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Wednesday June 5, 1996 - News

Gateway Allows Internet Account Sharing Developer Database Competition
Adaptec Acquires Cogent Data Key Players Provide Wireless LAN
Xplain launches Developer Depot BMW (Mac) Calandar Available for Download
Adobe Systems to License VBA from Microsoft Apple To Raise $575 Million
Syquest Adds New Management RadioWeb finds & Retrieves WWW Pages

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Gateway Allows Internet Account Sharing

Vicom Technology, announced a new product that allows simultaneous access of one
Internet account across an entire network.

The VICOM Internet Gateway, which supports any Internet based applications, such as Netscape and Eudora, acts as a transparent TCP/IP router between the users machines and the Internet. With support for Ethernet, TokenRing and AppleTalk networks, Internet access can be acheived using ISDN and Modems to a PPP or SLIP Internet account.

The Gateway will connect on demand when an authorised user attempts to access any internet service. In addition to providing Firewall security, other features include restrictions on connection time and barring access to pre determined internet sites. Call management and network monitoring can force connections to be dropped after a pre-determined period of inactivity and produce status logs as to of through Internet traffic.

The VICOM Internet Gateway also comes with an auto-configurator tool which will ensure a basic installation of the VICOM Internet Gateway is completed in a matter of minutes.

There are two version of the Gateway at present, one for the small office, which has 2 simultaneous users in-built and supports modems, and the other version which has 5 in-built users and supports both Modems and ISDN.

Developer Database Competition

Droege Computing Services and Digital Consulting Inc. (DCI) of Andover, Massachusetts will be co-producing a series of Developers Competitions to be held in Chicago, San Jose, and
Boston. Each of the these competitions will test a different aspect of software development. The winners will advance to the 1997 Developers Competition to be held in Raleigh/Durham, October, 1997. Final results will be published. Teams will be ranked based on their overall score as well as by relative ranking within development categories.

Each competition will require the contestants to develop a typical database application based on specifications detailing a real life problem. Previous applications included a Child Abuse Tracking System, the Duke Primate Center Research Database, a Video Archive for the American Dance Festival, a Management System for Habitat for Humanity Affililates and a Recycling Collection System for SunShares. Although the basic database application development skills will be similar, each competition will test a specific aspect of software development.

The dates and formats of each competition follow:

CHICAGO - RAD Developers Competition - Database and Client/Server World, December 10-12, 1996. This competition will test the developers ability to develop a complete application quickly ("Rapid Application Development"). Register with DCI.

SAN JOSE - Internet Developers Competition - Internet Expo, February 18-20, 1997. This competition will require the contestants to develop an application for release on the World Wide Web. This is expected to be the first major competition to address the real capabilities of software
development tools for the Internet. Last year, Internet Expo was attended
by 45,000 people. Register with DCI.

BOSTON - Client/Server Developers Competition - Database and Client/Server World, May 20-22, 1997. The third competition will test how a typical application is developed in a Client/Server environment. Register with DCI.

RALIEGH/DURHAM - 1997 Developers Competition. October 1997. Winners from the Chicago, San Jose, and Boston competitions will compete against other competitors from around the world. Cash Prizes, Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded for RAD, Internet, Client/Server, OOP, and GUI. Register with Droege.

Adaptec Acquires Cogent Data

In a $68 million stock transaction, Adaptec Inc. acquired privately held Cogent Data Technologies Inc., in a $68 million stock transaction. Cogent, a privately held company founded in 1982, provides high performance Fast Ethernet products for the networking market.

"We are in the business of system bandwidth management," said Adaptec president and CEO Grant Saviers. "Our strategy is to provide hardware and software products that enable network servers and high-performance desktops to rapidly move information. Fast Ethernet is an exciting opportunity to expand the networking side of Adaptec's bandwidth management."

Clay Marr, vice president and general manager of Adaptec's Network Products Business Unit, characterized the acquisition as a "move that makes perfect sense for both companies. We're adding Adaptec's financial and marketing strength to Cogent's complete set of Fast Ethernet products. Cogent's "Predictive Pipelining" software technology has enabled them to win many best-of-breed awards for server throughput. Our focus is server-centric, and Fast Ethernet technology is being rapidly adopted in this area."

Dr. Charles Anderson, founder and president of Cogent, concurred, saying, "The combination of Cogent's technological expertise in Fast Ethernet and the strength of Adaptec in the I/O marketplace will allow the companies to assume a strong position in the high performance LAN arena. Both companies share a server-centric product and market focus. This vision should give us a significant market opportunity in high performance I/O server components for file, video, internet and intranet applications."

The acquisition will be accounted for under the pooling method of accounting. Accordingly, Adaptec will record the acquired assets and assumed liabilities at their book values as of the acquisition date.

Key Players Provide Wireless LAN

Three key players in the wireless LAN industry -- Digital Ocean Incorporated, Digital Equipment
and Lucent Technologies -- have joined forces to provide the first wireless LAN solution that embraces both Apple and PC platforms.

With this solution, organizations with mixed platform environments can now use a single wireless access point to support both Intel-based and Macintosh-based wireless devices.

The solution revolves around the new ability of two Digital Ocean station products for the Apple platform to interoperate with Digital's RoamAbout and Lucent's WaveLAN wireless system for the PC environment. The Digital Ocean remote products are the Manta series ($799) providing AAUI or 10BaseT connection to any Macintosh, and the Grouper series ($749), supporting LocalTalk connections for any legacy Macintosh or Newton MessagePad. Both products, initially offered in 915 MHz, provide wireless Ethernet connectivity to wired infrastructures through RoamAbout and WavePOINT Access Points. This makes it possible for Macintosh machines using either LocalTalk or EtherTalk to join PC-based machines in a wireless LAN that reaches across the enterprise.

Digital Equipment's RoamAbout Access Point offers key bridging features such as protocol-independent bridging, address and protocol filtering and downline load capabilities. It is part of a fully manageable and scalable product set that can be used as either a standalone device or installed
in Digital's MultiStack System, DEChub 900 MultiSwitch or DEChub 90.

