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Okey Dokey PRO Released, Download here


From Mark Kriegsman's (the maker of FireSite Web accelerating software) Top Twenty Tips for Macintosh Webmasters site comes Okey Dokey, a highly-necessary little widget for Mac Webmasters that automatically presses the "default" button in any dialog after a certain amount of time. Almost every Mac Webmaster uses this (or should consider it!)

The "PRO" version introduces the ability to take "screen shots" of the dialogs that were dismissed while you were away, as well as much finer controls about when to press -and when NOT to press- the default button.

It has been "completely re-written" from the previous version (1.0.1), and "does it's magic in a completely different way."


Download Okey Dokey PRO

Mark asks that since they are volunteering the bandwidth for this distribution, see if you can find a good place on your Web site to include a link to our Top Twenty Tips page and says thanks!


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