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Wednesday June 12, 1996 - News

Digital Media Symposiumin NYC Cisco New Routers
Tapestry Updated to Version 1.1 anchor238782 BMUG To Hold Open House
Stuffit and Retrieve It! Special Bundle Dataquest Rates Apple #1 MultiMedia Computer Vendor
anchor245853 AOL Software Update, Mac Users Must Wait New Design Capabilities in FreeHand
Symantec Announces Pre-release of Visual Java Metrowerks Announces Code Warrior PPC
Infoseek IPO Europa Software Debut Product, Web Quick Ships
Aladdin Desktop Tools Updated 1.0.2 Claris Acquires Web Publishing Software

Digital Media Symposium in NYC

Tuesday at the Millennium Hotel in NYC Razza Digital in conjunction with likes of Adobe, Apple, Ingram Micro , Digital Video Live, and many other top industry companies conducted "The 1996 Digital Media Symposium." The DMS is a unique seminar series held in key cities in the United States and Canada. The DMS features Digital Video Publishing, Interactive Media and CD-ROM authoring and Internet Publishing.

Razza Digital stated that "the DMS features a two-day content-intensive schedule. The opening session begins with an update on the market and technology opportunities, clarifies the essential media authoring tools and introduces the three main topics of Video Publishing (including non-linear editing,) Media/CD-ROM Authoring and Internet Authoring through the eyes of working professionals. The next day and a half consists of in-depth seminars and hands-on sessions which take center stage along with featuring each of the participating hardware and software manufacturers in the product demonstration center. Seminar courses are designed for graphic professionals broadening their video skills, content providers expanding their understanding of computer media, video professionals increasing their knowledge of digital video, and everyone trying to integrate the Internet into what they publish."

David Josephson (the Editor-in-Chief of "The online MacinStuff Times") was an attendee of the conference. He stated he was "most impressed with Adobe Pagemill 2.0. The user interface has been tremendously improved, and the new feature set is also impressive." Other products on display at the Symposium was Minerva Systems' Minerva Publisher, an affordable desktop MPEG1 solution. Josephson stated that "MPEG encoding has dropped significantly in price, from over $100,000 just a little over a year ago to about $20,000 today."

Josephson also stated that he was "very impressed at the level of the seminars and hands on training" that was conducted at the Symposium.

The DMS continues today at the Millennium, and has scheduled dates of June 26-27 in Los Angeles and July 2-3 in Honolulu. If you are interested in attending there is a sign up form at Razza's site.

Cisco New Routers

Cisco Systems announced new a series of high-performance multiprotocol routers target toward Intranet use. The routers are positioned between the company's 4000 and 7000 series, and can switch up to 150,000 packets per second.

The routers hold as many as 48 Ethernet, 24 Serial, or 24 Token Ring ports, and they supports IP, IPX, DECnet, and AppleTalk. Ethernet, Token Ring, Serial, Fast Ethernet and FDDI interfaces.
Prices of the routers depend on configuration, and the company states pricing at about $1,300 per port.

Tapestry Updated to Version 1.1

1 Communications, Inc. announce the release of Tapestry Version 1.1. The new features included are French, German and Spanish language support, text (foreground) colouring, drag and drop
editing of text and pictures within Tapestry documents, resizeable images and much more, including a site building capability.

Tapestry 1.1 also allows direct drag and drop of Netscape links and bookmarks into Tapestry documents. Tapestry 1.1 has been designed for non-technical users in education, the home, and small business. Tables and forms will be supported in the upcoming version which is soon to be released and which will be a further free upgrade for Tapestry 1.0 users.

A free demonstration of Tapestry 1.1 that can be downloaded here. Thee WWW site also has QuickTime movies that demonstration how to use key functions of Tapestry.

BMUG To Hold Open House

BMUG Mini Open House. This Open House will feature improvements in our Helpline, show the redesign of our office to better accomodate our SIG's and classes, present one night only vendor specials, have a raffle, and provide refreshments. The Open House will be taking place from 5:00 - 6:00 at 2055 Center Street (the BMUG office) on Thursday, June 13th.