Digital Ocean's Manta and Grouper remote stations are part of a complete product line that provides wireless support for Macintosh and Newton MessagePad environments through the company's Starfish II Ethernet Access Point. Starfish II offers an optional external antenna that can boost range to up to three miles. Manta and Grouper can be configured to interoperate with Lucent's WavePOINT and Digital's RoamAbout access points.

Digital Ocean's wireless LAN family includes a fully-supported MicroCellular roaming function, radio diagnostic function, radio diagnostic and site survey software, network administrator's software and optional security features. Digital Ocean also produces a family of ruggedized hand-held computers, based on the Newton platform, that offers a variety of communication options for in-building and remote applications.

Xplain launches Developer Depot

Xplain Corporation, publisher of MacTech Magazine, is proud to announce the launch of Developer
, a new concept in mail order targeted towards developers and programmers in the Macintosh community.

Developer Depot comprises two complementary units: An extensive, full color catalog updated monthly, and a dedicated world wide web site. Designed to provide the convenience of online automated shopping with the traditional feel of good old-fashioned catalog browsing, Developer Depot will also feature:
Developers and programmers will enjoy the vast selection of software, books, CD-ROMs and more. The Web site, will include hundreds of products, all prominently featured with full descriptions and photos (where applicable).

BMW (Mac) Calandar Available for Download

From the BMW WWW site.

Who wouldn't like to look at a BMW first thing every morning? We've created the new BMW desktop calendar just for that reason. This downloadable three-month calendar allows you to keep your personal schedule handy on your desktop, while providing you with up-to-date information on BMW events and the BMW Olympic Torch Relay Signature Car itinerary. The calendar features photographs of your favorite BMWs, including the 1997 540i, the 1996 328i convertible and the 1997 740iL.

We'll have an August through December calendar for you to download at the end of July, so be sure to check back. And keep BMW on your desktop year round.

You can download the Mac Calandar here. The Windows version is NOT available YET!

Adobe Systems to License VBA from Microsoft

Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced that it has signed a letter of intent with Microsoft Corporation for licensing the Visual Basic® Applications Edition (VBA) Language Engine for incorporation into a future version of Adobe Photoshop® image-editing software. At their keynote address here in Chicago, Microsoft announced today that it plans to license the new version, 5.0, of the VBA language engine for the first time to key integrated software vendors (ISVs). Adobe will be one of six initial ISVs to license the technology.

"We are excited to be an early adopter of the VBA language engine," said Bryan Lamkin, director,
Adobe graphics products. "Using the VBA language engine will enable us to more easily add
functionality at a platform-level, freeing our engineers to focus their attention on the development of
program-level tools that Adobe Photoshop users require."

"Adobe Photoshop makes sense for the integration of the VBA technology. It's a powerhouse
application and a perfect testing ground for this level of automation and scripting." said Bob Muglia,
vice president, tools development, Microsoft Corporation.

Apple To Raise $575 Million

Apple Computer Inc. announced an offering to investors" to raise $575 million. Using convertible subordinated notes to raise the money, Apple says proceeds will be used for working capital and general corporate purposes.

Syquest Adds New Management

SyQuest has recently added a number of new senior management members. Effective in early May, the company appointed Edward Marinaro, current vice chairman and former president and CEO of Networking Computing Devices, as chairman of the SyQuest board of directors. Edwin Harper, former president and CEO of Colorado Memory Systems, was appointed to the new position of president and COO. John Luhtala, formerly with Amdahl Corporation, was appointed as senior vice president of finance and CFO. Michael J. Field, formerly with First Pacific Networks, was appointed senior vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary. Syed Iftikar continues as CEO, joining Marinaro and Harper to form an office of the president. In March, two other members of the senior management team were appointed: Dale Pilgeram, formerly of IBM, joined SyQuest as chief technical officer; and Chet Brown, most recently from Cubic Memory, joined as executive vice president of sales and marketing.

RadioWeb Finds & Retrieves WWW Pages

RadioMail announced a wireless Internet access service with agents that can be programmed to scan the WWWt and automatically retrieve and deliver Web pages.

RadioWeb accesses both corporate intranets and public Web sites without hooking up to a telephone line. The RadioMail service is available from Ardis, RAM, cellular, and CDPD wireless networks for notebook and handheld computers, as well as PDAs.

Current RadioMail customers can utilize the service for 90 days, other Internet users can evaluate RadioWeb by sending a message to the company.

Tuesday June 4, 1996 - News

Internet Commerce Hot Topic at InterShop Conference Apple to Update System 7.5.3 Update 2 This Week
SiteMill Price Slashed by 50% FREE HoTaMaLe Plug-in, Mac v Available September
Quantum's 1.2GB-3.2GB Drives for Retail Stores Apple Releases Updated System Profiler
SyQuest New Removable 230MB Drive Apple Announces Two New WWW Sites
Adobe Internet Technology "Special Program" Blueridge & Fujitsu Offer Scanning Solution to Businesses
Timecast The Realaudio Guide Apple Gives Employees "Stock Reward"
Corel Mac Faces Heavy Competition

Internet Commerce Hot Topic at InterShop Conference

The development of Internet commerce is a hot topic at this week's InterShop Conference. Although online shopping is expected to be a $46 billion industry by 1998, it is currently dwarfed by more conventional channels. In 1995, online shopping generated $400 million in sales, less than 1 percent of the $55 billion in catalog sales.

Apple to Update System 7.5.3 Update 2 This Week

Ric Ford's MacinTouch Home Page has the complete lowdown, to read the story go here.

SiteMill Price Slashed by 50%

Adobe announces it is slashing the price of it's Adobe SiteMill to bring price of "Web Management Software to Broader Audience." SiteMill will be available at a suggested retail price of $279, down from it's introductory price of $595 .

The price adjustment is in response to an increase in demand for management software and competition from other players including Microsoft. Adobe has decided to not issue refunds to current SiteMill owners; however registered SiteMill customers who purchased SiteMill at a
higher price will receive a free copy of Adobe PageMill 2.0, which is expected to be available later
this Summer.

"Adobe PageMill and SiteMill revolutionized the Internet by making Web page creation and
management a simpler task for Web professionals," said Kevin Wandyk, director of business
development, Internet Products Group. "As the Internet rapidly becomes the accepted
communications vehicle for both business and mainstream computer users, we have repriced SiteMill to provide an even larger group of customers with powerful easy-to-use tool to create and maintain Web Sites."

