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Thursday June 20, 1996 - News

Kingston Low-Cost Ethernet Adapter Washington Posts New WWW Site
Apple Mac on Top Again anchor238782 Apple Updates At Ease & Apple Vision Download Here
Aaron Updated v 1.4 Download it Here Compuserves Record Sales, looses $1.1 Million
anchor245853 Exclusive Deals for MacinStuff Times Readers Java For the Technically Impaired
Zoom to Acquire Tribe Kensington Technology Launches WWW Site
WOW For Mac Intranets Mac Stock & Financial Analysis Software
Symantec's LiveUpdate One Button Software Updates

Kingston Low-Cost Ethernet Adapter

Kingston Technology introduced an inexpensive Fast Ethernet Adapter for PCI Macs, it supports Open Transport . The EtheRx PCI 10/100 card includes drivers for Open Transport and it automatically configures itself for 10Mbps or 100Mbps networks.

EtheRx PCI 10/100 card will sell for $139

Washington Posts New WWW Site

The Washington Post Co. unveiled an electronic news and information service on Wednesday available to anyone with access to the World Wide Web.The service, called, allows users to read current and past issues of the paper on their computer screens, the newspaper said. It offers data on local businesses, entertainment and other resources and let readers communicate electronically with one another and Post reporters and editors, the paper said, quoting officials from the Post's Digital Ink subsidiary.

"Our goal is to do more than replicate The Washington Post on-line," Post chairman Donald Graham was quoted as saying. The paper also quoted managing editor Robert Kaiser, however, as saying the venture was filled with uncertainty. "Nobody has yet figured out how to turn a real profit, although there is a lot of optimism among the business people here that they will find a way," he said. will initially charge no user fee, raising revenues instead from advertisers. But a monthly subscription fee is being considered in the near future, with additional charges for archives.

Apple Mac on Top Again

A study by Computer Intelligence InfoCorp shows the Apple Macintosh led the PC industry in repurchase loyalty in 1995, as it did in 1994.

Apple came in first place in repurchase loyalty with an 87 percent repurchase rate. It led Dell
Computer Corp
., which was number two with 74 percent; Hewlett-Packard Co. which scored 72
percent; Acer Inc., with 68 percent; and Gateway 2000 Inc., with 66 percent.

The study measures what percentage of each brand's users who purchased a PC in 1995 purchased
the same brand of PC they had previously owned. The results: seven of eight people of the Apple
Macintosh users who purchased a computer in 1995 purchased another Macintosh.

The latest study also shows that Apple's repurchase rates in the workplace were higher than those
of its competitors', as were its rates in the home market--ironic since Apple has lagged behind
competitors in overall share of the corporate market. Apple's results for the workplace market,
where the repurchase rate tends to be higher, were a startling 91 percent and for the home segment,
they were 81 percent.

Apple Updates At Ease & Apple Vision Download Here

Aaron Updated v 1.4 Download it Here

Aaron 1.4 is available, download it here.

CompuServes Record Sales, looses $1.1 Million

CompuServe, reported a net loss of $1.1 million for the quarter, or two cents a share, despite record sales of $215.2 million, a 31 percent increase over the year-ago quarter.

CompuServe attributed the loss to increased marketing, customer service and network infrastructure costs, much related to its new, family-oriented WOW! online service.
In last year's fourth quarter, CompuServe had a net loss of $58.4 million, or 79 cents a share. Sales totalled $164.1 million. For the year, CompuServe racked up net earnings of $49.1 million, or 66 cents a share, compared with $8.8 million, or 12 cents a share, the previous year. Sales rose to $793.2 million from $582.8 million.

Exclusive Deals for MacinStuff Times Readers

Continuing its effort to bring its readers new features and benifits "The online MacinStuff Times" has addded a page with special deals and prices exclusively for our readers.

The first deal comes from Owen Ink, and his very funny book and disk called the Joker. You can order the combo for as little as $2.

The second deal is from Tenon Intersystems , they are offering thie MachTen internet server software for $245 off of the regular price. Check out the deals here.

Java For the Technically Impaired

Peak Technologies has built a Web design program entirely in Java that technically impaired users to create sites without getting into HTML.

WebPage Builder runs on any platform that supports Java, including Apple Macintosh, Windows and Unix. The software comes with templates, text options as well as a library of animated objects, including Java applets, plus icons and other clip art that a novice designer can drag-and-drop into a Web site.

The full release is due on August 1 and will cost $49.95. In the meantime, the beta version, which does not yet include the drag-and-drop graphical user interface, is available to more experienced HTML users for downloading and testing.

Application for Beta tester is available here.

Zoom to Acquire Tribe

Zoom, maker of fax modems is hoping to get into the remote-access market through the acquisition of Tribe, which makes remote-access routers and hubs.

The value of the acquisition was not disclosed. Under the terms of the agreement, expected to be finalized later this month, Zoom will issue additional shares of common stock in exchange for purchased assets. The companies said the number of shares would be based on the purchase price and the closing price of Zoom's stock on the day before the transaction is completed.

Kensington Technology Launches WWW Site

Kensington realizes that, for today's computer users, `nine to five California time' is not enough," said Peter Dupont, president, Kensington Technology Group, as he launched the company's Web site. Users can now find technical support, product information, FAQs for Macintosh products, sales contacts, and software upgrades for registered users.

WOW For Mac Intranets

by Kathryn George

Wide Open Workshop today announced Wide Open Web (WOW), a helper application that gives
unparalleled functionality to Macintosh intranet webs.

WOW) allows your browser to open links to any type of files or folders through your internal web. These files or folders can be on your local computer or on any network volume you have access to. Opening a WOW link opens a file in its normal application, so you can make and save changes, not just view information.

Intranet HTML authors can use WOW to create pages that provide direct access to files of any sort, bridging the gap between web andnon-web documents. Companies can create pages to organize all elements of a project in one informative location.


Wide Open Web has two components - the creator application and the helper application.

The webmaster or HTML author uses the creator application to create links to selected files, folders, or applications. The creator app creates a new"WOW file" for each item - the WOW file is an alias to the original that works through the web instead of through the Finder. The name of the WOW file can be changed to anything, although it should endwith the ".wow" extension.