After the Open House, we can all walk up to 2040 Valley Life Sciences Building to hear Heidi Roizen, Apple's exciting new Vice President of Developer Relations, speak at BMUG's Main Meeting. This should prove to be an excellent main meeting, as Ms. Roizen will be discussing the future of Apple and taking questions.

Please come to either or both events, as it isn't an event without our members!

Also, during our week of BMUG events - on Saturday, June 15, we're inviting BMUG members to come in and check out "TEAMSaturday", our amazing Saturday Helpline people. TEAMSaturday will be repairing MACs, installing memory and showing you how to do it yourself (it's what we're about, after all.) REMEMBER, you can watch on Saturday, but you can only benefit from TEAMSaturday's expertise if you have an appointment and you are a member. This is more of a "get acquainted with our wonderwizards" day.

One last thing - tune in to KPFA's Computer Access with Chupoo Alafonte on Monday, June 10 at 8:30 am to hear Heidi Roizen, BMUG's Executive Director Ann Wrixon and BMUG's Director of Development Colleen MIller in a lively discussion.

Stuffit and Retrieve It! Special Bundle

Aladdin Systems, MVP Solutions and Cyberian Outpost have put together the following special: Aladdin's New Stuffit Deluxe 4.0 (file compression utility) and MVP Solutions Retrieve It! 2.0 (find-by-content and find-by-name utility) together for only $69.95. (That's about the same as the regular street price for Stuffit Deluxe 4.0 alone!)

You can order on-line right now, 24 hours/day (and see screen shots, reviews, etc.) by going here.

Dataquest Rates Apple #1 MultiMedia Computer Vendor

A Dataquest study has shown Apple as the world's number one vendor of multimedia PCs. The market research firm reported that Apple Computer sold 3.9 million multimedia-capable machines in 1995, ahead of number two Packard Bell and Compaq, IBM, and NEC.

The report showed Apple had an 18.8 percent share of the multimedia PC marketup 67.4 percent from 1994.

AOL Software Update, Mac Users Must Wait

America Online's will update thier software for Windows in the next couple of weeks, though Apple Macintosh users will have to wait for the fall for their upgrade.

In a letter to subscribers, America Online president Steve Case outlined some the new Windows upgrade features, hyperlinks that users can embed in email messages, ability to view and navigate pages while graphics are downloading, support for HTML 3.0., customizable text and a new content channels and a redesigned interface

Version 3.0 for Mac will offer similar features, Case said in his letter.

The new software iwill allow browsers from Microsoft and Netscape Communications to be used with the AOL software..

AOL will also institute a new pricing plan the beginning of July called 20/20., the plan offers 20 hours of use for $19.95. The current rate allows for five hours for $9.95.

New Design Capabilities in FreeHand

Macromedia and MetaTools, announced that a special edition version of MetaTools KPT Vector Effects will be available free in a bundle with FreeHand for both Windows and Macintosh customers.

The Macromedia Edition of Vector Effects for Macintosh and Windows offers a special, exclusive subset of the full Vector Effects product, in addition to a collection of unique pre-defined settings. Users can either use these presets or create their own from scratch. The Vector Effects Xtras included are Shadowland, Sketch, Emboss, Neon, Color Tweak and Warp frame. Users can quickly and easily add shadows to text, add neon effects to vector-based objects and create other dazzling effects like warping and embossing all within the FreeHand environment. Users can apply effects in real time, and an instant preview feature eliminates lag time. This is the first time that Vector Effects will be available to Windows customers and it will only be available for use within FreeHand at this time.

The Macromedia Edition of Vector Effects is available immediately for Macintosh and Windows free of charge to FreeHand users after June 6, 1996.

Symantec Announces Pre-release of Visual Java

Symantec Corporation today announced a pre-release beta program for owners of Symantec's
popular CafE product for Windows or Macintosh. Symantec CafE is the best selling cross-platform visual Java development tool that features Symantec's award-winning integrated development environment. Since its introduction in March, CafE has been the most popular Java development tool in the industry. The pre-release program will allow registered CafE customers to download beta versions of Symantec's forthcoming product line of Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools for the Java platform that the company intends to ship later this summer. The preview tools will be available for download in June from the CafE Update Center on Symantec's CafE website.