Traditionally, maintaining a Web site was performed manually by Webmasters and was tedious and
often prone to errors. It required an understanding HTML and various image file formats. Adobe
SiteMill software makes creating and maintaining a Web site more efficient through an easy drag and drop interface. Customers can paste links, rename files, or move files and the software automatically updates all links. Adobe SiteMill also scans the existing Web site for errors, flagging unreachable or unused links and automatically corrects them. In addition, Adobe SiteMill includes all the Web page authoring features found in Adobe PageMill, including what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) page editing and integrated image manipulation and format conversion.

FREE HoTaMaLe Plug-in, Mac v Available September

Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced the Adobe® FrameMaker® HoTaMaLe plug-in for Microsoft® Windows® 95 and NT, a utility that converts Adobe FrameMaker 5 documents into hypertext markup language (HTML) format. The pre-release version of the plug-in is expected to be avail-able free of charge on June 17, 1996, at Adobe's Web site .

After the initial posting to the Web, Adobe will regularly update the plug-in software to incorporate
new functionality and enhance performance. Customers are encouraged to submit feedback via
forms provided at Adobe's Web site. The FrameMaker HoTaMaLe plug-in will be available for
SunOS and Solaris® in July, Macintosh® and Power Macintosh in August and HP/UX, Digital
UNIX, IBM® AIX® and Silicon Graphics® IRIX in September.

Quantum's 1.2GB-3.2GB Drives for Retail Stores

Quantum announced it will be selling it's drives directly to the retail market. They are planning to sell the 1.2 gig and 2.5 gig 5.25-inch drives in retail stores starting this month, followed
by retail sales of it 3.2GB Fireball TM 3.5-inch drives .

Apple Releases Updated System Profiler

The "System Profiler is a tility to gather, summarize, and deliver key pieces of system configuration information. This version corrects a problem where certain machines, such as the 7600 and 8500, were not being correctly identified. You can download the softwrae here.

SyQuest New Removable 230MB Drive

SyQuest Technology has introduced a $300 removable 230MB on 3.5-inch media removable cartridge system called EZFlyer.

In recent months ome Syquest drives have been upseated by Iomega's Zip drive. The EZFlyer 230MB falls between Iomegas Zip and Jaz drives. Media for the EZFlyer are 50% higher--$30 per 230MB than the 100MB Zip cartridge.

Syquests EZFlyer can also read, write, and format 135MB media used in EZ135 drive and has a one-touch auto eject button, programmable SCSI ID, and a "DataSafe" drive door that better protects the internal mechanism.

An external parallel port version of the drive for PCs is available now, with a SCSI version for the Mac and PC scheduled to ship in mid-June. The drive will ship with one 230MB cartridge, a DB-25-pin cable for the Mac, installation software, and a variety of utilities.

Apple Announces Two New WWW Sites

Apple Computer, Inc. reinforcing its commitment to providing useful Internet content worldwide, has announced two new Apple World Wide Web sites designed to engage its international audience
and take advantage of the global capabilities of the World Wide Web.

The announcement of the new sites was made by Christopher Escher (formerly Apple's Director of Internet Studio Productions), vice president of Corporate Communications at Apple, as he kicked off his panel address at the Intermedia conference, which concluded last week in Singapore.

The Internet is a global phenomenon, and we plan to make sure our Internet content development is meaningful to people wherever they live," Escher said.

First, Escher formally introduced Apple's new Asian World Wide Web site. The new site is designed as an expanded source of information about Apple Asia, its products, customers, developers and partners. It contains a roster of Apple Asia contacts, links to other websites of interest to Apple Asia customers, and downloads of new software such as Cyberdog. Among the links available is one connecting users to the AppleClub user group site in Hong Kong; another is the full text of Escher's Intermedia presentation.

Second, Escher revealed programming details of the Company's upcoming webcast of the Habitat II U.N. conference in Istanbul, Turkey. The webcast taglined "Tomorrow's Cities: The Internet Town Meeting on the U.N. City Summit" is expected to include global roundtable discussions with U.N. and world leaders about the issues raised at Habitat II; the placement and use of Apple Macintosh kiosks in third-world countries, allowing people without daily Internet access to experience the conference; as well as live coverage of major presentations at the conference. The site will be available here.

Both sites represent extensions of the Company's stated strategy to use Internet content development to both strengthen its relationships with its current customers, as well as attract new customers to the Apple brand, regardless of their computer platform.

Adobe Internet Technology "Special Program"

Adobe Systems announced a special program for user groups and professional associations, called the Adobe® Internet User Group Web Publishing Program, designed to provide these organizations with a suite of Adobe applications that make publishing on the World Wide Web easy. Qualifying user groups and professional associations can receive a Web publishing kit containing one package of Adobe PageMill, Adobe PhotoDeluxe and Adobe Acrobat® on the Macintosh® or Windows® platform for a nominal fee.

With these Adobe products, designers and general users alike can easily create Web pages and sites, design Web graphics and publish richly formatted electronic documents on the Internet. Adobe PageMill software, the tool for producing Web pages, simplifies Web page authoring by allowing users to create, edit and update Web pages in a WYSIWYG environment, with drag-and-drop
intuitiveness. With PageMill, users automatically get HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) output
that works with any Web server and any Web browser. PageMill enables users to create graphically rich content on the Web and publish simply and straightforwardly.

Adobe PhotoDeluxe software is a photo editing application for modifying and enhancing personal
photos with step-by-step simplicity. Its easy-to-use interface and dozens of built-in templates walk
users through fun and useful photo projects - from incorporating photographs into your Web page,
to creating greeting cards and calendars, adding special effects, and removing the unwanted "red eye" effect. PhotoDeluxe includes the GIF89A plug-in for easily exporting graphics to Web pages

Blueridge & Fujitsu Offer Scanning Solution to Businesses

Blueridge Technologies, "The Internet Document Management CompanyÅ," announced that their OPTIX Document Management System now supports the M3099 series of double-sided, desktop
document scanners from Fujitsu. According to Howie Swaim, Director of Marketing for Blueridge, "Finally, there is an industrial-strength, document scanning solution available for businesses that want to use both Macintosh and Windows-based computers as scanstations."