The HTML author creates a link to the WOW file in the web page.When a user clicks on the link the WOW helper application launches and tells the Finder to open the appropriate file,application, or folder. If the item is on a volume that is not already mounted, the user will be prompted to log on.

A public beta release of Wide Open Web is now available for download here.

The site will include online documentation, bug reports, and pointers for getting the most out of Wide Open Web. We will also be implementing a resource area with tips and information for all Mac Intranet Web users and webmasters.

You can reach us at any of the following mail addresses:

inquiries and support
suggestions and comments
bug reports

Mac Stock & Financial Analysis Software

by Kathryn George

Mac Users Now Have Access to User Friendly Stock & Financial Market Analysis Software. Trendsetter Software provides charting and technical analysis programs made exclusively for the Macintosh. With a Mac and a modem, users can access current data and historical prices for stocks, futures, mutual funds, indices, and options.

In addition to quotes, price charts can be displayed and customized right on the screen. Technical indicators such as moving averages, trendlines, and volume can also be displayed with the charts. Four different programs offer over 40 different charting and analysis tools. When ordering, mention Guy Kawasaki's EvangeList and receive 20% off...

Personal Analyst ($395) is a user-friendly comprehensive end-of-day charting and analysis program that includes automatic quote downloading, powerful charting capabilities, and an abundance of analytical tools. This program delivers innovation, speed, and sophistication.

Trendsetter Software's best selling program, Personal Hotline ($595), includes all of the features of Personal Analyst, plus Personal Portfolio Tracking, Personal System Alerts, and an Expert Computerized Trading Recommendation Model. According to Barron's Magazine, Personal Hotline is...."by far, the most complete technical-analysis program we've seen for the Macintosh."

The ultimate tool for day-traders, Professional Analyst ($595), Trendsetter's latest edition, Analyst Lite $129.

Contact Trendsetter Software 1-800-825-1852

Symantec's LiveUpdates One Button Software Updates

by Kathryn George

Never wait for a Symantec software upgrade again. Today, Symantec Corporation announced
LiveUpdate, a new feature that will appear soon in many Symantec products as an icon on the toolbar or menu. LiveUpdate lets Symantec customers easily obtain current product information, patches, updates and virus definitions direct from Symantec via the Internet or a modem. With
LiveUpdate, Symantec customers can keep their software up-to-date and productivity high.

"Since the software industry is increasingly dynamic, Symantec recognizes the need for a faster more efficient way for our customers to update their own software without calling technical support," said Enrique Salem, Symantec's chief technology officer. "By using LiveUpdate
and theInternet for delivery of information and software updates, we are able to provide a convenient, timely and secure solution for our users."

With shorter software development cycles, frequent operating system changes and a growing number of new computer viruses, the need for innovative software solutions becomes even greater. With LiveUpdate, users can respond to change, are fully protected against the threat ofnew viruses and can easily keep their software current -- at no additional cost.

How LiveUpdate Works

With the click of a button, LiveUpdate launches a Wizard to guide users through the software update process. LiveUpdate checks for an Internet connection or a modem and automatically connects to a Symantec server. Once connected to the Symantec site, the system downloads the appropriate file information specific to the product, eliminating the needfor users to scroll through information not applicable to their product.

Wednesday June 19, 1996 - News

Exclusive Deals for MacinStuff Times Readers Netcom Drops NetCruiser for Mac Only
Iomega to Zip UP Laptops anchor238782 Download Rusian v7.0.1 of OS & US At Ease Update
Multi-Platform LaserWriter with Duplex Printing CompuServe's Virtual Passport
anchor245853 Fractal Announces Upgrade to Ray Dream Designer Apple Ties ARA to ISDN and Internet Support
8-Speed CD-ROM Drives Drop Below $200 Ars Nova Software Announced A Little Kidmusic v1.1
Apple's Summer Fun For Kids On The 'Net And We Thought 1,400 Hits a Day was a Lot
MCI Predicts Internet $2 Billion by the Year 2000 NBC's Technology Showcase

Exclusive Deals for MacinStuff Times Readers

Continuing its effort to bring its readers new features and benifits "The online MacinStuff Times" has addded a page with special deals and prices exclusively for our readers.

The first deal comes from Owen Ink, and his very funny book and disk called the Joker. You can order the combo for as little as $2.

The second deal is from Tenon Intersystems , they are offering thie MachTen internet server software for $245 off of the regular price. Check out the deals here.

Netcom Drops NetCruiser for Mac Only

Netcom has dropped plans for a standalone Mac NetCruiser browser software. NetCruiser for the Macintosh 1.0 was originally scheduled to ship in January. Instead they will ship a connection kit for both the Mac and PC that will include NetCruiser and Netscape Navigator.

The kit will also include a system-level connection driver, doing away with the Mac client chore of downloading MacPPP or using the Apple Internet Connection Kit. Users will be able to access Usenet news groups, Gopher, FTP, Telnet, and IRC.

Netcom says its service goal is to provide a 99 percent connection rate for users; it claims 80 percent of the Internet access market.

Global Village, also announced it will bundle its Teleport Platinum 28.8Kbps v.34 external fax/modem with Netcomplete.

Iomega to Zip UP Laptops

Iomega strikes again, beats out Syquest by announcing a new, slimmed-down version of its popular Zip drive for laptop computers.

Syquest earlier this week (see related story June 12) announced steep price cuts on its EZ135 drives in an effort to cut into sales of the 100MB Zip drive. But Iomega has countered with announcements that several major vendors will be shipping Zip drives in desktop PCs. And now Iomega is aiming at laptop manufacturers.

Iomega, which is featuring a working prototype of the drive at the PC Expo trade show in New York this week, expects the 100MB drive to ship in the first quarter of 1997. The company did not specify pricing, or if Apple will support the product.

Download Rusian v7.0.1 of OS & US At Ease Update

Multi-Platform LaserWriter with Duplex Printing

by Kathryn George

Announced at PC EXPO in New York, Apple Computer, Inc. announced its LaserWriter 12/640 PS, a laser printer for Macintosh, Windows-based, and UNIX systems in Apples continuing campaign to develop multi-platform workgroup environment, The Apple LaserWriter 12/640 PS is
aimedat cross-platform small workgroups in business, government,and education, where compatibility, strong performance, and competitive pricing are required.