The new RAD toolset, called Visual CafETM, will be available in separate versions for Windows or Macintosh and will give users the ability to visually create JavaTM-powered applications and applets quicker and easier than before. It features a host of new visual tools, drag and drop capabilities, and an extensive object library of reusable components. A professional version is expected to also provide database connectivity, a database server, and database wizards and controls. Also, due to the overwhelming popularity of CafE's integrated debugger and JIT compiler, Symantec expects to include further enhanced versions of these features in the new visual RAD tool product line.

The pre-release version of Visual CafE will be available free-of-charge to all registered owners of CafE for Windows or Macintosh in late-June. The preview can be found on Symantec's CafE website . The downloading and use of the pre-release version of Visual CafE is subject to the terms of a license agreement which is included with the software and also available on the Symantec CafE website.

Metrowerks Announces Code Warrior PPC

Metrowerks, Inc. announced it has signed an agreement with Motorola's (NYSE:MOT) High Performance Embedded Systems Division to extend its popular CodeWarrior development
environment to include support for Motorola's MPC8XX Power PC family of embedded processors.

The first of these new microprocessors, the MPC821, was announced inAugust, 1995 and is intended for use in portable electronic devices. Itfeatures high-level communications support and minimal power consumption asrequired by the newest portable electronic devices.

Metrowerks' CodeWarrior is a development productfor Power PC-based MacintoshAE applications developed using C/C++, ObjectPascal or JavaA programming languages. Metrowerks will include support forthe new MPC821 in an upcoming release of a new CodeWarrior product,"CodeWarrior for Embedded Systems."

"Motorola's embedded systems customers are increasingly looking forlow-cost, high-performance tools to accelerate their software developmen tprograms," said Fred Shlapak, senior vice president and general manager of Motorola's Communications and Advanced Consumer Technologies Group. "Morethan ever, the embedded systems market is becoming software driven, and as a result, it is beginning to adopt many of the software development strategies of the desktop computer industry. These strategies include rapid development cycles and programmable architectures which can be enhanced bythe efforts of the ISV community. Motorola intends to stay in the forefront of these developments. This new relationship with Metrowerks is evidence of this commitment."

CodeWarrior for Embedded Systems will support the MPC821 and will be hosted on both the Macintosh and WindowsAE 95/Windows NTA-based systems. It is expected to be available in the second half of this year, and is expected to have a retail price of US $499.

Infoseek IPO

Infoseek stock began trading today at $12 per share, following three of other search engine companies, Lycos, Excite, and Yahoo, onto the market. Infoseek put 3.45 million shares of its common stock on sell today.

Europa Software Debut Product, Web Quick Ships

Europa Software, ust shipped our debut product, Web Quick, Web Quick's design brief focused on ease-of-use, automaticity andaccessibility. It is the antithesis of the "everything-but-the-kitchen-sink" approach used by some other products. Europa states that they will be strongly guided by user response in evolving new features, and we are working on a 1.x and a 2.0 version concurrently.

They are currently running an Intro Special offer, good for the *first 5000 users*: get Web Quick 1.0 for only $19.95, versus the regular online price of $29.95 (SRP is $49.95).

Aladdin Desktop Tools Updated 1.0.2

Aladdin Desktop Tools has been updated to v 1.0.2.

A note with the updater states: After launching the "ADT 1.0.1->1.0.2 Update", please be sure to read the Installer text for important information regarding this update.

You can download the update here.

Claris Acquires Web Publishing Software

Claris Corp. announced it is entering the Web publishing market with Claris Home Page, an authoring tool that the company purchased from an Andreas Systems. Claris expects a ship date of the end of this summer .

The Claris program will attempts to shield users from having to learn HTML. Users will be able to type in text, style it using pull-down menus and palettes, and place graphics by dragging and dropping them into documents. Claris Home Page has preview and HTML direct editing modes, so that advanced users can tweak their code. The software will reportedly support Java applets and JavaScript.