Engineered for high-speed, double-sided scanning applications, Fujitsu's M3099 series is capable of scanning up to 100 images per minute in duplex page scan mode. The series features a 500-page automatic document feeder ideal for high-volume document imaging environments.

Blueridge's OPTIX Document Management System, combined with Fujitsu's M3099 scanner series, offers businesses the unique ability to scan and manage an unlimited number of documents, with maximum speed and efficiency, while utilizing all of their existing workstations including Macintosh and Windows.

Timecast The Realaudio Guide

Progressive Networks announced the launch of Timecast: The RealAudio Guide, a web-navigation service that makes it possible for you to receive customized narrowcasts of multimedia news and information over the

Timecast's Daily Briefing allows you to choose audio clips from a dozen leading news and information organizations, including ABC, c|net, and Entertainment Tonight. Timecast also gives you easy access to any of the dozens of radio stations that are broadcast live over the Internet, and
Timecast's Live Now feature is your up-to-the-minute resource for Live RealAudio events on the Net. Finally, Timecast provides a search facility that combs a database of hundreds of sites that are enhanced with RealAudio.

RealAudio Player 2.0 adds new features and functionality, including: A beta version of Timecast is now available here.

Apple Gives Employees "Stock Reward"

Apple Computer's board of directors has approved a plan by Chief Executive Officer Gilbert Amelio to offer eligible employees a stock option trade-in program. Called "an acknowledgment of
dedication during tough times" by Amelio, the program is seen by others as a means of keeping headhunters from raiding the company's talented staff.

Corel Mac Faces Heavy Competition

Corel Corp. announced CorelDraw 6 for the Power Mac, the company's first major entry into the competitive Macintosh illustration market, spearheaded by Adobe.

CorelDraw is scheduled for release next month , fully 10 months after the Windows version. CorelDraw 6 for the Power Mac is reportedly fully compatible with files created in CorelDraw versions 3 through 6 for Windows.

CorelDraw will come bundled with the company's WordPerfect 3.51 word-processing software, 3-D modeling, Corel's Artisan paint program and texture creation capabilites that let users simulate marble, wood and other textures, Majeed said.

CorelDraw 6 will also come with two file management utilities, one for multimedia files and the other for managing fonts. These utilities are key to the product's libraries, which include 25,000 pieces of clip art, 1,000 photos, and 750 three-dimensional models as well as 1,000 Type 1 fonts and 650 TrueType fonts.

Monday June 3 - News

Claris OfficeMail Intranet & Internet Email Plastic Thought Announces 3D Clip Art for Web & Print
NRC Study Recommends Encryption anchor238782 Apple Reorganization The Complete Lowdown
TurboCad 3d Available for Mac New Flat Panel Screens on Way
anchor245853 Creates Screen Savers from Director Files Apple to Bring Native PPP to OT, ARA
Acrobat Reader 3.10b Released Claris Survey of Small Businesses
FTC Busts WWW Pyramid Scheme Corel Plans Java Compatability with $500 Internet Boxes
CyberSoundx VS Music Synthesizer for Mac WebMaker 2.2 Released
Adaptec to Introduce Fire Wire by '97 OpenDoc Popularity Grows

Claris OfficeMail Intranet & Internet Email

Claris Corporation announced Claris OfficeMail, the complete electronic mail solution for small businesses and schools. Everything an office needs to establish email on a Macintosh-hosted network is included with Claris OfficeMail Claris Emailer software for five users, server software, Internet email access via ClarisLink, and the quick setup of personalized email addresses for everyone in the office. Claris OfficeMail will grow with an organization
to support up to 100 users while delivering high performance. It takes just minutes to get an office up and running without having to pay for costly consultants.

Claris OfficeMail is designed specifically for small businesses and school administrative offices that want to share email and use the Internet to communicate with peers, customers and suppliers down the hall and around the world.

"In the competitive world, having Internet email access isnt a luxury its a business necessity, said Guerrino De Luca, president of Claris Corporation. The ability to instantly exchange messages with customers, prospects and suppliers can give small businesses a defining edge in global competition, and level the playing field against larger firms.

Claris OfficeMail integrates the award-winning Claris Emailer for simplified email management. Claris Emailer gives users the power to send, receive, reply to and store email messages and files quickly and easily. It simplifies basic email tasks with a full-featured address book and a filing cabinet to help keep track of important messages. Mail Actions sort, file and even reply to email messages automatically. Claris Emailer routinely retrieves new incoming mail and notifies users of its arrival.

ClarisLink, a service of HoloNet, is the Internet email service that lets OfficeMail users send to and receive email from millions of people connected to the Internet. ClarisLink expands the reach of OfficeMail from an office-wide email system to a worldwide email system. ClarisLink usesCompuServes extensive local points of presence (POPs) network to provide Internet access via a local phone call for over 90 percent of the U.S. population, saving time and money.

Pricing and Availability Claris OfficeMail will begin shipping in June for an estimated retail price of $299.

Plastic Thought Announces 3D Clip Art for Web & Print

Plastic Thought announced it will release ActiveArt later this summer.. The CD-ROM will have more than 300 QuickDraw 3D images. The company says its 3D clip art will appeal to desktop publishers, Web designers, and multimedia developers.

Sample files from the CD are available from the Plastic Thought Web site. The disk should retail for $79.95.

NRC Study Recommends Encryption

The Clinton administration attempt for encryption on the WWW has opposition from the National Research Council (an agency of the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering) has released a report encouraging the federal government to promote the use of encryption.

The report which was commissioned by Congress and funded by the Pentagon and the Commerce Department, concluded that the commercial benefits of relaxed export controls on encryption technology, as well as the privacy benefits for "law-abiding citizens," outweigh the government's need to decrypt encoded messages.

The report acknowledged that encryption technology was a "double-edged sword" and would "add to the burden of those in government...charged with carrying out certain law enforcement and intelligence activities."

Apple Reorganization "The Complete Lowdown"

Apple Computer, Inc. completed a new organization designed to support the implementation of the
Company's corporate strategy.

The organization structure, effective June 1, is designed to enhance managerial accountability and improve customer focus through clearbusiness processes. "Now that we've taken the time to thoroughly assess our company, our products, and the dynamics of the marketplace, we're ready to implement an organizational structure designed to support our revised strategy," said Apple Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Gilbert F. Amelio.

