD SCSI Setup 7.3.5 or higher do
    not seem to have any problems. The problem is only on internal hard drives.

    To avoid problems you should turn off the write cache option or use an upgraded software product that flushes the cache prior to shut down. Aps has an update to its PowerTools 4. Power Computing has a utility you can download here to turn off write-caching. on Fireball drives.

    DayStar Lays Off 20% of Workforce

    DayStar Digital has laid off 16 of 89 employees as part of a consolidation effort. According to a
    company spokesman, Gary Dailey, director of marketing, the company is working on only one or two upgrades at a time, rather than three or four, it needs fewer people. DayStar sells PowerPC
    accelerator cards for 680X0 Macs and a the firts multiprocessor Power Macs Clone called the Geneis MP.

    Dailey says the layoffs are part of a "cost-reduction". But accelerator sales have slowed dramatically since the Power Mac was introduced, and the price of a DayStar PowerPC accelerator is not significantly less than getting a new Power Mac. In addition, accelerated 680X0 Macs won't support the forthcoming Copland OS. DayStar plans on introducing a line of multiprocessor accelerator cards for Power Macs this spring.

    March 16, 1996

    Adobe Releases New Patchers for Pagemill/Sitemill

    Adobe will release new patchers for PageMill 1.0 to 1.0., the 1.01 patcher was causing corruption of image files for some customers and was pulled after a week.

    SiteMill patcher 1.0 to 1.0.2, (there is no SiteMill 1.0.1), will also be released within the week. No details were available at press time as to the content (bug fixes and feature set) of these updates. We will continue to monitor the situation and**14,850** advise as to when, where, and feature set of these update patchers.

    UPDATE 1:00 Eastern Time

    Attention PageMill 1.0 and PageMill 1.0.1 users. PageMill 1.0.2 will be available on-line tonight. Special thanks to the Adobe on-line librarian for staying late on a Friday night to make sure the updaters got into cyberspace. You should find the updaters on:
    If will be available on the Web no later than Tueday.

    For 1.0 users, this update fixes a myriad of problems that are discussed in the readme included with the update.

    For 1.0.1 users, this fixes a problem that could damage .GIF and .JPEG files edited in PageMill.

    There will be a SiteMill udpdater too, but it probably won't be available until later next week, we will keep you posted as to the availability.

    Apple to Hold "Business Seminars" Around the Country

    Apple is conducting an exciting seminar series aimed at owners and decision makers in small to medium businesses, or department heads in large business, called "How Do You Leverage Technology to Your Competitive Advantage". These half-day sessions are being conducted
    twice per day (9:00 a.m or 1:00 p.m.) in the various Apple Market Centers by Bill Joos, a long-time Apple friend and the President of a Palo Alto consulting firm PCMA.

    If you know decision makers that are on the "Apple/Windoze fence", help get them enrolled into these free sessions. The remaining dates are:

    March 21: Los Angeles
    March 27: Boston
    April 9: New York
    April 11: Chicago
    April 16: Reston (DC)
    April 18: Atlanta

    Registration is via the toll-free number 800-527-7539."

    Smart Dubbing for Macintosh.

    Anyone using Netscape 2.0 can now see and produce cross-platform inline video on the web without plug-ins

    Smart DubbingA is a software utility which enables small videoclips to be played on a web page as they download. In contrast to AVI or QuickTime movies, they show their content as they load. What you see is what you get. That's better than a QuickTime plug-in which let you stare at a blank screen while downloading a movie. Smart Dubbing uses existing animated GIF-technology, to show inline movies.

    Using a fast connection you can look at the video in real-time. Slower connections make it appear as a slow-motion during the first download, but replaying the file you get a higher speed, as the file is then read from the harddrive of the computer and looped.

    Most important: this technique doesn't need special server software, cgi-scripts, Hot Java, Macromedia plug-ins, helper applications and all the stuff which makes it so complicated to put movement on a web page. It's just as easy as making a QuickTime movie and is supported by the
    world's most popular browser, Netscape 2.0. The software actually takes a QuickTime movie and compresses it into a single GIF-file that can be recognised by Netscape.