Tuesday June 11, 1996 - News

Power On Software Ships Net Commander Customized News Service for Corporate Users
New PowerMac RIP for Lasergraphics Film Recorders anchor238782 MacSpinner a Mac Search Engine and Indexing Utility
Waterloo Maple Ships Maple V: Surf Off-Line Save $$? Not for Mac!
anchor245853 IBM Opens First Mac OS Support Center TechTool v 1.1.1 Released
Apple $661.25 Million Convertible Debt Placement Going Global Launched
MCI to Construct Internet Backbone

Power On Software Ships Net Commander

Power On Software, Inc., began shipping Net Commander, its centralized control and software distribution package for the Macintosh.

Net Commander provides the ability to distribute software and send commands, simultaneously, to multiple networked Macintosh computers from one location. It works on Macintosh-compatible networks and performs many commonly used system operations. "Interest in Net Commander has been high since the product was announced late last year." said John Wallace, Net Commander Product Manager. "The product is focused at the needs of our education and business customers who need to have timely and cost-effective control of their Macs."

Software Distribution Including Complete Disk Copying

Net Commander allows software to be copied simultaneously to selected groups of computers on a network, reducing the amount of time needed to distribute software. "Since data is broadcast simultaneously to all selected computers, Net Commander is significantly faster than either using File Sharing or manually installing software on individual computers," said Mr. Wallace. "Other software distribution products are substantially slower since most of them perform this operation one computer at a time."

Net Commander also allows cloning an entire hard disk's contents to an individual or group of computers or installing new system folders. Along with copying software, Net Commander allows the network administrator to collect files from the computers on the network.

Network Commands Provide Instant Control

Net Commander allows the administrator to launch and quit applications; restart and shutdown computers; and perform other common commands such as synchronizing the clocks and setting the sound level and monitor depth. Commands are broadcast to all machines simultaneously, reducing the amount of time needed to perform each command, and the commands can be performed on specific computers or on all computers on the network. Net Commander also allows the administrator to move files to the trash, empty the trash, and mount and unmount server volumes.

Net Commander adds a menu in the Finderx and all applications. The menu provides quick and easy access to all of Net Commander's functions. Administrators do not need to launch a separate application or control panel to access Net Commander.

A free trail versions of all Power On Software products are available at the companies Web Site or you can download the trial version of Net Command here.

Net Commander pricing starts at $60.00 per computer for corporate customers and $30.00 per computer for education customers, making it the most affordable network software distribution product on the market. Quantity discounts are available.

Customized News Service for Corporate Users

Individual announced today that it is shipping a new release of its First Intranet service, which provides customized news for businesses.

First Intranet can deliver customized news from more than 600 sources. Information is organized by industry and company-defined topics and is archived to a news database.

The new release of First Intranet provides several updated features, including email that employees can get while traveling.

According to Individual WWW site, the service will be priced starting at $250 to pay $1000. First Intranet is compatible Netscapes and Microsofts browsers.

New PowerMac RIP for Lasergraphics Film Recorders

InkWell Software, Inc. has released FilmMagic Pro, a Macintosh and Power Macintosh native imaging solution for all Lasergraphics Film Recorders. FilmMagic Pro is a Queue-based software product that images PostScript, EPS, PICT, and Scrapbook file formats to Digital Film Recorders at work station speeds. FilmMagic Pro brings unsurpassed power to the Lasergraphics Film Recorder line.

FilmMagic Pro is accelerated for Power Macintosh and takes full advantage of the PowerPC architecture to deliver blistering performance. FilmMagic Pro's high performance design makes it one of the best performing slide imaging solutions on the market as Harold Light from Light, Inc explains, "FilmMagic has proven to be much faster than any other Mac or DOS/Windows RIP I have used. As much as 10 times faster on complex files."

FilmMagic Pro has been designed to take the guess work out of imaging PostScript files. The software can automatically determine the best centering, scaling, and orientation of all files. Prior to FilmMagic Pro, users were required to know how each PostScript file was formatted in order to make appropriate adjustments in their imaging software. But now with FilmMagic Pro's user friendly interface they can just add the files to the imaging queue, press the start button and walk away.

An informative WYSIWYG Preview feature allows files to be inspected before they are imaged to film. When FilmMagic Pro generates a preview, the file is actually RIP'd by either the PostScript or QuickDraw interpreter. This ensures that the preview will show exactly what will image onto film when the file is processed for final output.

