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Monday 7/15, 1996 - Breaking News

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Specular Infini-D Update 3.5 Ray Tracing 2-5 Times Faster

Specular International is about to launch a major upgrade to Infini-D, due to ship at Macworld Expo in August.

MacHTTP Updated to v 2.2.2.

Starnine/Quarterdeck has released an important, mandatory update to MacHTTP, updating MacHTTP 2.2 to version 2.2.2

Settle Disputes on the WWW

Online Ombuds Office, a Web-based mediation service, is offering $100 each to the first disputants who use the procedure to settle a disagreement.

AT&T; Announced Cell Phones & Service to Surf the Net

AT&T; Wireless Services announced plans to unveil a cellular phone and service that will allow users to surf the Net.

Roll Logs Without Getting Wet with Logroller

Logroller is a small application that rolls your WebSTAR log file on a regular basis

LogDoor Multi-site Log Processor Download Beta Here

Open Door Networks is announced a new LogDoor Multi-site Log Processor.

CHRP Vendors May Ship Before Apple, Power Computing 225 Mhz

Delays at Apple Computer in adapting the Macintosh operating system for the CHRP mean that other vendors may ship before Apple

MarketPlace CD v3.5 Helps Businesses Find Customers

MarketPlace Information Corp. introduced an improved CD that finds new customers, identify potential markets, analyze business segments, and plan marketing strategies. .

Micropolis Announces New Disk Drive

Micropolis announced a new version of its popular low-cost ARIES 2 disk drive, with enhancements

MSNBC To Launch Today

The cable service will launch with 14 hours of live daily programming; repeats will begin at 11 p.m. There will be no newswheel

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