    Smart Dubbing allows webusers to add a dynamic dimension to now mostly static pages. A moving picture, a commercial, a spinning company logo, a piece of news-video. Whatever you can think of.


    - Convert QuickTime movies to Gif-Video - Multiple movie windows on your web page - Movie scalable to reduce file size - Movie again scalable in HTML to enlarge - Supports tables in HTML - Create smooth loops from harddrive - Set frame rate, interlacing, disposal, transparency - Drag and drop to convert - Batch conversion - Balloon help - Basic AppleScript support

    Any questions regarding Smart DubbingA please E-mail:

    URL Manager , Smart Dubbing

    Macintosh Continues to Dominate Publishing Industry

    Underscoring the significance of the Macintosh publishing market, a just-released study found that 4 out of every 5 computers used for U.S. professional publishing jobs are Macintosh systems. In a study undertaken for Apple Computer in August 1995, Griffin Dix Research Associates--a Berkeley, California-based research firm--looked at 5 segments of the "for-profit" publishing industry in the United States, namely advertising, graphic design, printing, publishing, and pre-press services. The study determined that Macintosh computers are used for 80 percent of color publishing jobs in those industries. At medium-to-large sites with more than 5 employees, the share of Macintosh systems jumps to over 85 percent.

    The survey also showed that among those who had replaced proprietary systems (identified in the questionnaire as "not off-the-shelf computers, costing $15,000 or more that use UNIX or operating systems other than Macintosh or Windows") in the past 12 months, 45 percent replaced them with Macintosh systems, 45 percent with another proprietary systems, and 5 percent with UNIX
    workstations. None replaced a proprietary system with a Windows-based PC.

    Other conclusions offered by Griffin Dix include:

    * 80 percent of all respondents said Macintosh systems are most cost-effective platform for color publishing and advertising.
    * The return on investment from Macintosh systems is estimated to be nearly 7 times higher than that of proprietary systems.

    March 15, 1996

    MultiClip PRO, Special Price for MacinStuff Readers

    "Where MultiClip really shines is in getting stuff in and out - without copy and paste. No matter what program you're using, one special keystroke automatically tosses whatever you've selected into MultiClip's waiting clutches" _MacWorld_ September 1995. For the complete low down visit our HOT DEALS page..

    We're Looking For A Winner, Will it be You?
    We Are Predicting a Winner This Weekend!

    Someone is getting close to our first weekly prize. Need a refresher regarding our Frequent Reader Award Contest? Click here! One lucky reader to win one of the following group of prizes,KPT Byrce by Meta Tools, Inc., Now Utilities 5.0, OmniPage Direct, OmniPage Pro v5, PowerPoint v4, Aldus Persuasion v3 (Mac). These prizes were graciously donated by inFORMed SOLUTIONS, Inc. If you are interested in donating Award Prizes please contact MacinStuff

    Newton MessagePad 130

    New Message Pad 130 With Back Lit Screen

    Apple Computer plans to introduce MessagePad 130 with Newton 2.0 as its operating system at Germany's CeBit computer show. The new model represents a high-end, feature-rich version of
    MessagePad 120 and is not intended as a replacement.

    Targeted towards mobile professionals such as corporate executives, small business owners, consultants and sales and marketing professionals, MessagePad 130 features a backlit screen, a non-glare more durable writing surface, 512 kilobytes (KB) of additional memory and 8 megabytes (MB) of ROM and 2.5 MB of RAM (1,361 KB nonvolatile user RAM).

    Apple spokesperson Jennie Shikashio told Newsbytes, "The backlit screen is the primary feature of the 130. Our marketing studies of existing MessagePad customers show the number one requested feature to be a backlit screen." Apple's new transflective LCD with EL backlight technology means the MessagePad screen now lights up similar to a DayGlo watch. With a backlit screen users are
    able to easily see MessagePad content in darkened rooms or night conditions.

    Apple says it will begin shipping MessagePad 130 throughout the US in April and follow with three versions, a German, an international English and the US English model for worldwide distribution.

    At this time, Apple says it expects to bundle Newton Backup Utility for Windows-based personal computer (PCs) and Macs, serial cables for Windows-based PCs and Macs, Pocket Quicken 1.2, CompuServe mail client, Newton Tour reference software and Handwriting Instruction reference demo for US customers.