InkWell is providing free demo's of FilmMagic Pro by fillingh out a rather extensive form here, or you can download the free demo software here.

There are two versions of FilmMagic Pro for Lasergraphics that meet users needs. Each version is packaged by Film Recorder resolution and is priced accordingly: $895.00 for 4,000 line resolution and $1495.00 for 8,000 lines. Versions are also available for AGFA & MGI film recorders.

MacSpinner a Mac Search Engine and Indexing Utility

MacSpinner is an n easy to use indexing and search engine utility for Apple Macintosh Web Server administrators. The utility allows custom search forms for multiple search realms on a Mac server.

MacSpinner and its companion software SpinSearch is available as a free beta release now. The current version works on both PowerMacs and 68k. A short registration form to be filled out here, or you can download the software here.

MacSpinner is shareware and will reportedly retail for less than $30.

Waterloo Maple Ships Maple V:

Waterloo Maple Inc. has begun shipping Maple V Release 4 for Macintosh and Power Macintosh. Dubbed "The Power Edition" this new release is the latest version of the company's comprehensive mathematical problem-solving system. The Power Edition includes major advancements in mathematical and graphical functionality and user interface features.

Maple V is a powerful mathematical problem-solving and visualization system used world-wide for numerous commercial and research applications, as well as being used extensively in educational establishments. Maple V's principal strength lies in its ability to solve algebraic problems with symbolic variables, unlike conventional software which can only work with decimal numbers.

The Power Edition significantly increases the functionality of the current version of Maple V. The mathematical algorithms have been dramatically extended and now include a powerful set of routines for dealing with piecewise defined functions, an improved equation solver to handle inequalities and inverse trigonometric functions, as well as a complete package for dealing with two-dimensional geometry. The Maple V interface has been completely redesigned to provide users with a versatile technical document processing environment. New features such as hyperlinks, collapsible outlining, and typeset mathematics in input, output, and text regions allow the user to produce high caliber print-based and electronic documents.

A demo version of the software is available for download here.

Surf Off-Line Save $$? Not for Mac!

Traveling Softwares WebEx allows users to surf the WWW while offline.While still online, WebEx automatically dials up selected Web sites and downloads information to user's hard disks so later during free time or on a business trip using a PowerBook.
The package works directly with browsers from Netscape Communication as well as Microsoft's Internet Explorer .

WebEx is priced at $29.95 and available for downloading from the company's site.

Note: One slight problem, IT DOES NOT WORK ON MACS. You can reach Traveling Softwares PR manager Tricia Hormer here.

IBM Opens First Mac OS Support Center

IBM Corp. has opened the first of three Mac OS tech support centers in Asia. They also are showing for the first time its PowerPC reference platform, called Long Trail, at the Taipei International Computer Show today.

IBM following through on it's promise with Apple Computer Inc.to back the deal with tech support centers in Taiwan, the United States, and Europe, as well as with its vast sales force.

Umax Computer Corp. also unveiled its PRP machine in Taipei earlier this week.

TechTool v 1.1.1 Released

Many Mac users seem to be unaware of a little-known technical fact about thier Macintosh: the date the machine was manufactured and the total hours of activation time is stored in the PRAM chip. It seem sthat only a Mac lover would care about when his/her computer was born.

TechTool v1.1.1is a freeware utility by Micromat. TechToool allows you to delve deep into the heart of you Mac, diagnosis problems and both zap your PRAM (paramiter ram) and rebuild your desktop without restarting your computer.

You can download the freeware software here.

Apples $661.25 Million Convertible Debt Placement

Apple Computer, Inc. announced the successful completion of a $661.25 million private placement of convertible subordinated debentures due June 1, 2001.

"Completion of this transaction brings Apple's cash balance to approximately $1.3 billion and significantly reinforces the Company's capital structure," said Apple Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Fred Anderson. "Moreover, we expect it will provide us with sufficient liquidity to execute against our newly-formed strategic plans which are designed to return the company to profitability."