The complete press release can be read here.

CompuServe's Virtual Passport

CompuServe Inc. announced its Virtual Passport, it will allow CompuServe to deploy its fee-based services and control user access over the Internet.

"The Virtual Passport is the next critical step in the evolution of CompuServe's fee-based services from proprietary technology to the open standards of the Internet," said Denny Matteucci, CompuServe's president of online services. "The Virtual Passport will allow users to carry the benefits of CompuServe membership with them across the Internet," he added.

The Passport technology is based on a verification and authentication security protocol called remote passphrase authentication (RPA) developed by CompuServe, which the company hopes will draw small businesses to its online service to set up a secure sites for intranets and Web commerce.

John Macko, product manager said that CompuServe RPA technology " has been submitted to standards bodies, and we will make the technology freely available and encourage others to use it."

Fractal Announces Upgrade to Ray Dream Designer

Fractal Design Corporation moved quickly to update its recently acquired products Ray Dream Designer and Ray Dream Studio with the announcement today of a comprehensive upgrade, version 4.1. The Ray Dream line of 3D illustration and animation software has established a leading position in the fast-paced 3D software market. Today's announcement brings a vast array of significant enhancements to both the Windowstm and Macintosh® versions.

"This release of Ray Dream Studio highlights Fractal Design's commitment to our customers by providing not only requested features, but cutting-edge technologies," said Stephanie Arvizu, product manager. "On top of that -- it's a free upgrade!" she added.

Version 4.1 delivers many frequently requested features, including support for Microsoft's Direct3D and Apple's QuickDraw 3D standards. Version 4.1 also includes new internet support including a direct VRML export filter and support for GIF and JPEG file formats. Other new features include visible motion paths, new levels of anti-aliasing and the ability to use the QuickDraw 3D (3DMF) format on both Macintosh and Windows platforms.

Ray Dream Studio has a suggested retail price of $499. Available at destination retailers like Egghead and Computer City, and directly from Fractal, the estimated street price is under $300. Ray Dream Designer 3 customers can upgrade to Ray Dream Studio for $149 until July 31, 1996, and $199 afterwards. Ray Dream Studio offers a 90-day money back guarantee.

The upgrade will be available at the Fractal site. Or you can order the upgrade directly through Fractal Design for a $9.95 shipping and handling charge. Customers should call (800) 846-0111 for more information.

Apple Ties ARA to ISDN and Internet Support

by Kathryn George

PC EXPO, NEW YORK, New York--June 17, 1996--Today, Apple Computer, Inc. introduced Version 2.1 of the Apple Remote Access (ARA) family of products, which includes ARA Client 2.1, ARA Personal Server 2.1 and the ARA Multiport Server 2.1.1 PCI Version. The Company also announced a three-phase program for its remote access product line that will open its AppleTalk networking products to industry standards and Internet protocols.

The complete press release can be read here.

8-Speed CD-ROM Drives Drop Below $200

Less than 1 year ago ago, the "new" eight-speed (8x) CD ROM drives were selling for about
$400 . Now TEAC America says its true 8x internal drive will sell for $199 later this month.

It is rumored that Apple will be putting 8x CD Rom drives in all their Macintosh computers beginning this July.

Ars Nova Software Announced A Little Kidmusic v1.1

Ars Nova Software announced the release of version 1.1 of A Little Kidmusic, the only Macintosh music program dedicated to teaching children how to read actual music notation.

Version 1.1 includes additional "teacher options" that allow the porgram to be more extensively customized for children of different age groups. The program system requirements have been modified as well. A Little Kidmusic 1.1 is able to run on smaller Macintosh computers - 5-megabytes of RAM, System 7.0 or later.

A Little Kidmusic emphasizes the fun of playing songs with accompaniment, and includes a library of 30 traditional tunes with harmony. Children can play songs with accompaniment by tapping any keys, or play rounds with the computer taking a part, or even write their own tunes and hear them played with computer accompaniment.

A Little Kidmusic uses the internal Mac speakers for sound output, although it can be used with MIDI if desired. One of the built-in "instruments" is a human voice that sings "Sol -fa" syllables in four different keys; others instruments include guitar, piano, and pipe organ.

The list price of A Little Kidmusic is $75. A selection of downloadable songs from the growing Kidmusic library is available for downloading from the site.

Apple's Summer Fun For Kids On The 'Net

by Kathryn George

Apple Computer, Inc.
announced that its sponsored website Youth Central is now offering kids
on the 'Net a host of new, creative activities designed to brightentheir summer. Announced in March of this year, Youth Central is theacclaimed electronic clubhouse created for kids and teens--by kids and teens New on-line activities on the siteinclude a Postcard Contest, a Kid's Internet Bill of Rights, a PhotoEssay activity and an on-line calendar for easily tracking cyber-events.

The complete press release can be read here.

And We Thought 1,400 Hits a Day was a Lot


Macromedia , celebrated today the one-year anniversary of its Web site with the unveiling of a completely enhanced, "shocked" version. With more than 1.5 million hits per day, is already one of the world's most visited sites. In addition, has experienced more than four million downloads of the Shockwave™ viewers since Shockwave debuted in December.

As the Web's "Source and Center" for Web publishing and multimedia, the redesigned site offers access to hundreds of Shockwave games; invaluable new information for both novices and technical cybersurfers, including a Web Resource Center with thousands of links to tutorials, glossaries and guides to use the Web; and customized interactive searching options. Macromedia also launched Macromall, the Internet's source for Macromedia's software, support and services, and souvenirs, enabling users to purchase online at their convenience.

"With more than 1.5 million hits per day, we have clearly established as the most exciting and content-rich resource for Web publishers and multimedia developers on the World Wide Web," said Miles Walsh, Macromedia's vice president of marketing. "Our new site combines the latest Shockwave games, tutorials on Web site creation and Macromall to create a must-see destination for developers and consumers alike."

