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MarketPlace CD v3.5 Helps Businesses Find Customers


MarketPlace Information Corp. introduced an improved CD that finds new customers, identify potential markets, analyze business segments, and plan marketing strategies. The new product is the latest release of D&B; MarketPlace, the award-winning lead-generation tool for people who want a sophisticated yet simple way to get marketing data on businesses in the United States. The CD-ROM-based marketing resource combines software with a database of names, telephone numbers, and marketing information on more than 10 million U.S. businesses.

Reliable Information, Essential Tool

Like its predecessor, D&B; MarketPlace Version 3 uses business information drawn from Dun's Market Identifiers, a product of Dun & Bradstreet Information Services. The new version offers users even easier and more ways to search for customers, create lists, and analyze market research. "Version 3 will be an essential tool for a wide variety of businesses -- from one-person shops to departments of major corporations," said Richard Lim, MarketPlace chief executive officer. "This product is also suited for client/server networks on which many people must share prospect information."

Easier, Better, More Features

D&B; MarketPlace not only has new features but it is even easier to use than before. In Version 3, D&B; MarketPlace software has been extensively honed to provide users with a function-packed program. With D&B; MarketPlace Version 3, a user can now perform an integrated company name search which gives them the flexibility to contact, for example, all of the "Chevrolets" in Kansas. By simply typing the word "Chevrolet," the software will create a list of any business in its database which contains "Chevrolet" in its name. This way, the customer can more easily find types of businesses -- or one specific business -- without knowing the full name. By adding other parameters, such as zip codes and company size, the list can be further refined. Version 3 also includes other new ways to search for companies. Users can now search by total employees at all sites, subsidiaries, legal status, companies which manufacture on-site, import/export companies, and ZIP+4 code. As well, it includes latitude/longitude information that can be used with mapping software to pinpoint prospects and potential markets.

Another major improvement in Version 3 is its powerful, easy-to-use, highly accurate cross-tab analysis tool for defining market segments. This provides users with more ways to understand markets or competition. Up to four variables can be used to refine the analysis. Throughout the analysis process, the user can see the analysis table on-screen and can experiment with different variables to see how the changes affect the analysis results.

D&B; MarketPlace Version 3 for Windows 95, Windows 3.1, and Windows NT, is available now. The CD-ROM upgrade for the Macintosh will be available in the fourth quarter of 1996. Both products will be sold direct and through company-sponsored seminars. Street price for first-time customers is $599. Current MarketPlace subscribers will receive the upgrade automatically with their next quarterly CD.


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