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For immediate release, 6/28/96

"The online MacinStuff Times", <>. A Free daily newspaper (viz. e-zine) with up to the minute Mac news and breaking stories, complete with hyperlinks. The "The online MacinStuff Times" is updated as news becomes available, and publishes daily.

In our first month of publishing we exceeded 12,000 readers. At the beginning of our second
month we have had over 37,000 readers, and as of today (4 1/2 months on-line) The MacinStuff Times has now exceeded the 120,000 mark and is continuing its tremendous growth pattern, increasing readership by 50% a month.

"The online MacinStuff Times" has been nominated for coolest site by Industry.Net, selected as
"April's Hot Site of the Month" by America's Best and won both Jayde Gold Diamond Award as
well as Jayde Site of the Week. Additionally over 280 respected web sites have established
hyperlinks to "The online MacinStuff Times". We are currently rated 122 by Web Counter
<>, which puts our site well into the top
1% of 253,356 sites.

If you are tired of searching the net for Macintosh® news and stories, search no more. The "The
online MacinStuff Times" is a compendium of information.

We urge you our readers, manufacturers, press and all Mac insiders to notify MacinStuff of news,
events, product releases, and anything pertinent to Apple Computer.

"The online MacinStuff Times" is different, we are currently a non-commercial, non-profit site dedicated to Apple and the Mac. Our staff is comprised strictly of volunteers, making MacinStuff effort a "true labor of love". "The online MacinStuff Times" is committed to bringing our readers a fresh and timely outlook, with the latest and greatest information, press releases, breaking news and many hyperlinks in all our stories. Our hyperlinks will lead you directly to software, product downloads and information, press releases and exclusive savings with our "Exclusive Deals" for MacinStuff readers. You can find information concerning all Macintosh and Apple related companies, large or small.

MacinStuff is still young and growing, with many new features to be added. Most World Wide Web sites derive their contents strictly from the sponsoring company. MacinStuff is different in that it is one of the few sites on the World Wide Web that will derive it's look feel and content from you, the readers and visitors of MacinStuff.

During June and July "The online MacinStuff Times" will be undergoing a major upgrade. Incorporated into the new look will be many major enhancements, including:

The times is bringing on to staff two reviewers. We will be able to offer readers "real world" reviews of software and beta software, hardware, and publications.

Offering information, past reviews and stories to readers via a direct email based response. For instance a reader could send email to and receive the days top story in email form.

Progressive Networks RealAudio.
RealAudio brings live and on-demand audio to your desktop over Internet connections of 14.4 Kbps and
faster. With the RealAudio, all you have to do is click on a RealAudio link from your Web browser and audio begins playing instantly.

The following feature enhancements have recently been implemented.

MacinStuff Times ListServer.
An email based list, offering an readers an avenue to communicate with each other and to voice opinions, ask questions of each other, and post their thoughts a feelings of items they may have read in The MacinStuff Times.

Exclusive Deals.
Manufacturers have begun providing MacinStuff with exclusive deals for readers. A recent
example from Tenon, offering readers over a 35% discount on their MacTen 2.3 product.

MacinStuff Times interactive online community
Offering readers a Hub, from which they will be able to access WWW based discussion groups on
a variety of topics from recent news stories.

Search engine capability.
Offering readers a search engine to find related (or non-related) topics or subjects on the World Wide Web.

These enhancements are just the beginning of many more to come. "The online MacinStuff Times"
will continue to assure it's readers will continue to stay on the cutting edge of Web based technology.

Please feel free to use our WWW address or logo as a link on your site. You may also include our
URL in any subscribed mailing lists that you administer.

Write about us and tell your friends, and business associates.

Remember, this site belongs to all of us!
For additional information please contact:

David S. Josephson

(201) 836-7368
(201) 928-0884
(201) 836-7368

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