    MessagePad 120 is currently priced at $699 and the new MessagePad 130 carries a price tag of $799. Apple says the new model will be available through most Apple authorized resellers.

    Apple Unveils Two New Color Inkjet Printers, EtherTalk Connectivity for Inkjet Customers

    Furthering its commitment to provide color printing to everyone, Apple Computer, Inc., today announced immediate worldwide availability of two new color inkjet printers for Macintosh customers in home, education and small business settings. For around $280 U.S., the Color
    StyleWriter 1500 makes easy-to-use color printing more affordable then ever before. The Color StyleWriter 2500 offers high-quality color and true black, high resolution printing for around $380 U.S. In addition, Apple announced the availability of the StyleWriter EtherTalk Adapter, an easy-to-use printer networking device that allows Macintosh users to share StyleWriter or Color StyleWriter printers on an EtherTalk network.

    New Apple Color OneScanner Offers Breakthrough Software for Effortless Color Image

    Fulfilling its commitment to helping users easily incorporate color images into documents, Apple Computer, Inc., today announced immediate worldwide availability of the Color OneScanner 600/27. The new color desktop scanner offers a wide range of image and document management capabilities at an affordable price to Macintosh users in education, the home and small businesses.

    Apple Memory Guide

    Apple Memory Guide (AMG) is the next generation memory configuration tool from Apple Computer, Inc. It combines the contents of the SIMM Stack, and the Memory Stack from the Service Source CD into one Adobe Acrobat document. You will need Acrobat Reader version 2.0.1 or later to use AMG. Download it here.

    Currenly Available Netscape 2.0 Plug-ins

    We have compiled a complete list with Hyperlinks of all currently shipping Netscape Navigator 2.0 (Macintosh of course) plug-ins. This list is available for viewing and downloading on a its own page.

    March 14, 1996

    MacinStuff Nominated!
    Cast Your Vote

    Industry.Net Online Achievement Awards

    Make sure to Vote for MacinStuff

    WE ARE BURSTING AT THE SEAMS. WE HAVE BEEN PUBLISHING FOR ONE MONTH AND WE HAVE BEEN NOMINATED FOR COOLEST SITE. This is your turn to give back to MacinStuff, cast your vote for us under COOLEST SITE. Just click here or by our name and you will go right to our voting page. A vote for MacinStuff is a vote for all of us. Industry.Net has also nominated Apple for various awards, be sure to cast your vote. As we have all seen in the past that each and every vote counts.

    COOLEST SITE MacinStuff
    COOLEST SITE- Apple Computer
    COOLEST SITE Power Computing


    BEST TECHNICAL SITE- Apple Computer

    BEST RESEARCH SITE- Apple - OpenDoc
    BEST RESEARCH SITE -Apple Computer


    MOST INNOVATIVE SITE- Apple Computer


    Update on the ATT, AOL & Netscape Slumber Party
    Compuserve licenses Navigator

    Yesterday's New York Times (3/13/96, p C1) reported that AOL had changed their minds about Netscape. Now they play to use Microsoft's Web browser as their "Browser of choice." In
    exchange, AOL software will be distributed with future versions of Windows 95. Netscape Navigator will be an "optional" Web browser for AOL customers.

    In related news, CompuServe announced it will license Navigator to its 4 million customers. CompuServe also licenses the Explorer browser, but its agreement with Microsoft is narrower in scope than the arrangement with Netscape. Although Explorer is the primary browser for its Internet division, called SpryNet, SpryNet is an ISP option under Netscape whereas that option isn't available under Explorer.

    Netscape Release Navigator 2.01

    Netscape 2.10 has been released, it addresses security issues and afew other bugs,. It is available here as a 2.6 MB download. You can read all the upgrade details.

    MacinStuff to Post New System 7.5.3 on our ftp Site

    Frustrated trying to download the update off of too busy servers? As a service to our readers we will post the new 7.5.3 update 2.0 on our ftp server. It should be available by Friday or this coming weekend.

    Apple Official Press Release System 7.5.3/Update 2.0

    For those of you that are interested in reading the entire (rather lengthy) press release we have placed it on a seperate page.