Under the new organization, six senior executives will report to Dr. Amelio. They are the chief operating officer, chief administrative officer, chief technical officer, chief financial officer, senior vice president of corporate marketing, and vice president of strategic planning. Details are as follows:

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Marco Landi, formerly president of Apple Europe, Middle East, and Africa, will be accountable for the overall implementation of Apple's business plans. He will oversee six distinct profit and loss centers, including Apple's four recently announced product divisions, as well as Claris Corporation and AppleAssist. In addition, he will be responsible for segment marketing and worldwide sales. His organization is as follows:

--Power Macintosh Products group, led by Senior Vice President Fred Forsyth, will be responsible for the family of Power Macintosh desktop products and PowerBooks. Forsyth will also be responsible for worldwide operations;

--Imaging division, directed by Senior Vice President Terry Bailey, will be responsible for products including printers, scanners, digital cameras, and other peripherals;

--Claris Corporation, headed by Guerrino De Luca, Apple Vice President and President, Claris Corporation, will continue to function as a subsidiary of Apple, maintaining its own sales, marketing, and operations staff;

--Information Appliance Products division, temporarily headed by Marco Landi, will develop low-cost, special-purpose products outside the traditional personal computer category such as the emerging network computer. These products will be based on Newton and Pippin technologies;

--Servers and Alternate Platform Products division, managed by Senior Vice President Howard Lee, will oversee the development and marketing of products based on the PowerPC Platform and other hybrid personal computer products. In addition, the division will be responsible for the entire server product line (Mac OS and non- Mac OS) and interactive media products;

--AppleAssist division, temporarily managed by Marco Landi, is Apple's newly-formed support organization dedicated to providing life-long assistance to owners of Apple products;

--Segment Marketing group, headed by Senior Vice President Dr. Terry Crane, will be responsible for assessing the product and solutions needs of customers on a worldwide basis, and working with Apple's product businesses to bring those products and solutions to market. The group's charter includes market strategy formulation, market analysis and forecasting, customer research, competitive analysis, and solutions development. The focus will be on selected areas within enterprise/scientific and technical, publishing and authoring, education, and home/SOHO market segments;

--Worldwide Sales, headed by Senior Vice President John Floisand, will be responsible for maintaining customer relationships around the world and implementing an optimized channel strategy. The organization's roles will include channel relationships, customer requirements feedback, fulfillment strategy development, solutions implementation, and sales for all Apple products, including Newton technology-based products. Senior sales executives reporting to Floisand will be Robin Abrams, Americas; Jan Gesmar-Larsen, Europe, Middle East, and Africa; Tetsuya Shiga, Japan; and Steven Vamos, Asia and Australia.

Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer George Scalise, who joined Apple on March 11, 1996, will oversee developer relations, licensing, human resources, external relations,
facilities, communications, and Apple's legal department.

Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer Dr. Amelio will oversee this function on an interim basis until a permanent leader is named. The following functional areas will report to the CTO:

--AppleSoft, headed by Apple Senior Vice President Dr. Isaac Nassi, will be responsible for operating systems, application programming interfaces, tools, and platform marketing;

--AppleNet, led by Apple Vice President and Chief Scientist Larry Tesler, will be responsible for Apple technologies for the Internet and intranets, ensuring that Internet capabilities are integral to all of the Company's products;

--Apple Advanced Technology Laboratories, managed by Apple Fellow and Vice President Dr. Donald Norman, will oversee the development of concept products and core technologies to be incorporated into future Apple products;

--Apple Reliability and Quality Assurance group, headed by Apple Vice President Mike Connor, will oversee Apple's reliability and quality programs on a company-wide basis.

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Fred Anderson, who joined Apple on April 1, 1996 will provide strategic, structural and procedural leadership in financial management; shareholder and investor relations; tax, customs, and records management; mergers and acquisitions; and information systems.

Senior Vice President, Worldwide Corporate Marketing Satjiv Chahil, Apple's top marketing executive, will lead a strengthened organization responsible for direction-setting in overall marketing and advertising campaigns and ensuring alignment in the execution of all marketing programs.

Vice President, Worldwide Strategic Planning Headed by Dr. Douglas Solomon, this team will be responsible for development and implementation of the strategic planning process for the Company. Dr. Solomon will also manage the Corporate Development function and in that capacity will report to CFO Fred Anderson.

Concurrently, Apple announced the resignation of James J. Buckley, senior vice president and president of Apple Americas, who has chosen to pursue other interests. "Jim Buckley has made an immeasurable impact on Apple, our employees, and our customers during his 11-year tenure with the Company," said Dr. Amelio. "His intellect, leadership, and great wit will be sorely missed, and we wish him the best as he continues to advance in his career."

TurboCad 3d Available for Mac

IMSI, a leading developer and publisher of quality software for the home and small business markets, announced that it is shipping a Macintosh version of TurboCAD 2D/3D.

TurboCAD 3D Mac adds 3D wireframe drawing to your TurboCAD, along with other powerful 3D features. TurboCAD 3D Mac gives you all the power, accuracy and ease of use of our TurboCAD 2D Software plus fully integrated 3D wireframe capabilities. You will be exploring design alternatives in 3D, from the time you create a concept to your final professional drawing.

New Flat Panel Screens on Way

Sceptre Technologies announced a June ship date of a new line of portable but expensive alternatives to traditional CRT monitors with stand-alone LCD flat-panel displays.

Reportedly less than 2 inches thick and weighing 2.6 pounds, the screens are free of flicker, static, and radiation and offer a viewing area that is larger than a standard CRT monitors, 15 inches. vs. 13.5 inches ull

The screens will be shown to the public for the first time at the PC Expo convention in New York next month.

The 12.1-inch models have active matrix, SVGA displays and a high resolution of 800 by 600 pixels. The 14-, 15-, and 17-inch models have resolutions of up to 1,280 by 1,024 pixels.

Prices range from $1,999 for the 12.1-inch proprietary model to $9,995 for the 17-inch direct-drive version.

Creates Screen Savers from Director Files

MacSourcery's CineMac Screen Saver Factory fromallows the building of interactive multimedia screen savers with Macromedia Director 5.0. It allows encapsulation of Director Projector files into standalone screen savers as small as 800K or as large as you'd like.