"The new Macromedia Web site is an inspirational way of showcasing the power and excitement of interactive multimedia on the Web," said Alistair Gillett, managing director at M/B Interactive, a leading multimedia developer who teamed with Macromedia to "shock" "The new site appeals to a wide spectrum of users, from the novice to the technical developer."

MCI Predicts Internet $2 Billion by the Year 2000

MCI Communications Corp Chairman and CEO Bert Roberts said that the Internet and intranet technology represents a $2 billion business for MCI by the end of the decade.

Roberts told the Bear Stearns' Technology Conference that last year the Internet was a $100 million business for MCI.

"We expect it to be a $2 billion business for MCI by the end of the decade," Roberts said. Roberts said that MCI is poised to become a major player in the development of intranet technology, which brings Internet architechture and technology to internal corporate networks.

NBC's Technology Showcase

NBC's Desktop Video division said it premiered a new video technology showcase that demonstrates different ways of bringing and distributing video to the corporate desktop without affecting local area networks (LANs). The new showcase, at Rockefeller Center in New York City, features more than 20 different technology vendors and media companies.

Tuesday June 18, 1996 - News

Adobe Says Get Your Fonts Via The WWW Neon Software New CyberGauge Utilityt
Tenon Announces New MachTen 2.3 anchor238782 AT&T WorldNet for Mac Available Mid June!?!
MS Explorer to Include Eudora for Mac Fedex Ship For Mac on the Horizon
anchor245853 VocalTec Announces Mac Internet Phone Webink a WWW Publishing Tool forMacintosh
Apples Terry Bailey Leaves for NEC St. Louis to Air Macintosh Radio Program
25,000 Domains to be Canceled PageMart's IPO

Adobe Says Get Your Fonts Via The WWW

Adobe Systems Incorporated announced a new electronic service that offers customers a fast and convenient way to purchase font unlocking codes for their Adobe Type On Call CD-ROM via the World Wide Web. The new service provides 24-hours-a-day, worldwide access for purchasing, unlocking and installing fonts from the CD-ROM.

Adobe Type On Call is an encrypted CD-ROM that includes the entire Adobe Type Library of over 2,100 Type 1 fonts for Macintosh®,as well as Windows® and UNIX® platforms, type management software and documentation.

"The Adobe Type On Call CD-ROM dramatically improved the process of purchasing fonts by
providing customers with convenient unlocking keys," said Brian Heuckroth, senior product
marketing manager for Adobe's Type Business Unit. "This new service offers a faster and more
convenient way to purchase type because it leverages the ubiquity of the Web to offer instant
worldwide access."

To use the new electronic service, customers must install version 4.0 or later of the Adobe Type On
Call CD-ROM which includes the Adobe Purchaser. This feature of Type On Call creates a registration order form used to make font selections. Once customers have completed the purchasing process and received unlocking codes online they are able to unlock their fonts from the CD-ROM.

You can download fonts here.

Customers have several secure options for purchasing the unlocking keys, including using their credit cards with the use of a secure socket layer (SSL), dependent upon individual browser support. Customers will receive a 10 percent discount off of their total order in addition to the 35 percent discount currently awarded to Type On Call customers.

Neon Software New CyberGauge Utility

Neon Software is now shipping CyberGauge, an inexpensive, powerful Internet management utility that has the unique ability to allow users to monitor and gauge the throughput of virtually every Internet router available on the market today. Based on the industry standard management protocol, SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), CyberGauge can also be effectively used to determine bandwidth utilization on many network-connected devices, such as switches and hubs. Simply, CyberGauge will show you whether or not you are getting the bandwidth you think you are.

CyberGauge is designed to easily provide the information needed to decide if you have the best link option according to the amount of your use. It does this by telling you exactly what your Internet requirements are and if your current bandwidth meets those requirements. It also tells you if you are actually getting the bandwidth you are paying for. It shows the exact amount of bandwidth available at any given time or over a period of time. All the information gathered can then be easily viewed, printed or exported to spread sheets for longer-term trend analysis. CyberGauge can also be used to monitor bandwidth usage on all other IP/SNMP capable devices on the LAN, exposing local misconfigurations and bottlenecks that may be affecting network performance.

CyberGauge 1.0 Feature List
  • Display Internet Bandwidth Information In Real-Time:
  • Save Bandwidth Information Automatically:
  • Print Bandwidth Information:
  • Monitor Devices On Start-up Automatically:
  • Flexible Trend Graph Display:
  • Pinpoint Data In Trend Graph Easily
Pricing and Availability Macintosh versions of CyberGauge are available immediately in the U.S. directly from Neon Software and through resellers. CyberGauge has a suggested retail price of $139 with special pricing available to current Neon Software customers.

Tenon Announces New MachTen 2.3

Tenon Intersystems is now shipping a new version of MachTen for Macintosh. Professional MachTen, Release 2.3 includes new features and a dramatically lower price.

Professional MachTen contains a complete UNIX software development environment with C and C++, and includes Tenon's high-performance X server and complete X11R6 client development environment with a Motif toolkit. All MachTen applications run in a pre-emptive multitasking, protected environment.

The new package includes the NCSA httpd daemon Web server with multi-domain extensions and the premier Macintosh text editor, BBEdit, with HTML extensions for creating Web pages. MachTen's built-in Web server is the fastest Web server for 68K-based Macintosh platforms, the only Web server that runs in a pre-emptive, protected environment, and the only Web server that supports true multihoming. Also included with MachTen are domain name service (DNS), POP3 mail service, and IP forwarding.

Professional MachTen is for 68K Macintosh platforms. A companion product - Power MachTen - runs on all Power Macs and Power Mac clones. Both products are available now on CD-ROM at a suggested retail price of U.S. $695.

AT&T WorldNet for Mac Available Mid June!?!

AT&T WorldNet for Mac software is supposed to be available, according to a companies spokesman . They still say they will be shipping the Mac software by mid-June

AT&T WorldNet can be reached at 1-800-967-5363.

MS Explorer to Include Eudora for Mac

In it's batle to keep up with Netscapes Navigator software, Microsoft has begun to bundle its Internet Explorer 2.0.1 for Macintosh with Eudora Light.