    HP to Offer New "Low Cost" Macintosh Scanner

    Hewlett Packard has released a new scanner, the ScanJet 4p. The 4p scanner specs are; 24-bit color and 8-bit grayscale offering 1200 (dpi) for enhanced image quality and with a 300 dpi optical resolution providing accurate scanned text.
    The ScanJet 4p scanner comes with Visioneer PaperPort document management software, Caere
    Omni Page Lite optical character recognition (OCR) software, HP PictureScan 2.0, which automatically scans images into documents, HP ScanJet Copy, which provides
    convenience color and grayscale copying, and Adobe PhotoShop LE .

    PR Firm Hired to "Polish" Apple Image

    Apple Computer Retains Burson-Marsteller for Worldwide Product Public

    Apple Computer, Inc. today announced it has retained the services of Burson-Marsteller, the
    world's leading perception management firm, to support its worldwide public relations activities for Apple products and technologies.

    "We are extremely pleased to be working with a firm of Burson- Marsteller's caliber," said Apple Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing Satjiv Chahil. "Their broad range of expertise and clients, their strategic perspective on the marketplace, and their global presence will be tremendous assets to Apple's communications activities. We look forward to working with them as we develop and implement Apple's new marketing **14,850** strategies," said Chahil.

    Burson-Marsteller will manage its public relations work for Apple through its Technology Practice, under the direction of Executive Vice President Heidi Sinclair. The scope of their work will involve development and implementation of communications strategies for Apple's products and technologies.

    "Our technology practice group has established itself as a leader in the industry during the past two years, and we are extremely proud to be given this opportunity to work with one of the finest and most innovative companies in the world," said Harold Burson, chairman of Burson-Marsteller.

    March 13, 1996

    Apple Stock still Hovering near 52 Week Low

    Apple Computer, Inc.stock contines to hover close to it's 52 week low, at todays closing bell it was25 3/4 with 890,000 shares traded.. The 52 week low for the stock was 25. The Dow closed down 15.17 to 5568.17

    First CLARIS Developer's Conference Slated For June

    Claris Corporation is holding its first-ever Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC) June 3-5, 1996 at he Santa Clara Marriott Hotel in Santa Clara, Ca., and will offer both in-house and third-party developers hands-on sessions using the hottest Macintosh and Windows technologies with Claris and Apple software.

    "Developers have become increasingly successful deploying solutions based on FileMaker Pro and ClarisWorks across small business, education and workgroup environments," said Guerrino De Luca, president of Claris Corp. "With technologies such as OpenDoc coming to the forefront, and the Internet emerging as a platform, Claris more than ever needs to listen to our developers, support them, and give them the tools they need to deliver custom solutions and services based on our products."

    The first Claris WWDC will include three days of developer-specific sessions for Macintosh and Windows developers, with the objective of providing tools and techniques to maximize solutions based on Claris products, and cover several topics, including: o Deploying database solutions over the Internet using FileMaker Pro o Designing user interfaces for Macintosh and Windows solutions o Integrating OpenDoc and OLE with Claris applications o SQL connectivity with FileMaker Pro and third party programs o Marketing and selling solutions and services

    In addition to the many sessions, there will be a Product Faire held Tuesday, June 4, 1996 from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. **14,850** The Product Faire will give conference attendees the opportunity to see developer-related products and services, Internet solutions, and other Macintosh and Windows technologies that won't necessarily be seen during the normal conference agenda.

    After the WWDC, there will be additional post-conference training on FileMaker Pro 3.0 for conference attendees only, June 6-7. Limited space is available.

    Developers interested in getting registration information, or who have
    other WWDC questions can call 1-800-778-9383

    SPECIAL PRICING FOR MacinStuff READERS New SiteMarker Release

    Rhythmic Sphere, Inc. of San Francisco, announces a new release of its unique Web organization and navigation tool, SiteMarker. The software is in the final stages of beta testing, but is available to Web users right now for an incredibly low introductory price of $12.95. MacinStuff readers get special pricing on SiteMarker by going to our "HOT DEALS" page,you can also download a free demo .