The screen savers can serve functions beyond preserving monitor life. For example, you could create aninteractive presentation that runs on a trade show computer when unattended, but allows a salesperson full access to the computer when needed.

Street price is $300 for a license to distribute up to 10,000 screen savers, and $1000 allows a
license to distribute an unlimited number of screen savers.

Apple to Bring Native PPP to OT, ARA

Apple Computer reportedly plans to integrate Point-to-Point Protocol with its networking architecture and remote-access product line,.

PPP, is an efficient remote-access standard that provides significantly faster throughput than AppleTalk. PPP is integrated into several operating systems, including Microsoft Windows 95. Apple's only current implementation of the protocol is in the freeware extension MacPPP, which is included which most people utilize for internet access, it currently runs only in 680x0 emulation.

"Our intent is to get PPP built into the OS as soon as the software is ready and as soon as customers and the market demand it," said Richard Ford, Apple product manager for Open Transport.

A TCP/IP-capable version of the PPP extension for Open Transport is currently being beta tested; it will be the first native Power Mac implementation of PPP. Ford said the tool is slated for inclusion in Open Transport 1.5, code-named Paris, but will make its debut in the next revision of the Apple Internet Connection Kit, likely to arrive this summer. Open Transport 1.5 will ship this fall or early next year, Ford said.

Apple Remote Access is scheduled for release this coming January. ARA 3.0, will reportedly be optimized for Open Transport and to support PPP. ARA 2.1, an Open Transport-compatible version of the remote-access client and personal server that will support 28.8-Kbps and ISDN connections, will be released as an interim product.

At that time Apple will also release a PCI version of the ARA MultiPort Server. The new version will use ARA 2.1 and include a six-port PCI card.

Acrobat Reader 3.10b Released

Adobe releases new Acrobat Reader 3.01beta (4.7 meg) is available for downlaod here.

Claris Survey of Small Businesses

Claris today announced the results of a comprehensive survey commissioned to uncover small business sentiments on how technology affects their daily business operations. Among the key findings uncovered in the survey was that, although technology plays a critical role in improving small businesses' competitiveness and productivity, small business are actually not leveraging technology because of a general lack of good tools.

FTC Busts WWW Pyramid Scheme

In its largest law enforcement action to date against fraud on the Internet, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has halted a pyramid scheme advertised on the Internet that already has taken in over $6 million.

Corel Plans Java Compatability with $500 Internet Boxes

Corel announced plans today to deliver a Java version of its existing suite of office productivity applications that will run on any Java-enabled browsers on any platform, including the coming Network Computers.

Corel's Java applications won't be available until 1997. It will appear as a collection of components, or single-purpose software objects that the user can mix and match. Code-named Corel Office JV, the suite will draw from technology now used in WordPerfect, Quattro Pro, and Corel Chart.

WordPerfect comprises the main document "container," or the frame that holds all the other elements. The user, for example, could pick a chart-making component and a spreadsheet component from a taskbar and incorporate them directly into a single WordPerfect document, thereby creating a compound document. These documents could then be easily converted into HTML and published directly to the Web where they could be read by anyone with a Java-enabled browser.

CyberSoundx VS Music Synthesizer for Mac

InVision Interactive, makers of CyberSound VS Software Music Synthesizia a Mac-only software package turns your Power Mac into a music synthesizer.

CyberSound VS includes:

* CyberSynth - software synthesizer
* CyberPlayer - 16-track MIDI recorder/player
* One 128 instrument General MIDI bank with GM sound set with drum sets
* 8 other instrument banks with 384 sounds including: orchestral set, piano bank, ethnic percussion, ethnic sounds, pop sounds, and others.

The sounds are reportedly of excellent quality - comparable to professional music gear! They are derived from InVision Interactive's 10,000 pro-sound sample library. The software technology in CyberSound uses analog and digital synthesis, wave table synthesis and physical modeling techniques.

Utilizing CyberSound VS and a Power Mac you can play and record MIDI music files and with CyberSound's innovative Loop Bank of musical presets, you can jam with two fingers using your computer keyboard.

WebMaker 2.2 Released

Harlequins latest version of WebMaker, a software package that converts FrameMaker documents into HTML, has been released. New to the upgraded edition is RapidRules, which provides auto-configuration capabilities for document conversions.

WebMaker 2.2 includes a navigation panel developed using Java. The navigation panel allows publishers to include scrollable tables of contents at the top of a Web page for access to topics located anywhere in the Web document.

WebMaker 2.2 turns FrameMaker into a powerful HTML authoring package. The package offers
customizable conversion of text, graphics, tables, and equations and is an inexpensive way to
extend FrameMaker beyond the standard text-to-HTML conversion which is included with
FrameMaker 5.

Adaptec to Introduce Fire Wire by '97

Adaptec will reportedly ship a PCI-based Mac FireWire card by early next year. One version will be targeted at high-end video-editing professionals and the other will target a broader audience, with drivers for printers, scanners, and digital cameras. Prices of the boards will reportedly be between $350 and $400.

Apple Computer says the next generation of Power Macintoshes, due next spring, will come bundled with PCI-based FireWire cards. By 1998, Power Macs and PowerBooks will have FireWire ports integrated onto their motherboards. In addition, the Pippin game platform will incorporate FireWire ports next year.

FireWire has the capability to transfers data at speeds of 400 megabits per second (mbps), or at about 50 MB per second (MBps), 25 percent faster than the 16-bit Ultra SCSI I/O interface.

FireWire has established a position in consumer electronics. Sony is building digital cameras with a FireWire interface for downloading video.

Other members of the 1394 Trade Association (referring to FireWire's numerical designation within IEEE; include semiconductor manufacturers Advanced Micro Devices, National Semiconductor, Symbios Logic, and Texas Instruments; printer manufacturer Lexmark; and storage manufacturers Seagate and Toshiba, among others.

OpenDoc Popularity Grows

The popularity of OpenDoc is growing with software developers, as evidenced by the increasing number who have chosen OpenDoc as the multiplatform programming environment for products aimed for Mac OS, Windows, OS/2 and UNIX-platforms, for the platform-neutral Java
environment, and for the Internet.

