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Web Site Called "PYST," an Outrageous Parody of a Certain Best-Selling PC Games


Parroty Interactive, a new division of Palladium Interactive announced today the imminent arrival of PYST -- a side-splitting parody of the most popular PC game of all time, which shall remain nameless. PYST is not an adventure game, it's a state of mind -- complete with its own CD-ROM, Web Site, Enhanced CD single, and 900 number.

PYST -- an interactive parody, not a game -- offers the millions of people who have played the original title the chance to experience the island in a whole new light. The pristine scenery is gone. So are the impossible puzzles and the New Age music. In their place is King Mattruss (Played by Goodman) and his sons -- the Prince formerly known as Prince, and Prince Syrup -- along with a host of characters who never left. Where did those Airstream trailers come from? Is that a water slide? Garbage, graffiti ... four million visitors trampling the island certainly takes its toll! PYST is for anyone who has been there and everyone with a funny bone.

The PYST CD-ROM allows players to travel through ten familiar scenes filled with hilarious clickable animations, video and audio clips created by Peter Bergman, one of the founders of the outrageous Firesign Theatre. PYST features the "Theme from PYST," an Enhanced CD track sung by King Mattruss (John Goodman) as well as the "Making of PYST" video. PYST is also a comedy web site that goes well beyond the parody of one game. It's an attitude, featuring original comedy based on technology and the world at large.

Even more exciting, the PYST CD-ROM unlocks "Members Only" areas that allows visitors to send postcards, download regularly updated video and RealAudio clips, chat and post messages with others, as well as link to additional comedy sites. The public component of the web site will launch simultaneously with the product. For more laughs, PYST fans can interact with characters from PYST island by dialing 900/288-PYST.

PYST will be a hybrid Enhanced CD-ROM, running on Windows 95 and 3.1 for PC-compatible computers and on both Macintosh and Power Macintosh systems. As an Enhanced CD-ROM featuring Goodman singing the "Theme from PYST," the CD can also be played in audio CD players. PYST will be available at retail stores everywhere in October 1996 at an expected street price of $14.95. PYST is the first parody in a series of CD-ROMs and web sites to be released under the Parroty Interactive label.


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