Qualcomm's,Eudora is estimated to have 10 million users worldwide, according to Matrix Information Directory Services. The "Light" version that will come bundled with Internet Explorer for the Mac is freeware, a commercial "Pro" version is available.

Despite a current beta of Explorer 3.0 for Windows, Microsoft has yet to announce a Mac version. Version 2 .0.1 the (Fat Binary) can be downloaded here.

Fedex Ship For Mac on the Horizon

FedEx Ship for Macintosh 2.0 will be written in CodeWarrior, and it will be native on PowerMacintosh!

The project leader is Chuck Sinnett, and he invites feature requests, bug reports and comments.

VocalTec Announces Mac Internet Phone

VocalTec Inc. announced it is shipping an Apple Power Macintosh version of its Internet Phone.

The Macintosh version allows users to connect with Internet Phone for Windows. Company officials said Internet Phone for Mac will allows users to have real-time phone conversations online for the price of an Internet connection, .

The product requires a Power Macintosh with 8M bytes of RAM, System 7.51 or higher, an Apple PlainTalk microphone, Mac TCP 2.0.6 or higher or Open Transport 1.1 or later, QuickTime 2 and Sound Manager 3.1. Dial-up connections require a 14.4K-bps or faster modem and a Point-to-Point Protocol or Serial Line Interface Protocol account.

Pricing for Internet Phone for Mac is $49.95

Webink a WWW Publishing Tool forMacintosh

Webink is fundamentally a Web-based authoring and rendering tool. This architecture provides a number of benefits, including remote authoring, multi-user collaborative web development, and platform independence between the client workstation and the server.

With Webink, Web publishing is not just for webmasters any more. Using the combination of Webink's ease of use, rich features, competitive pricing, and integration with other information products.

The Webink architecture is an essential component of a Web-based on-line information service; yet components from other vendors can remain a part of the production and information environment. Webink's tools enable Web information systems to include sophisticated interactive forms and graphics, support Email messaging and immediate notification, and support emerging security models.

Webink is designed to make it easy to deploy and maintain Web services helping to reduce the need for programming. The power of Webink's publishing tools can now be put in the hands of end-users, managers and professionals alike.

Using Webink's Web authoring tools and page development toolset, anyone can easily create, maintain and evolve Web-based information systems, storefronts, catalogs, product information, help-desk etc.

An evaluation copy is available by filing out the form here.

Webink Lite is available for $ 475.00

Apples Terry Bailey Leaves for NEC

Another of Apple's top executives quit today and has taken a job at NEC Technologies Inc.

Terry Bailey, former senior vice president and general manager of Imaging, will next month become senior vice president in charge of the NEC marketing group.

Reportedly Bailey had decided to quit a month ago, but he was promoted to Senior VP of Apple's second-largest hardware division only two weeks ago, following CEO Gilbert Amelio's May reorganization.

St. Louis to Air Macintosh Radio Program

On February 23, 1996, The Mac Show, a weekly, hour-long computer radio program, debuted in St. Louis.

"There has been and always will be PC focused products and information in the mainstream media; now it's our turn", says Everett Marshall, producer and host of Macintosh-only program.

The Mac Show has also caught the ears of Apple execs, like David Owens, Market Development Executive for Apple Computer/St. Louis: "In producing The Mac Show and stepping out of the box of traditional marketing, the one to many approach has been taken to a new level. Apple Computer fully endorses and supports the Mac Show."

Manufacturers wishing to submit products for review, should contact Everett Marshall at (314) 692-8900..

The Mac Show can be heard on AM 630, KJSL. Saturday at 3pm (cst).

25,000 Domains to be Canceled

Network Solutions has been in charge of handing out new domain names since 1993 under a contract with the National Science Foundation. At first the registration process was free, but late last year users were informed that the had to pay for thier Domain name registrations, $100 for the first two years and $50 each year thereafter.

Fifty percent of the more than 400,000 existing domain names haven't been paid for and Network Solutions is ready to pull the plug. Deactivated domains will be held in an inactive queue for 60 days to give their owners a chance to pay up and reclaim them. Otherwise, the domain goes onto the "available" list, according to Network Solutions representative David Graves.

PageMart's IPO

PageMart Wireless Inc. said it has made an initial public offering (IPO) of itsstock, with much of the proceeds from the sale going towards a personal.communications system (PCS) transmission network being built by PageMart.

The stock was offered at $13 a share, opened at $13.25, and ended updown at $11.625 at the close of Friday's market activity.

Monday June 17, 1996 - News

"The online MacinStuff Times" Turns 100,000 Ready,Set,Go TURNS 7.0
Guy Kawasaki Featured in Cnet Movers & Shakers anchor238782 Adobe Illustrator GIF Plug-In
Free Mac Wavelets 2.0 Software Life Balance - Newton Software
anchor245853 Europa Software Intro Web Quick for only $19.95 Plug-in Converts Docs to HTML
Apple to Show Newton Internet Tools at PC Expo NY Rascal's Font Sneak Reports on Fonts
General Magic's Web Browser For PDS at PC Expo Spellswell 7 Version 2.0 Upgrade
Apple Adds Acrobat Reader 2.1 Download it here Retailers on Apple sales: Not good, not bad

"The online MacinStuff Times" Turns 100,000

This past Friday "The online MacinStuff Times" achieved two milestones, it turned 4 months old (we began with our first story on Valentines day) and reached 100,000 readers. "

When I first began "The online MacinStuff Times" there was going to be a few stories here and there. It has now progressed to 12-16 stories a day. In a few weeks we will upgrading the site, bringing a clean new look and feel, many new features, and new contributing editors and reporters.

Stay tuned for the many exciting features to come. You can preview our interactive Forum here!

Ready,Set,Go TURNS 7.0

Abbott Systems is now shipping Ready,Set,Go version7.0 - a major upgrade and re-engineering of one of the original Mac DTP programs. Abbott, who did major development work on this new version, is acting as a distributor for Manhattan Graphics Corp.

Ready,Set,Go v7.0 now delivers professional "industrial strength" DTP. It is positioned at the SOHO (small office/home office) market, with a street price of $159. It is PowerMac native and comes with a set of "real world" templates to get any small business up and running fast!

