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Monday 11/4, 1996 - Breaking News

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Apple Reduces Prices on High-Performance Power Macintosh Computers
Consistent with its strategy to offer high-value, competitively priced personal computers

ClearPhone Selected to Participate in the "Macworld Expo" Greenhouse
ClearPhone reportedly is the best quality audio and video conferencing program

AOL Announces New Corporate Structure, Pricing and Features
America Online, Inc. announced a series of initiatives to fully leverage its global assets in consumer networks

At&T Web Site Services Adds Netobjects Fusion Web Site Development, Mac Support Announced
AT&T announced plans to expand its Web site building software options by offering NetObjects Fusion to customers

Interleaf Launches Worldview Electronic Viewer For Java
Interleaf, Inc. announced the WorldView Java Viewer option for Intellecte/BusinessWeb

Spring Cleaning, A New Utility Designed to Clean up Macintosh Hard Drives
Aladdin Systems, Inc., developer of the worldwide Macintosh compression standard, StuffIt, has acquired LaundroMac

LightningDraw Lite Announced & Electrifier 2, Download both here
LightningDraw Lite is a cool application for creating graphics and animation for the World Wide Web

Shockwaved Cyber War Zone, Mercenaries On-line Game, Play MechWarrior 2 Now
Laser beams ready-LAST AWAY! Activision employed the talents of leading Web producer LightSpeed Media to create a techno battlefield

NetManage and Metrowerks Provide Windows & Mac OS Portability for IntraNet Apps
NetManage, Inc. announced a licensing agreement whereby Metrowerks is including NetManage's WinSock SDK for Mac

The Internet Connection Site, Help Using TCP/IP-PPP
The Internet Connection Guide (ICG) has been online since November of 1995 helping local Southeast Louisiana Macintosh users

eMail Xpress 1.6 - Bulk Email Management Software
ISO Productions eMail Xpress 1.6 is one of the only solutions to bulk/mass "email loader" available for the Macintosh OS

Media Gallery Solution for Management of Stock Photo Libraries
If you own or administer a photographic library and are frustrated by the time it takes to

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