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Xinet Appletalk Solution Offers O2 Users Seamless Connectivity to Mac Networks


Xinet, Inc. announced that its AppleTalk technology will ship with Silicon Graphics' O2 machine. Xinet AppleTalk software on O2 will offer users out-of-the-box connectivity to Macintosh networks. This transparent cross-platform solution plays an important role in creating efficient networks for the prepress, graphics, and Web development industries.

"The inclusion of Xinet AppleTalk solutions makes the O2 a dynamite addition to any Macintosh workgroup. The O2 can be quickly configured as an AppleTalk print and file server, as a client, or both. Though marketed as a desktop system, outstanding O2 architectural features make it a better server than many more expensive solutions packaged and priced specifically as workgroup servers. O2 with Xinet is a breakthrough in price and performance!" said Bob Kridle, President of Xinet.

Xinet has been developing and marketing Unix-to-Macintosh connectivity solutions since 1985. The company specializes in client/server solutions that allow Macintosh and Unix systems to work together efficiently and reliably. Xinet is a privately held company out of Berkeley, California.


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