Ready,Set,Go first shipped in Jan 1985 and has a devoted following due to its legendary ease of use and object oriented approach to DTP. It has always been MAC ONLY.

The new version 7.0 is available now direct from Abbott for $159 with FREE shipping in the US. To order call 1-800-552-9157, or Fax 914-747-9115, or email

Guy Kawasaki Featured in Cnet Movers & Shakers

This week's Cnet "movers and shakers" features the most Macintosh's #1 Evangelist Guy Kawasaki, read the story here.

Adobe Illustrator GIF Plug-In

Adobe Systems Inc.has released a GIF89a import/export plug-in for Illustrator 6.0 for the Macintosh.

The plug-in is designed to increase Illustrator's Web authoring capabilities by allowing users to create image files in the GIF89a format, popular on the Internet, from within the program. Illustrator already supports JPEG.

Among the plug-in'offres, automatic rasterization of images; the ability to select palettes, ;anti-aliasing , creating a transparent bounding box; and support for video interlacing.

You can download the plug-in here.

The .gif plug-in is also available fro Adobe (800/649-3875) for $14.95.

Free Mac Wavelets Software

Sky Coyote's, Macwavelets v2.00 is a small, simple, Macintosh program for performing wavelet analysis of 1d and 2d datasets. MacWavelets allows you to plot and edit data, perform discrete wavelet transforms and their inverses, compress and expand data, remove noise, and manipulate data with simple math.
    Data can be created within the program, or imported and exported in text and binary formats from files and the clipboard. MacWavelets makes extensive use of the standard Macintosh user interface, so that no programming or scripting is required

Data can be created within the program, or imported and exported in text and binary formats from files and the clipboard. Macwavelets makes extensive use of the standard macintosh user interface, so that no programming or scripting is required.

You can download the v2.00 macwavelets software, user's manual, and example files:

Life Balance - Newton Software

Life Balance is software for the Newton that helps people with very complex to-do lists set priorities. Items on a to-do list can have a high priority for different reasons: because they are important, because the deadline is near-at-hand, because you are in the right place to take action, or because you have been neglecting the task. Life Balance uses fuzzy logic techniques to balance these conflicting goals and provide you with a simple, sorted list of tasks that you can do right here, right

A demo version of the software, can be downloaded here.

Europa Software Intro Web Quick for only $19.95

Europa Software has announced Web Quick, similar to Now Super Boomerang, and Now Menus. While you are browsing, it tracks your travels, and keeps the last 1000 pages in a special menu in your menubar. It has pre-installed links to the most popular Web resources, so you'll NEVER have to type "" again!

You can download a demo of Web Quick here.

Special Intro Offer for its new product, Web Quick 1.0. *The first 5000* customers can buy Web Quick 1.0 for only $19.95 -- saving 33% off the regular $29.95 online price!

Plug-in Converts Docs to HTML

Myrmidon makes Macintosh document publishing powerfully simple. Written by Terry Morse, of DiskDoubler fame. One salient feature of Myrmidon is the ability to convert any document into HTML with a single click. It's a handy companion to PageMill, since it lets you get your existing documents into PageMill without losing their formatting.

You can download a A freeware version here. The user manual are available on-line, here.

The full commercial version is $39 through June.

Apple to Show Newton Internet Tools at PC Expo NY

Apple Computer Inc. start shipping the Newton Internet Enabler (NIE) 1.0, a suite of connectivity tools to allow development of Internet-based applications for handheld devices including Apple's MessagePad.

Designed for the Newton 2.0 operating system, the NIE suite allows developers create Web, mail, news, Telnet and FTP applications. It supports Internet and communications protocols such as HTTP, HTML, SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 PPP, SLIP and UDP, and includes a dialer with a script engine and a domain name resolver, according to Apple.

According to Apple, NIE-based applications will let users interact with TCP/IP networks through Internet service providers and corporate intranets, . Developers including Qualcomm Inc., AllPen Software and Lunatech Research will integrate NIE into their products, Apple said.

NIE will be available to developers next week at no cost from the Newton developer home page .

Rascal's Font Sneak Reports on Fonts

Rascal Software announced that it has acquired publishing and distribution rights to Font Sneak, a font reporting utility originally developed by Lake Group. The software reports on fonts used in documents created in QuarkXPress, Adobe's PageMaker, Illustrator, and FreeHand, as well as generic EPS files. It also identifies fonts used in the document that are not currently installed.

Font Sneak is scheduled to ship early this July at a street price of $90.

General Magic's Web Browser For PDS at PC Expo

General Magic, maker of the Magic Cap OS for PDS computers, will show two Internet applications for handhelds. during New York's PC Expo

PrestoMail, an email client for sending and receiving messages, and PrestoLinks, a Web browser, are both designed to run on the Sony MagicLink PIC 2000 and the Motorola Envoy 150 wireless communicator. Both programs are due to ship after teh Expo and require a minimum of 2MB of RAM.

The PrestoLinks Web browser, originally developed by Active Paper in conjunction with General Magic, uses standard Internet protocols and even supports tables, but can't cache numerous pages.
According to a General Magic spokesperson, the bundle is expected to cost between $49 to $79, .

Spellswell 7 Version 2.0 Upgrade

Spellswell has been upgraded to version 2, and includes many new features including a completely new look and is reportedly easier to use, a sports a more intuitive interface.
  • Adds itself to the menu of your favorite applications like Eudora, InfoDepot, BBEdit, ClarisWorks, WordPerfect, and others.
  • Switch dictionaries on the fly (business, legal, medical, etc.)
  • Blindingly fast new PowerMac-Native version as well as 680x0 version.
  • Spell checks HTML (web page) documents (Ignores text between > brackets.)
  • Automatically locates and opens your default dictionary unless you choose another.
  • On screen color-coded manual for quick, easy reference.
  • On screen help under the Apple Help menu.

You can download a demo of Spellswell here.

As a Spellswell or Eudora owner you are entitled to order Spellswell 7 Version 2.0 at our special upgrade price of just $14.95.

Apple Adds Acrobat Reader 2.1 Download it here

Retailers on Apple sales: Not good, not bad

This story appeared in PC WEEK ONLINE
By Margaret Kane

When Gil Amelio took over as CEO and chairman of Apple Computer Inc. in February, the conventional wisdom was that he needed to outline a strategy to reassure corporate buyers and do something to perk up the company's sales.