On May 13, Apple Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Gilbert F. Amelio described the framework of Apple's new strategic direction. Among the key elements of the strategy are capitalization on the convergence of computing and communications, a focus on Internet products and solutions, renewed emphasis on providing superior value to customers and a commitment to disciplined business practices.

On May 31, the Company announced a realignment of its organization to support its new strategy. The new organization structure promotes managerial accountability, streamlined decision-making and customer orientation.

The notes and the common stock issuable upon the conversion thereof have not been registered under the Securities Act of 1933 or state securities laws and may not be sold in the United States absent registration or qualification or an applicable exemption from registration or qualification requirements.

Going Global Launched

"Going Global 1996-Multimedia Marketing & Distribution" is a worldwide multimedia marketing and distribution guide researched by the International Committee of the Multiemdia Developer Group, and sponsored by the Entertainment, New Media & Internet group for the Apple Media

The Multimedia Development Group launched Going Global Wednesday June 5th, during a hybrid CD-ROM panel discussion at Pac Bell's Yerba Buena Media Center. Philippe Bouissou, Director of Apple Studio, spoke on behalf of Apple Computer, Inc. and the Apple Media Program (AMP)
showcased two hybrid CD-ROM developers/AMP members.

You can find out more about the Multimedia Development Group and if you are interested in purchasing copies of Going Global, contact Sue Worthman, Executive Director at:

Multimedia Development Group
2601 Mariposa Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
Tel: 415.553.2300, Fax: 415.553.2403

MCI to Construct Internet Backbone

MCI Communications and British Telecommunications announced the first Internet backbone service that will encircle the world to bring faster Internet access to corporate intranets.

The service, to be called Concert InternetPlus, will be offered by Concert, by the two companies. According to the companiesConcert InternetPlus will provide Internet access directly to businesses through 1,200 locations in 70 countries, .

Reportedly the new backbone will expand the international capacity of the Internet by more than 30 percent. The service will additionally be marketed to Internet service providers and telephone carriers MCI will offer connections in the United States at 155 mbps.

Other phone companies are also racing to supply high-speed backbone service. AT&T is expected to launch a similar service later this year. "AT&T uses a loosely connected coalition of partners in Europe and will be slower to deliver.

Providing Internet access is the fastest growing part of MCI's business, said president and COO Jerry Taylor. Business is growing at a rate of 20 percent per month, he said, and could represent more than $2 billion per year in revenue for MCI by the year 2000.

Monday June 10, 1996 - News

Sonic FastBridge 10/100 Hardware bridge Apple Announces Apple Network Administrator Toolkit
ActiveArt from Plastic Thought, Inc. anchor238782 Go Surfing and Stay Dryom Texel"
"Mission: Impossible" Website(s) HOT ConsultLink Web site Free for Limited Time
anchor245853 Apple Releases Sytem 7.5.3 Revision 2 Keys Off 1.0 Allows Disabling of Mac's Keyboard
Find & Report Apple Products in Weird Places Pierian Spring New Java Applications
Graphic Converter ShareWare Updated Apples Live Internet coverage of the "Ronde om Texel"

Sonic FastBridge 10/100 Hardware bridge

Sonic Systems, Inc. today announced the availability of the FastBridge 10/100, an Ethernet to Fast Ethernet hardware bridge. The FastBridge 10/100 is an easy to use solution which requires minimal configuration and allows Fast Ethernet and Ethernet users to share resources and information. With a list price of $595, the FastBridge 10/100 is half the cost of similar products.

The FastBridge 10/100 enables users in a Fast Ethernet environment to access resources shared in a 10 Megabit Ethernet network and vice versa. Shared resources can include laser printers, file servers, databases and E-mail. Installation of the FastBridge is easy: simply plug Ethernet into the 10Base-T or 10Base-2 port and Fast Ethernet into the 100Base-TX port; there's no further configuration required or software to install.

The FastBridge 10/100 has several key advantages over all other Ethernet to Fast Ethernet bridges: twisted pair and thin coax ports for the Ethernet connection makes it adaptable to most types of Ethernet networks; the FastBridge 10/100 can bridge an unlimited number of devices; and the FastBridge 10/100 is protocol independent, supporting AppleTalk, TCP/IP, IPX and other network protocols. In addition, Power, 10 Megabit Link, 100 Megabit Link and Activity LEDs are active to show connection status and help diagnose problems.

