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Friday 10/11, 1996 - Breaking News

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Apple Creates Intranet Employee Store With icat Commerce Software, Download trial

iCat Corp. announced that Apple used the iCat Electronic Commerce Suite to develop a dynamic intranet catalog exclusively for its employees

MicroMat Releases Free PageWatch Palette Web Utility, Download here

MicroMat has releases a free PageWatch Palette Web Utility that reportedly adds to power to web browsers.

Okey Dokey PRO Released, Download here

From Mark Kriegsman's (the maker of FireSite Web accelerating software) Top Twenty Tips for Macintosh Webmasters

Web Site Repository For All Component Software, New Easy Format

PartBank is a virtual repository for all component software and related content.

Web Site Called "PYST," an Outrageous Parody of a Certain Best-Selling PC Games

Parroty Interactive, a new division of Palladium Interactive announced today the imminent arrival of PYST

Federal-Express Sets New Strategic Direction With On-line Ordering

Federal Express Corp. ("FedEx") unveiled a new Internet-based service called FedEx BusinessLink

Mehta To Deliver Advanced Sales & Marketing Automation Applications With Ca-openingres

Computer Associates Welcomes Leading Sales/Marketing Software Vendor To CA-OpenIngres Business Partner Program

Apple Announces World's First Integrated Chinese Input Solution

Reinforcing its commitment to deliver computing solutions to many languages, Apple Computer, Inc. announces the first integrated solution

New Perspective Cross-platform OrderMaster Software System

New Perspective Software, Inc. announced that it is releasing its much anticipated OrderMaster order processing software

Web Site with Online Scanning Calculator

The site has been designed with Mac designers, photographers, and webmasters

Xinet Appletalk Solution Offers O2 Users Seamless Connectivity to Mac Networks

Xinet, Inc. announced that its AppleTalk technology will ship with Silicon Graphics'

Smart and Friendly & Macromedia Develop CD-Recordable Solution for Internet Storage

Smart and Friendly, Inc. announced a joint development effort with Macromedia to deliver a complete CD recordable solution

Exclusive Deal! TimeSlice 1.5 offer for Readers of The online MacinStuff Times!

Special TimeSlice 1.5 offer for The online MacinStuff Times! FREE copy of Yank 1.3 or, TransData and 800-SAY-WHAT

NBC Today Show's Al Roaker Plugs PowerBooks

Friday morning's NBC Today Show occasionally has a segment called the Gadget Guru


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Thursday 10/10, 1996 - Breaking News

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PF.Magic Discovers Oddballz; Wacky Mutating Computer Petz Take Over Desktops

From the creators of the top selling Computer Petz, Dogz and Catz now comes Oddballz

Apple Adds New Files incluing Quicktime 2.5, Download here

Apple Computer has released new files for downloading. The files System 7 update 2 Update and Quicktime 2.5

Microsoft Explorer 3.0 Chosen as Default Browser for Prodigy's

Prodigy Inc. announced a cross-distribution agreement whereby Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0

Pitney Bowes Enters Digital Copier/Printer Marketplace

Pitney Bowes Copier Systems announced a major strategic move into the fastest growing segment of the U.S. copier market

11th Annual Seybold San Francisco Largest Ever Broader Focus on the Net

In accordance with its reputation as the premier conference for the publishing community

Totalnet Inc. Licenses Microsoft Internet Suite

TotalNet Inc., one of Canada's largest Internet Service Providers (ISPs), announced

Digicom Systems Introduces Ruggedized Modem

Digicom Systems today introduced the 33.6 Kbps Scout Pro External Data/Fax Modem.

Intermind Communicator on 35 Major Web Sites, Not for Mac!

Intermind Corporation, a rapidly-growing communications company in Seattle, announced

Agfa's Microtype Express Lossless Font Compression For Web Publishing

Agfa's MicroType Express lossless font compression technology received industry-wide endorsement at Seybold

At&T Launches Enhanced Web Hosting Offer For Web Designers And Businesses

AT&T announced an enhanced Web hosting offer that will provide Web designers and businesses with a variety of powerful tools

Epson Announces New Colour Digital Camera

Epson announced its most advanced digital camera, the PhotoPC 500

Apple and N2K Inc. Provide Definitive Resource on the Internet for Enhanced CDs

Apple Computer, Inc. today announced the launch of the Enhanced CD Database


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Wednesday 10/9, 1996 - Breaking News

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Centrax Wins Apple Computer Web Site Contest

Centrax,, a multimedia developer located in downtown Chicago, is one of four grand prize

Apple Adds New Files, Download here

Graphics accelerator software and LaserWriter 8.4.1 are among the Apple software available for download.