    SiteMarker is far more than your average URL manager. It is a powerful, integrated environment for finding, organizing and sharing Web information. SiteMarker provides both beginning and advanced Web users tools which increase their Web productivity and enjoyment. Not only can
    Web users store, organize and fluidly access an unlimited number of URLs, they can also easily share them among each other.

    Because of its shared orientation, SiteMarker is particularly useful in workplace and educational settings, where collaboration is imperative. SiteMarker is also a boon to WebMasters and HTML designers due to it's unparalelled support for HTML authoring. URL catalogs can be outputted as
    stunning Web pages with full control over colors and font sizes, as well as banner, bullet and background graphics. Full Web sites can be created from the URL catalogs of individual users, or groups, with no HTML coding required (example HTML output: and inquiries.

    Apple Products Earn More Awards and Accolades

    The Macintosh Performa 5215CD system was awarded the 1995 "Mac System of the Year Award" from MacUser Magazine..

    MACWORLD World Class awards were granted to Apple in the following categories: Most Innovative Company (Apple Computer); Best New Technology (QuickDraw 3D); Best Computer System (Power Macintosh 7500/100; and Best Business Printer (LaserWriter 16/600 PS)

    QuickDraw 3D was named 1995 "Breakthrough Technology of the Year" by MacUser Magazine.

    The Newton 2.0 operating system from Apple Computer Inc., received top honors at the Mobile Insights '96 conference held last week in Phoenix, Arizona. Newton 2.0, the operating system for Apple's MessagePad personal digital assistant (PDA), as well as devices from Newton licensees, won the Mobility Award for System Software, prevailing over other nominees--Microsoft Corp.'s Windows 95, General Magic Inc.'s Magic Cap for Windows and Geoworks' Geos.

    The Power Macintosh 8500 was named "Best Desktop System" in 1995 by Ziff
    Davis's United Kingdom PC Magazine.

    The online MacinStuff Times Turns 1 (Month that is)

    It was just over a month ago that I had a dream, a dream of creating a place that all Macintosh users could go to find out all the up to date News, Information, Cool Stuff, and Hot Deals. MacinStuff was created as a labor of love, a love for a box of silicon that changed my life along with 22 million other Macintosh users. Thus, MacinStuff was born. Born from a vision, born to make life for Macintosh users a little easier, a little simpler, to give us a little edge over the competition.

    In just one (short) month MacinStuff has almost 12,000 readers and has grown from a concept to an amazing successful reality. MacinStuff success is due to one thing...YOU... our faithful readers

    It has been said that Mac users are "fanatical." We are fanatical, and for good reasons. The Mac allows us to be different, to be creative, to stand out from the Windoze crowd. We use the best computer, the best interface, and the best operating system. **14,850** Sure Apple has its
    share of problems, but what person or company can say they haven't either? A comparison to Mercedes Benz and its owners comes to mind. Mercedes owners are "fanatical," they know that they drive a car that is different, a car they feel is the best. And even though Mercedes Benz lost
    over a billion dollars not long ago, the pundits were not issuing statements of impending doom & gloom or its demise.

    The press has always seemed to enjoy Apple "bashing." Come back often to MacinStuff and let's prove that we do have the "Best box of silicon".

    Heavy Traffic Causes Netscape to Removes System 7.5.3/Update 2.0 from ftp Site

    Due to heavy traffic Netscape has removed System 7.5.3/Update 2.0 from thier ftp site mentioned in yesterdays news. Look for a new ftp spot from Netscape within the next day or so.

    March 12, 1996

    Additional ftp Sites for System 7.5.3/Update 2.0

    For those that waited, t seems like it is next to impossible to download the update. Keep trying it will eventually get better. If you do not want to wait, or download 18 Megabytes, or just want the software on CD or disk you can You can order System 7.5 Update 2.0 on a CD or a high density floppy disk set for $13 shipping/handling plus tax from the Apple Order Center by calling 1-800-293-6617 ext. 984. The CD-ROM or floppy set will ship around March 29, 1996.