"Ethernet did not become the de-facto standard in the Macintosh networking environment until there was a reliable, low maintenance, cost-effective product, such as our microPrint, which allowed the existing LocalTalk devices to be used on the Ethernet network," said Sudhakar Ravi, Sonic's Vice President of Engineering.

Mr. Ravi continued, "The FastBridge 10/100 is the first product which meets all three of these criteria in the Fast Ethernet environment. Its availability will encourage many companies to begin the migration from Ethernet to Fast Ethernet, regardless of their computer platform."

Apple Announces Apple Network Administrator Toolkit

Apple Computer, Inc. today announced the Apple Network Administrator Toolkit, a comprehensive suite of software applications for managing networked Macintosh computers. The product helps network administrators be more productive and offers educators a powerful tool for managing collaborative learning in classroom computer labs.

Expected to ship in the U.S. later this month from Claris Corp., the Apple Network Administrator Toolkit consists of three applications - At Ease for Workgroups 4.0, Apple Network Assistant and Apple User and Group Manager - that together provide a powerful, complete and easy-to-use solution.

With the Toolkit, a school network administrator can now set security access privileges for files and applications, control computing and print resources, distribute applications, and manage groups and user lists all from a central workstation. Educators will also find the Toolkit's interactive screen sharing and remote software capabilities valuable for collaborating with students and managing student Internet usage.

"For nearly two decades, Apple has provided solutions designed specifically for schools," said John Hanay, senior product manager at Apple. "The Apple Network Administrator Toolkit continues that tradition by combining a powerful suite of tools that educators have been asking for with the ease-of-use students and teachers have come to expect from Apple."

Doug Snow, education technology facilitator for Floodbrook Union School in Londonderry, VT, has used the Toolkit on the school's network of more than 100 Macintosh computers. "The only way to deliver technology access is to make it so easy and so invisible that teachers and students don't even have to think about it," said Snow. "The Apple Network Administrator Toolkit enables me to effectively - and invisibly - provide a seamless and smooth gateway to using technology as part of the learning process. This product will be on the wish list of anyone who manages a network, whether it's for a school, district or university campus."

At Ease for Workgroups 4.0

At Ease for Workgroups 4.0, a new version of the popular Apple security and access management software, has been enhanced with significant new features that make it easier than ever to control access to computers and documents, and remotely manage all operations. A new central server-based file storage architecture enhances the student computing experience by allowing students touse different computers each day, yet always gain access to their files, applications and Internet preferences. New printer page limits and disk space quotas have been added so administrators can more effectively manage printing resources and costs. And version 4.0 is PowerPC native, enabling faster processing and increased functionality.

With At Ease for Workgroups, the network administrator can control access to applications and workgroup resources, control which CDs students have access to, and prevent unauthorized users from deleting files or copying data or software from the network. The software also offers three different interfaces tailored for the experience level of the user.

Apple Network Assistant

The Apple Network Assistant is designed for managing distributed software and providing remote assistance. Its remote software distribution and deletion capabilities make it simple to keep all the Macintosh computers on a network up-to-date. From a single location, a new or updated application can be easily added to an individual Macintosh system, or broadcast to an entire computer lab.

Using the remote system status report function, an administrator can gather details about RAM, available disk space, installed applications, system software and other information about individual workstations or servers, then make necessary changes. For example, if an inventory report reveals that a workstation is running out of disk space, the administrator can inventory that machine's hard drive and remotely delete duplicate or obsolete files and applications. The Apple Network Assistant also supports remote shutdown and restart of computers.

Collaborative computing functions make the Apple Network Assistant ideal for use in the classroom or computer lab. A teacher can observe a remote user's screen, control the screen to demonstrate an action, view several screens at once, or share someone's screen with a group to create a collaborative computing experience.

Additional features designed for classroom usage include a request function that enables users to signal the teacher for real-time help and telephony support. All the sharing functions are controlled from the teacher's Macintosh so the teacher always manages the level of collaboration in the classroom. A screen locking
function also helps teachers manage computer use--i