Amelio sketched out his recovery plan in May, but resellers say they have not seen any dramatic changes in demand for Apple products, one way or the other.

Resellers targeting larger corporate accounts don't sell huge volumes of Apple products, and those that do tend to operate in markets heavily Macintosh-based, such as graphics and design.

"We have a couple of corporate customers that have always made heavy use of Macs in publishing and printing. They haven't really changed," said Stephen Fama, purchasing agent at ComputerLand, in Frederick, Md.

Corporate accounts that switched from Macs tended to do so because of industry standards, not over concerns for the company, said Chris Knieriem, president and general manager of MicroAge of Cumberland, in Cumberland, Md.

"They didn't really get nervous [and leave] because of changes at Apple, but industry experience has gotten them off the platform more than anything else," Knieriem said.

There were concerns that the bad publicity surrounding Apple, which has been buffeted by bad news over the last year, would drive away potential customers. The Cupertino, Calif., company lost $740 million during its fiscal second quarter, about $40 million more than expected, and officials subsequently warned analysts to expect more red ink. What is more, the company's sales plummeted a surprising 18 percent to $2.2 billion from $2.6 billion a year earlier.

However, some of Wall Street's concerns about Apple have subsided in the last month as Amelio has settled in. After articulating a well-received restructuring plan, Amelio also put in place a new management team and announced plans to eliminate 1,500 more jobs to reduce the company's break-even point.

At the same time, IBM's decision to license the Macintosh operating system has also reassured some customers.

"It made them feel a little better, that there is a future for the format," said Kevin McKearn, senior account representative at Computer Professionals, in Albany, N.Y. "They also feel that the operating system is here to stay, and if Apple doesn't do it, someone else will."

For resellers aiming at the home office and consumer market, the die-hard loyalty of Mac fans couldn't be swayed no matter how bad the news got. But, resellers say, the number of converts has slowed down and has not yet picked up.

"We haven't seen a lot of new buyers for Apple, but we've gotten the same people who've been using Apple all along coming back," McKearn said.

Some companies did see a large drop-off in Mac sales, and those customers haven't yet come back.

Retail mail-order company Micro Warehouse Inc. announced last week that its second-quarter and full-year earnings would not meet analysts' expectations, which it blamed on weak Mac sales. And the chief financial officer at retail chain CompUSA, of Dallas, said last month that Mac sales at the chain had been dropping steadily.

Friday June 14, 1996 - News

AOL & Netsacpe Advertising Deal U.S. Robotics & Metrowerks New Development Tools
New Files from Apple, Download them Here anchor238782 Now Utilities E-Mail & Web Quick
Digital Madness '96 Hyundai Cuts DRAM Production
anchor245853 Apple Tells Who Should Use Revision 2 Free Apple Seminar
Northern Telecom Internet Voice Gateway Farallon Reduces Prices on Discontinued LAN Products
$1,000,000 Spent on WWW Site Comcast & TV Guide's Interactive Screen Guide
Syquest Reduces Prices on EZ Drive Quicktime 2.5 "final candidate" & Movie Player 2.5f3

AOL & Netsacpe Advertising Deal

America Online Inc. and Netscape CommunicationsCorp. announced a joint advertising deal
that analysts said may bring more advertising revenues for both. America Online executives told analysts who attended a partners conference in Washington Wednesday about the impending deal, where America Online sales representatives will begin selling ad space on Netscape's popular Web site, as well as on their own site and service.

A Netscape spokeswoman in Mountain View, Calif., said that the move is part of a major new media initiative at Netscape. As a result, Netscape will no longer be working with DoubleClick, a new media advertising agency in New York, which developed Netscape's first Web site and the concept of the "banner" that brings in revenues through advertising sales.

Netscape is also expected to announce that it is lowering its ad prices on its Web site by about 20 percent for its sponsored advertising program.

U.S. Robotics & Metrowerks New Development Tools

Palm Computing, Inc., a subsidiary of U.S. Robotics , and Metrowerks, Inc. announced today CodeWarrior for Pilot, a Macintosh-hosted toolkit for Pilot applications development. CodeWarrior for Pilot will enable developers proficient in C to develop applications for the Palm Operating System (Palm OS), the next generation handheld computing platform that powers the Pilot connected organizer.

New Files from Apple, Download them Here

Now Utilities E-Mail & Web Quick

Now Software released it's monthly update to Now Utilities 6.0. The free monthly update includes Now Mail an electronic mail package that lets users send files directly from their desktop to other Now Utilities users. Also included are bug fixes, feature enhancements and a sneak peek at a new third party Internet Utility called Web Quick.

The highlight of the June release is Now Mail. Now Mail is a suite of two Now Utilities Plug Ins and two small mail servers. Together, the components make up a mail package that allows users to send files directly from their desktops to other Now Utilities users who are on the same network. The servers are tuned to run unobtrusively in the background so the user won't notice even the largest file transfer. Now Mail also works over AppleTalk Remote Access (ARA) and can be used to move files while traveling.

"Now Mail allows us not only to move files, but also to increase our level of customer support," said Henry Carstens, General Manager of the Now Utilities Division. "In this release we're also using Now Mail to let our users make direct inquiries to our 24 hour automated Help Desk which gets the inquiry, searches it's help database and then sends a response. The whole process is automatic and usually takes about 15 minutes."

Other items in the June update include bug fixes, feature enhancements for Now Tabs and Now Shortcuts, and a sneak peek at Web Quick, a new Internet utility from Europa Software. Web Quick tracks web pages the way Now Super Boomerang tracks files and folders and gives the user an easy way to return recently visited sites.

You can download the update here.

Now Utilities 6.0 has an estimated street price of $89.95. Upgrades fromprevious versions are $29.95. The monthly updates are available at no charge from Now's Web site

Digital Madness '96

A day-long festival of digital creativity featuring student works produced in the UCLA Laboratory For New Media on Saturday, June 15, 1996 to Noon to 11 PM at Sound Stages 2 and 3 at UCLA's Melnitz Hall

Digital Madness is an all-day, all-digital screening, discussion and celebration featuring new Web Works, Digital Movies, Pixel Art and Interactive CD-Works produced by students in the UCLA Department of Film and Television's Laboratory For New Media.