    Apple FTP Mirror sites:

  • 200 users Located in California
  • 200 users Located in Texas
  • 60 usersLocated in Texas
  • 140 usersLocated in Texas
  • 60 usersLocated in California
  • 60 usersLocated in California
  • Third Party Mirror FTP sites:

    Create MultiMedia Sound Software

    Sonic Desktop Software announces the SmartSound Family of audio software products. With just a few clicks of a mouse, you get the music or sound you need to create dazzling multimedia.
    You can create professional, movie-quality soundtracks,customized quickly and easily to your multimedia all without having to hire a composer or musicians!

    DOWNLOAD A DEMO! Both SmartSound Showcase and SmartSound For Multimedia
    are available to demo by simply downloading the software. SmartSound SHOWCASE is the absolute easiest way to create customized, professional quality soundtracks. No prior knowledge of music is required - no technical jargon or musical notation is used.

    SmartSound SHOWCASE features the Maestro, a six screen process for soundtrack production. Each Maestro screen guides you easily through the customization of your soundtrack. You are guaranteed a great soundtrack every time. Every soundtrack you create will have a definite beginning and ending, just as the original musicians intended.

    SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER! For a limited time, SmartSound Showcase will be available to people who visit our Web Site for $49.95 (plus $5 shipping and handling). Just call our toll free number (800) 454-1900 and just say you saw it at our Web site.
    SmartSound FOR MULTIMEDIA is our flagship product. It includes all of the easy to use features of our SHOWCASE product and goes much farther. Our Smart Blocks audio editing environment is a simple to use, intuitive way to create very specific, high-end audio soundtracks that will dazzle your audience. Smart Blocks is a graphical drag-and-drop audio editing tool that gives you deep editing capabilities yielding precise results in an astonishingly easy to use interface.
    SmartSound FOR MULTIMEDIA also includes SmartSound Audio Palette, Volume 1 an extensive and robust music and sound effects library. With 74 minutes of high quality audio, it has all the music and sound effects you need to create an almost limitless variety of great, customized soundtracks. SmartSound FOR MULTIMEDIA is available for $179.95 plus $5 shipping and handling.
    DOWNLOAD THIER MUSIC! All SmartSound Library recordings are made and stored in the high quality digital audio. Our library is some of the hottest stuff you'll hear. It was made right here in Hollywood by the very best professional composers and studio musicians. Download some and
    hear for yourself!

    MacinStuff Begins Award Program
    Valuable Software & Hardware Prizes for our Readers

    Chris L. King our 10,000 Reader

    Chris was nice enough to send a congratulatory email message when he unexpectedly found himself being exactly our 10,000 reader. Thanks to Chris and all our readers that have been sending us email showing their support. MacinStuff and "The online MacinStuff Times" will begin a"Frequent Reader Award Program" awarding our readers with prizes donated by hardware and software vendors.
    MacinStuff Fequent Reafer Award program is easy, to win prizes you don't have to do anything special, just continue to come back to the site and read. What, you say I just have to keep doing what I am doing now? Yes, as you read the stories on The online MacinStuff Times, and the rest of our site you will find a number with two stars on either side ie. **14,850**. If this number matches the number on the page counter, YOU WIN", that's all there is to it. Just take a screen shot (command, shift, 3) of the top of the page and email it to us and you win. Our first group of prizes will be KPT Byrce2.0 by Meta Tools, Inc., Now Utilities 5.0, OmniPage Direct, OmniPage Pro v5, PowerPoint v4, Aldus Persuasion v3 . These prizes were graciously donated by inFORMed SOLUTIONS, Inc. If you are interested in donating Award Prizes please contact MacinStuff

    Searching on Mac-based Web Servers now Easier and More Powerful

    Internet developer Blue World Communications announces version 1.1 of MacSite Searcher, the quick, easy-to-use, flexible, powerful, and economical way to index and perform full-text searches on text files served on a Macintosh/WebSTAR-based website. MacSite Searcher is the perfect complement to Starnine Technologies' WebSTAR Mac-based web server. MacSite Searcher is based on custom Frontier scripts and a provided FileMaker Pro 3.0 database template. Both Frontier from UserLand Software and Claris Corp's FileMaker Pro 3.0 are required for use with MacSite Searcher. Absolutely no knowledge of the Frontier scripting environment is required.Features include powerful remote configuration via an easy-to-use web forms interface which utilizes innovative JavaScript routines for effortless hitlist page configuration, complete customability of hitlist page items on a "per index" basis, individual index customization for shared server environments, ability to return page excerpts, search on file date ranges, selectively choose files to index by file extension type, enter number of hits to return, show "more hits" and list hit number ranges on each return page, selective immediate re-indexing, scheduled indexing and more.

