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MicroMat Releases Free PageWatch Palette Web Utility, Download here


MicroMat has releases a free PageWatch Palette Web Utility that reportedly adds to power to web browsers. If you spend a lot of time checking your favorite web site for updates, or an update to one of your favorite programs.

PageWatch is a server-based robot that keeps an eye on web pages for you. In a nutshell, you simply send an email message to PageWatch with the URL of the page you wish to track. PageWatch will then check that web page for you everyday. If that page is updated, you'll be sent email message letting you know the page has something new to investigate. The service can also be controlled by using forms at the site.

PageWatch Palette (PWP) makes using the PageWatch service much easier. With PWP, you simply press a button on a palette which floats near your browser. The software automates the entire PageWatch submission process. It also allows you to stop watching a particular page without the need for sending email-based commands.

PWP works with Netscape Navigator 2.0 or above, MicroSoft Internet Explorer 2.0 or above and with tcpConnect browsers. While the PageWatch service is available to any web-compatible computer platform, the palette software is only available for Macintosh.

Download the software.


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