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"The online MacinStuff Times" has been nominated for coolest site by Industry.Net, selected as "Aprils Hot Site of the Month" by America's Best and has received an award plaque from Heidi Roizen Vice President, Apple Developer Relations. Additionally over 300 respected web sites have established hyperlinks to MacinStuff and "The online MacinStuff Times". As of 5/10/96 our rating of 122 puts the site well into the top 1% of 186,695 sites in Web Counters top 1,000 .

During the next few weeks "The online MacinStuff Times" will be undergoing a major upgrade. Incorporated into the new look will be will also be some major enhancements:

  • MacinStuff Times interactive online community. Offering readers a Hub, from which they will be able to access WWW based discussion groups on a variety of topics from recent news stories.

    Currently Operational. Use the Forum now.

  • MacinStuff Times ListServe Mailing list. Offering an email based way of voicing opinions of and questions from readers.

    Currently Operational To subscribe:

Send the following in the body (not the subject line) of an email message to "":

subscribe mactimes

This will subscribe the account from which you send the message to the mactimes ListServer.

The moderator of the ListSrve can be reached here.

  • Autoresponders. Offering information to readers via direct email based Autoresponders. For instance a reader could send email to and receive the days top story in email form.

  • Search engine capability. Offering readers a search engine to find archived or current stories, based on any topic or company of interest.n

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