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Web Site Repository For All Component Software, New Easy Format


PartBank is a virtual repository for all component software and related content. For each technology we have a virtual software library and an electronic magazine. We support the following technologies: OpenDoc, Java, Active-X, and Netscape Plug-Ins. Others will be added as they interoperate with the above.

In our virtual software library we have entries for freeware, shareware, and commercial software components. Users can search the database or look through the categories. Users can filter the products (and news-highlights) by technology in the top filter bar.

PartBank has moved to a new format. Now, front page news is updated daily and each highlight has a short description of the article or product. We also include links to articles at other sites.

The product database has changed and now has a hierarchical category structure. Developers can now automtically submit and update their products, and send notices to related web sites. The product pages now carry more additional information including Requirements, Conflicts, Supported Technologies, and in the case of OpenDoc components, it cross-references data compatible products. Check the Cyberdog Product page for an example.


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