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Mehta To Deliver Advanced Sales & Marketing Automation Applications With Ca-openingres


Computer Associates Welcomes Leading Sales/Marketing Software Vendor To CA-OpenIngres Business Partner Program

Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA) announced today that Mehta Corporation has joined the CA-OpenIngres Business Partner Program as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV). Their agreement with CA allows Mehta Corporation to provide the combined power and versatility of CA-OpenIngres technology with its advanced sales and marketing automation application, Marketrieve Plus.

Marketrieve is a leading enterprise-wide client/server sales force automation application that automates a business' sales, marketing and customer service operations, including telemarketing, telesales, field sales and post-sales support. The application includes a link with the CA-OpenIngres database to facilitate information exchange and enable seamless production of full sales reporting, including forecasting, territory management, and marketing analysis.

"This agreement illustrates the business potential for combining the power of automation and relational database technologies," said Marketrieve CTO Ed Lucia. "By utilizing Computer Associates' powerful RDBMS solution, Mehta Corporation will be able to offer our customers the most advanced tools for achieving total information management."

"Today's announcement reflects our continuing commitment to provide CA-OpenIngres clients with the latest technology by partnering with key strategic vendors," said Mark Marron, CA senior vice president of business partner programs. "We are delighted that CA-OpenIngres is being leveraged with Mehta Corporation's sales and marketing solution to better support our mutual clients."

CA-OpenIngres is the multiplatform relational database management system for mission-critical business processing. It offers the leading capabilities of distributed database technologies, including replication, query optimization and active data management, making it ideal for sales and marketing automation applications such as Marketrieve.

Marketrieve has been a leading enterprise-wide sales and marketing solution since 1985. Based on client/server technology, Marketrieve runs on Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 3.x, Apple Macintosh and Apple Power Macintosh.


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