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Smart and Friendly and Macromedia Jointly Develop CD-Recordable Solution for Internet Storage


Smart and Friendly, Inc. announced a joint development effort with Macromedia to deliver a complete CD recordable solution to create and store high-impact multimedia web pages. A special promotion by these two leading companies adds Backstage Designer Plus from Macromedia to the Smart and Friendly CD-R 4000/PRO to further enhance the value of the award-winning CD recordable package.

"Macromedia and Smart and Friendly are providing customers with the most power creation and storage solution available for managing web content," said Steve Shannon, senior product manager for Backstage at Macromedia. "We are very excited to once again collaborate with Macromedia to further improve on a quad-speed CD recordable solution that is already known for its completeness, ease of use, and affordability," said Perry Solomon, president and CEO of Smart and Friendly. "Backstage Designer Plus eliminates the difficulty and expense associated with multimedia Web page development, delivering an even more user-friendly storage solution to our customers." Backstage Designer Plus provides users with a means to produce multimedia Web pages without learning programming. Its WYSIWYG and point-and-click authoring environment eliminates switching between an editor and a browser. Macromedia xRes SE, a powerful image editor, integrates high-impact graphic images into Websites.

Macromedia Power Applets, a collection of customizable Shockwave applications and Java applets, enable users to animate text, buttons, bullets, and graphic images, as well as make elements within the Website interactive. The CD-R 4000/PRO is a complete hardware and software solution that has won the Editors' Choice award from PC Magazine and the Multimedia All Star award from Multimedia World magazine. The recorder is compatible with all media certified for 4X and higher speeds, and uses industry-standard caddies to protect media and data. The CD-R 4000/PRO includes a quad-speed recorder and reader, an Adaptec SCSI-2 host adapter, and Easy-CD Pro CD mastering software for Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT, and Macintosh. For Windows 95 users, Easy-CD Pro offers commands, menus, and dialog boxes in English, Italian, French, Spanish, and German.

A joint engineering effort between Smart and Friendly and Adaptec has fully optimized the performance of this CD-Recordable solution. Backstage Designer Plus will ship with the Smart and Friendly CD-R 4000/PRO through the end of Dec. 1996. The Smart and Friendly CD-R 4000/PRO has an estimated street price of only $999 (internal) and $1,099 (external). Each recorder includes an Adaptec SCSI-2 adapter, EasyCD-Pro CD-ROM mastering software, and a blank CD-R disc.


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