    New features specific to MacSite Searcher version 1.1 are listed online Available immediately at $295, MacSite Searcher 1.1 provides more features, flexibility, performance, and ease-of-use than the only other currently shipping Mac-based commercial solution costing four times the price.

    March 11, 1996

    AOL, AT&T & Netscape = Internet SuperPower

    (*We have again scooped all the competition. As of 9:10 PM Eastern time we were the only online publication to report this story. It was NOT in the NY Times, Mercury Center, MacWorld Daily, MacinTouch, or MacWeek. Proving once again, get the news first at MacinStuff!!!!!!)

    Broadening it's presence in Cyberspace, America Online, Inc. announced alliances with AT&T Corps.'s new Internet service and the maker of the most popular Web Browser software Netscape Communications Corp.(see related story) Both deals will let AOL, the nations largest online service with over 5 million subscribers, enhance its brand name and staying power in a rapidly changing market, analysts said. Netsape Navigator program will become an integral part of AOL's software.

    Separately, subscribers ti AT&T's Wold Net Internet access service will be able to easily reach AOL at a yet to be announced reduced rate. "This is the first integrated consumer offer between a leading online service and a major telecommunications provider offering Internet access" AT&T chairman Robert E Allen said in a statement. The AOL connection won't be ready until summer, though. AT&T launches its service on Thursday but has been overwhelmed by interest and will take longer than it planned to get the required software to subscribers. The company is offering up to 5 free hours access each month to its long distance customers. AT&T initially did not offer this program to Mac users but finally changed its tune after an onslaught of complaints.

    With Netscape, AOL will gain a presence on Netscape's heavily used WWW site, which could attract even more users. The two companies also plan to create information and entertainment opportunities they can jointly promote and draw advertisers to.

    The Macintosh Proves its Superiority Again

    (This tidbit is from Apple's Director of Evangelism, Brian Gentile) At the SPA Conference, the "Webcast" of the Codie Awards was sponsored by Intel. But, when Stewart (the host) went backstage (on camera) to show the audience how the Webcast was being done - he showed the world that Macintosh was the platform of choice! That is, two Macs were grabbing images from the video feed, digitizing them, syncing them with some sound bytes, and sending them over the Web. One Wintel machine was sitting there, frozen (screen saver had apparently locked up) and lifeless! The Web technician that was leading this Webcase effort remarked (on camera): "We're using Macintosh - because it works!" (We just love stories like this)

    Apple+Bondai = Pippin = $500 Internet Computer?

    Pippin, designed at Apple headquarters in Cupertino and licensed to Bandai, a toy company best known in the United States for its Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will introduce it's 'Pippin Atmark.'' in Japan on March 22. Pippin is due in the United States by the end of the year for about the same price Bandai said it expects to sell 500,000 units worldwide in 1996. Pippin is basically a CD-ROM player that attaches to a television set, it comes with a modem attachment. Competition in the game machine arena is hot and heavy, with players like Sega, Sony and others.

    Could Pippin be the "$500" internet machine we have been hearing so much about? Microsoft, Apple, Sun, and IBM have all stated at one point or another that they are either working on, or would like to be one of the first to bring out a low (approximately $500) price internet connection machine (computer). Apple would certainly like to see a financial windfall from this type of product but is hoping that minimumly Pippin will help with its tarnished image.

    Apple Releases System 7.5.3/Update 2.0, Today!

    (We originally broke this story before anybody else (as far as we know) 3 days ago March 8th.)

    Apple has release the long awaited System 7.5.3 today. System 7.5 Update 2.0 is the name of the update package, available free on the Internet and on floppies or CD-ROM for $13 from Apple's Order Center at 1-800-293-6617 ext. 984. You can find additional information, links for download ftp servers, and the actual press release. The update willalso be made available by other other on-line services, such as CompuServe and America Online, and from user groups such as NYMUG etc,. You can also download it here from the ZiffNet ftp server.

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