LSI Logic Will Introduce Digital Versatile Disc for Appliances

LSI Logic Corp. today will unveil a digital versatile disc that runs movie players, music players, set-top boxes

Hyundai Will Invest $1.4 Billion in Chip Plant in Scotland

South Korea's Hyundai Electronics Industries Co. said it'll invest $1.4 billion in a chip plant in Scotland

Airmedia And AOL Team Up to Provide Wireless Alerts Direct to the Desktop

AOL and AirMedia announced their intention to provide millions of America Online subscribers access to the advanced wireless capabilities

Packeteer Raises $4.7 Million in Venture Funding; Startup Will do Internet `Crowd Control'

Packeteer, Inc., a Silicon Valley startup company formed to address the growing problem of "crowd control" on the Internet

Networking Basics for the Macintosh, Workshop Offered by UCSC Extension

Network operation theory and the practical set-up and use of a small Mac network is the focus of one-day workshop

Symantec Norton Utilities 2.0 for Windows 95 , NO Mac Update in Sight

Symantec Corporation announced the release of Norton Utilities 2.0 for Windows 95. The new version

Apple Goodies Site Launched

A cool site to purchase all your Apple goodies has gone up on the Web

Yet one More Mac On-line Pub Bites the Dust

MediaNews ceased publication on Monday Oct 7

Apple Introduces the First Learning, Entertainment Software Bundles for Performa

Apple announced the Apple Quality Bundles, new value-added software solutions for home learning and entertainment

Storeys 3d Spreadsheet goes into Beta, Download here

Profunda has released Storeys is a new three-dimensional spreadsheet


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Tuesday 10/8, 1996 - Breaking News

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Small Business Users Rate Claris Software as More Reliable Than Microsoft's

Reinforcing its position as a leading software vendor for the rapidly-growing small business market

Theatrix Interactive Introduces Big Science Comics; CD-ROM Adventure Game

Theatrix Interactive Inc. children's software publisher, today announced the release of Big Science Comics

Boxlight's 132% Growth Earns Awards; Ranked in the Top 20

Boxlight Corp. announced they have been ranked No. 16 in the Puget Sound Business Journal's special report

Apple Adds New Files, Download here

Apple Computer has released new files for downloading. The files include PC Dimm patch, Work Group Server Update and At Ease updater

Netxchange Communications Introduces New Java-based Web Client for Internet Xchange For Fax

NetXchange Communications introduced the newest component of its Internet Xchange for Fax Internet/Intranet messaging

Sun Microsystems Launches Java Financial Object Xchange

Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced the launch of its Java Financial Object Xchange (J.F.O.X.)

Epson Expression 636, New Generation of Scanning Technology

Epson announced the Epson Expression 636, reportedly the industry's most performance-driven, desktop color flatbed scanner

Azalea Software Announces carrick Version 1.1, Available for Mac

Azalea Software, Inc. is now shipping version 1.1 of their carrick encryption utility.

Navigator Vs. Internet Explorer/ PC Magazine Picks The Best Browser

The battle for leadership in the Web browser market has essentially come down to a duel

MicNotePad Lite 3.7.4 Available, Download here

MicNotePad Lite 3.7.4 is a powerful free speech recording, review, and transcriber (digital no-tape) software

Pictorius Introduces New CGI Toolkit, Speeding Development Cycle

Pictorius Incorporated omannounced at their Developer's Conference the Pictorius CGI Toolkit

Sonic Includes Runshare With all Fast Ethernet Cards

Sonic Systems, Inc. , in conjunction with RUN, Inc., today announced an agreement in which Sonic

Send-anything-ware Line of Macintosh Only Games, Download here

TwIN Software Group announced that its entire send-anything-ware line of Macintosh only games

Microsoft To Launch New Version of Online Services

Microsoft Corp. rolls out its long-promised hybrid Internet online service


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Monday 10/7, 1996 - Breaking News

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Apple Names Maury Austin VP & GM of Imaging Division

Apple Computer, Inc. announced the promotion of Maury Austin to vice president and general manager of the Imaging Division

SyQuest's Top Ten Myths About Removable Media Drives

SyQuest unveiled the Top Ten Myths about removable media drives in order to bring clarity to this booming computer market segment.

Imaging Expo 1996 Show at NY Javits Center a success; Moves to Chicago in 1997

Overflowing attendance at Industry-Specific Workshops in document management and workflow automation

Kodak Announces Professional Capture Management System

Eastman Kodak Company's Business Imaging Systems division today announced a flexible, modular software system

Internet Interfaces and Interactive TV Are Hot, Windows Is Not

Internet graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and interactive TV are the hottest innovations in electronic engineering

Mainstay Ships CaptivateR 4.6 Implements Auto-Capture

Mainstay began shipping Captivate 4.6, an upgrade to their collection of graphics utilities for Mac screen capture

New Version 1.1v1 of WWII SkyFighters Mac only, Download here

WWII SkyFighters is a Mac only, multi-player flight-sim that allows up to 4 people to fly together over the Internet

Internet CARTOONS Forum Running on a Mac 7100/66

Peter Oakley a cartoonist who has been doing "online cartooning" on Macintosh computers since 1990

CDMatica Database Tool for Music CD Collectors, Download demo here

CDMatica is a powerful database tool for music CD collectors, Clubs D.J., radio stations

Apple Launches Aggressive Campaign to Promote Third Party Software for the Mac OS

Apple announced an aggressive communications campaign for promoting third-party software titles

eMail Xpress Eases Bulk eMail

ISO Productions eMail Xpress is software that loads pre-typed, customized email from a database into your email application

Apple New Web Design Guide Site

Apple Computer has put up a site to assist in WWW design.The site is broken down into sections:

Imposter 1.2 for Mac CU-SeeMe, Download Demo here

Imposter 1.2 is the first virtual personality environment for Macintosh CU-SeeMe

BMAC Clearinghouse for Former Boston Computer Society

A small group of loyal computing enthusiasts have met and formed BMAC


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