To date, hundreds of developers are working on including OpenDoc capability in future products. The list of applications range from popular, established packages such as Claris Corps. ClarisWorks to the new breed finding fresh ways to take advantage of design-platform independence and the Internet. Apple itself announced today the Golden Master version of Cyberdog, the first Internet suite that uses OpenDoc as foundation technology, and KickStart, the suite of OpenDoc components that help developers implement Apple's multimedia technologies.

Many OpenDoc applications are on display at this week's Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, including :

Sunday June 2 - News

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morning. We apologize for any inconvenience. More news coming later today.

Friday May 31 - News

Apple Releases Plethora of Software Apple's Late Breaking Tips For 7.5.3
Apple's Beta Search & Index Tool Founder Providing Apple in China
Netscape Releases Navigator Gold 3.0 beta 4 Intuit Adds More Banks
Waves Releases AudioTrack Plug-In Want to Surf Anonymously?
SmartQuotes Estimating Software for Prepress & Printers WebPainter Cel-Animation Announced
Apple Computer's first Technology World Tour IntelliBots 1.1 for Macintosh
Lycos CentiSpeed a New Bug? No a New Search Engine

Apple Releases Plethora of Software

Apple's Late Breaking Tips For 7.5.3

From Apple: "This document gives you some helpful information for installing and using System 7.5 Update 2.0 (Update 2.0). Since releasing Update 2.0, Apple has been monitoring our customersÕ experience with installing and using it. After receiving a significant amount of feedback on this software release, there is some helpful information that we can provide to ensure that the transition to the new version of System 7.5 goes as smoothly as possible."

To read the balance of the tips go here.

Apple's Beta Search & Index Tool

Apple Computer Inc announced a beta of Apple e.g. v 1.0, which enables Mac OS administrators to add searching and indexing capabilities to Web sites.

"Apple's Mac OS-based Internet servers are, by far, the easiest to set up and administer, which explains why so many sites on the Internet are served from a Mac," said Andy Lauta, product line manager of Internet products for Apple, in a prepared statement. "With the availability of Apple e.g., these Web sites easily become searchable."

Apple e.g. uses Apple's V-Twin technology, a search engine that to make little demands on memory, and delivers the results ranked according to relevance. V-Twin technology is also used in Cyberdog for searching archived mail and news.

You can download the beta software here.

Founder Providing Apple in China

Apple announced a distribution agreement with Founder Ltd. to provide Apple products in China .

According to a Reuters report, Founder, based in Hong Kong is a unit of Beijing University's Founder Group Corp., is involved in the Chinese market of electronic publishing software, with an estimated 70 percent share. They will provide publishing solutions based on Apple technologies and products

The company said it has 30 branch offices, four joint ventures with foreign companies, and market systems from a number of other "large" companies. They had $220 million in sales in 1994.

Netscape Releases Navigator Gold 3.0 beta 4

Netscape has released Netscape Navigator Gold 3.0 beta 4, which they state "makes it even easier
to create dynamic Web pages." You can download the Beta 4 software here.

Intuit Adds More Banks

ISC, a subsidiary of Intuit, aims to capitalize on its software expertise in a new relationship announced today with Electronic Payments Services and M&I Data Services, two companies that provide ATM and other electronic processing functions.

Intuit Services Corporation
and two major financial-processing companies are teaming up to make online banking technology available to cloase to 2,000 banks nationwide.

Intuit will offer online banking technology through its software Quicken to over 1,900 banks.

Intuit's new service is aimed at small to mid-sized banks that might not have the knowledge to set up their own online banking. The new alliances are the latest salvo in the battle for online banking between the software manufacturer and rival Microsoft, which abandoned its highly publicized attempt to buy Intuit last year after persistent antitrust questions.

Waves Releases AudioTrack Plug-In

Waves, a company whose products include audio processing software, announced AudioTrack. The $300 lugin package offers three frequently used audio tools in a single-window interface.

AudioTrack provides users with compressor/expansion, a four-band ParaGraphic equalizer, and a noise gate. The plug-ins are compatible with Adobe Premiere and Macromedia Deck II 2.5 as well as others.

Want to Surf Anonymously?

The Anonymizer allows on-line privacy. It was created "because on today's Internet, people
do know you're a dog.''

To utilize Anonymizer, all you need to do is go to the Anonymizer WWW site and click on "gin surfing anonymously,'' says Sameer Parekh, the 21-year-old Berkeley infopreneur whose
company, Community ConneXions, last week launched what he calls a ``worldwide beta test.''

When a surfer accesses a page using Anonymizer it ``grabs the page and sends it back to you,'' Parekh says."It protects people from having sites discover their e-mail address and other information. I saw its utility for the whole Internet.''

SmartQuotes Estimating Software for Prepress & Printers

The printing industry now has a native code estimating, costing, and quoting software. The developer of SmartQuotes, Legacy Software has just released the latest upgrade for their comprehensive program.SmartQuotes now runs in PowerPC Native Code for Apple Power Macintosh and 32 bit for Windows 95 computers. The program is 100% cross platform. Speed and ease
of use had been increased. Many experienced users have commented favorably on the speed. SmartQuotes has been rewritten in FileMaker 3.0 to take advantage of the programs speed and relational abilities.

Designed with the user in mind, SmartQuotes takes full advantage of the graphical user interface to enable beginners and experts to get results in a matter of minutes, not months. Unlike other programs, changes in costs, markups, and prices can be made while the quote is in progress. The user is always in control. Cost reports, time studies, and employee efficiency are automatic. The program was designed have minimal keyboard input.

The time study feature allows for entering the start and stop times on the job ticket. For prepress or bindery items that are measured by the piece instead of time, the user need only enter the actual pieces. SmartQuotes will automatically calculate the actual costs and compare
them to the estimated costs. The developers recommend that the user take actual readings several times a month to obtain an average time and usage of individuals tasks and products. By clicking on a Time Clock icon, SmartQuotes then compares job functions and efficiencies by machine and operator. Problem areas are quickly identified. SmartQuotes then allows the shop owner or manager to make informed decisions on future quotes.

A new feature allows the user to enter past or anticipated operating expenses to automatically obtain accurate operating costs. The user then enters each press or equipment type, the square footage it occupies, the hours run per week, the price paid, the date obtained, and the labor rate. SmartQuotes then calculates the actual per hour cost. Guesswork is a thing of the past. From then on, the cost per job is calculated automatically. SmartQuotes allows cost based pricing, or arbitrary per hour pricing.

Legacy Software can be reached at 800-243-0347

WebPainter Cel-Animation Announced

Totally Hip Software annouced a public beta version of WebPainter 1.0 for Macintosh, a cel-animation tool aimed at Web Master and Web Designers. WebPainter has paint and animation tools.

In addition to saving animations in Totally Hip's Sizzler streaming animation plug-in, WebPainter can import and export JPEG, PICT, QuickTime, animated Java, and GIF files, including GIF89a. WebPainter is expected to priced at $99 and be released in later this summer.

You can download WebPainter 1.0 beta software here, and Sizzler plug-in here.

Apple Computer's first Technology World Tour

Apple Computer's first Technology World Tour for developers, solution providers, and multimedia content publishers. Intended primarily for developers that were unable to attend the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, the Apple Technology World Tour will be held in three European cities from June 24 - July 2 and two Asian cities from July 12 - 16. The Apple Technology World Tour will present an overview of Apple's strategic directions and most important technologies for developers in a two-day format designed to maximize technical content. A preliminary agenda for the event follows:

Day 1
07:30 - 09:30 Registration 09:30 - 10:30 Executive Keynote 10:30 -
11:15 Apple's Internet Strategy 11:30 - 13:30 Mac OS 8 - Roadmap,
Overview, and Compatibility 13:30 - 14:30 Lunch 14:30 - 16:30 Mac OS 8 -
I/O, Drivers, Runtime, and Events 16:45 - 17:45 Mac OS 8 - International,
Human Interface and Q & A 18:00 - 20:00 Tools Strategy and Overview

Day 2
08:30 - 09:45 Apple Hardware Strategy and Technologies 10:00 -
11:15 Networking & Communications 11:15 - 12:30 OpenDoc & Cyberdog 12:30
- 13:00 QuickTime VR API 13:00 - 14:00 Lunch 14:00 - 15:00 QuickTime
Technologies 15:00 - 16:00 QuickDraw 3D and RAVE 16:15 - 17:00 Apple Q &
A and Feedback

The Apple Technology World Tour will travel to the following cities
during the dates listed below:

June 24 - 25 Monday - Tuesday Munich, Germany
June 27 - 28 Thursday - Friday Paris, France
July 01 - 02 Monday - Tuesday Amsterdam, The Netherlands
July 12 - 13 Friday - Saturday Delhi, India
July 15 - 16 Monday - Tuesday Singapore

You are invited to choose the city and dates most convenient for you as
the agenda will be repeated in each city, however please note that the
event in France will be presented primarily in French.

(Developers in Japan will want to attend the Japan Developers Conference, July 9 and 10. For more information, see Developers in Australia will want to attend the Australian Technology Symposium, August 16-18. For more information go here.

Registration Information

Registration for all sites is currently in progress. There is no charge to attend Apple's Technology World Tour at any location, but attendees are responsible for their own transportation, accommodation, and evening meal costs.

Registrations will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis, however, members of Apple's Developer Programs will be granted priority acceptance. Attendance is limited at each location, so please be sure to register as soon as possible to guarantee places for you and your colleagues at this exciting new opportunity to explore Apple's strategic directions and most important technologies for developers, solution providers, and multimedia content publishers.

IntelliBots 1.1 for Macintosh

Intelligent Technologies Inc. today began shipping IntelliBots 1.1 for Macintosh, the latest version of IntelliBots technology designed to help children and adults learn basic computer programming and architecture skills without fear. IntelliBots 1.1 for Macintosh allows users to go at their own pace with intelligent programming adventures.

"We are extremely pleased with the response to IntelliBots technology." said Mark Hamilton, president and CEO of Intelligent Technologies. "Apple Computer, Inc. recently selected IntelliBots 1.0 for Macintosh as part of their February "Apple Picks" of-the-month and we now have several school districts across the nation who are testing the software for incorporation into their curriculums. The response from both children and educators alike has been extremely gratifying and motivational." Ed Clayson, co-owner of Utah FUTUREKIDS Computer Learning Centers concurs.
"IntelliBots technology was easily the most effective training we have offered in four years-both in terms of skill-development and enjoyment. The students were nearly bouncing off of the walls with enthusiasm especially in the round-robin competitions. The game and tournament format provides exactly the type of feedback and motivation we have been looking for."

IntelliBots 1.1 for Macintosh expands technology that enables users to learn IntelliBots assembly, a form of computer language used by the most popular desktop computers of today. Users learn the language by programming futuristic, on-screen "IBots" or robots. Assignments begin with simple tasks like coding to avoid objects and increase in difficulty at the pace of the user. Eventually the student is writing programs that scan, avoid, search for and remove other IBots. Programming skill levels are increased through mazes and obstacles that require problem-solving by anticipation and logic. By engaging the brain in a game, the user learns to chose his or her own correct answer out of many-without fear.

New Features

*Competition Analysis. Improved competitive performance, accuracy and results display *Assembler+. Increased error-checking, reporting, batch build support and directives
*Mission Functionality. Save mission settings for easy review and reloading later
*Interface Upgrade. Added command keys and moving dialog boxes. Select IBots directly from the locale

Lycos CentiSpeed a New Bug? No a New Search Engine

Lycos Inc. yesterday announced a new technology called CentiSpeed, which it claims will make its Web search engine the fastest on the WWW.

CentiSpeed features virtual memory control, user-level fault handling and algorithmic word compaction, which allows the search engine to execute up to 2,000 queries per second on each servers.

In addition to the benefits of CentiSpeed retrieval, Lycos has enhanced in its "spidering" technology to include file retrieval for multimedia files lacking a text reference, such as graphics, sounds, movies and programs. Of the 39 million URLs indexed by Lycos, 6 million are multimedia files.

The new and improved Lycos engine will also change the look of its user interface and offer multilanguage searching in most European languages, with non-European languages to come in the next few months.

Lycos currently catalogs Web sites in roughly a dozen languages, including French, Italian,

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