The event takes place on two of Melnitz Hall's large sound stages, one a Gallery of digital works, the other a Gathering Space for presentations, discussion and a festival reception.

Visitors to the Gallery will surf, explore and interact with inspiring new works, all running concurrently on a number of computer workstations.

Throughout the afternoon in the Gathering Space, special guest panelists will present, contextualize and analyze selected works to examine their creative, historical and theoretical implications. The evening features the panelists in a roundtable discussion and finishes with a reception backed by great music and good food.

Featured panelists:

Dr. Vivian Sobchack, UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television Dr. Peter Lunenfeld, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena

Special presentations by:

Victoria Duckett - Doctoral student, UCLA Department of Film and Television Kevin Fisher - Doctoral student, UCLA Department of Film and Television Peter Limbrick - Visiting doctoral student, Latrobe University, Melbourne AU

Hyundai Cuts DRAM Production

Hyundai Electronics has followed its competitors, Samsung and LG Semicon, in cutting the production ofDRAM chips. Hyundai said it hoped the move would stabilize the market since the three companies account for more than 30% of the world's DRAM production.

Apple Tells Who Should Use Revision 2

Apples Revision 2, a system software release that addresses a few critical customer issues for specific Macintosh computers. This important update improves the stability, reliability, = and performance of certain Macintosh and Mac 81 OS-compatible computers running System 7.5 Version 7.5.3. This release also will install on certain specific versions of System 7.5.2 (identified as Enabler 1.2 or later in the About This Macintosh box) that were introduced in January for Apple's latest PowerBook products.


Apple is recommending that only customers with specific Macintosh computers with the system software referenced above update their systems with System 7.5.3 Revision 2. There is no benefit for other customers. Systems hat will benefit from System 7.5.3 Revision 2 include: -

All PowerBook systems using Connectix RAM Doubler
All PowerBook 5300 and PowerBook Duo 2300 systems
All PowerBook 200 or 500 Series systems that have been upgraded with the Macintosh PowerBook Processor Card Upgrade Kit with PowerPC (or = upgraded with similar third-party products). -
All Macintosh 7200, 7500, 7600, 8500, and 9500 systems.


This software release provides the following improvements:

Improves stability for PowerBook customers using Connectix RAM Doubler. This eliminates a source of system crashes when the PowerBook is "woken up" from the Sleep mode.
Improves performance for PowerBook Duo 2300 systems and those = PowerBook 200 and PowerBook 500 Series systems that have been upgraded to PowerPC
Improves reliability for customers using DOS-formatted floppies with their PowerBook 500 Series systems that have been upgraded to PowerPC.
Improves reliability for Macintosh 7200, 7500, 7600, 8500, and 9500 desktop systems, along with PowerBook 5300, PowerBook Duo 2300, and any PowerBook 200 or 500 Series system that has been upgraded to PowerPC.

System 7.5.3 Revision 2 is available electronically at no additional charge via: - Apple ftp and World Wide Web sites, Most on-line services, including America Online, CompuServe

Customers also may order System 7.5.3 Revision 2 on two floppies for = $13 by calling 1-800-293-6617, ext. 1198.

Free Apple Seminar

A FREE half-day seminar sponsored by Apple and Information. Presentation Technologies (IPT) demonstrates how to gain high performance through innovative solutions designed especially for publishing environments.

These robust solutions include the new Unix-based Network Servers from Apple and IPT Server solutions, such as uShare, uPrint, PrintQMgr, Print Accounting, TurboTalk, LessTalk, CanOPI, and TurboRIP. Combined, they provide the most reliable, high-performance and easy-to-manage prepress solution for publishers today. - This seminar is targeted to commercial publishing companies and those business customers with in-house publishing departments.


The new high-performance, Unix-based Network Servers from Apple - Reducing network traffic & increase file transfer speeds - Simplifying file sharing - Connecting seamlessly with existing environments - Managing job accounting over the network - Managing network print resources - Electronically managing page imposition - Quickly modifying, sharing, and utilizing large complex files in finished designs - Managing the network from client workstations with scriptable administration - Streamlining the workflow by schedule tracking and production pipeline control


Atlanta June 19 Seattle July 12 Miami June 25 Campbell (CA) July 16 Boston June 28 Dallas July 23 Santa Monica (CA) July 9 Reston July 26 FOR MORE INFORMATION For more information regarding Apple seminars, call 1-800-947-5670 = X900, or refer to the Internet

Northern Telecom Internet Voice Gateway

Northern Telecom Inc. is developing a gateway that will pass voice traffic between the Internet and the public telephone network. The secure public dial feature, which will be announced at the
Supercomm trade show next week in Dallas, is an enhancement to the Rapport dial-up switch that Nortel announced last year.

The new capability will expand on the idea of letting PC users make voice calls to one another over the Internet. Products such as the Rapport secure public dial will allow PC users on the Internet to call people with regular analog telephone phones.

Farallon Reduces Prices on Discontinued LAN Products

Farallon has reduced prices on some discontinued LAN products by as much as 60%. Products include EtherWave and EtherMac cards, transceivers, and hubs. Quantities are limited

To check out thier deals go here.

$1,000,000 Spent on WWW Site

SportsNet Inc.'s "The GameTime Challenge, has spent over $1 million to set up the infrastructure of it's WWW site, one of the largest commercial Web sites ever launched.

The GameTime Challenge Web site, started in late May, gives its subscribers "immediate access" to the latest scores, statistics, and news. It also runs contests and fantasy games with "millions of dollars" in prize money. It claims to be a Web site that can handle millions of inquiries per hour and accept eight million online contest entries in any four-hour period.

This served on $1 million worth of Sun Microsystems' hardware and software. The service is offering $50,000 prizes weekly to subscribers that pick the winners from 10 selected games each week. It costs $7.50 to enter, with "prizes guaranteed." Another baseball contest being offered is a million dollars for any subscriber who selects, over the course of the season, at least 147 winners out of a possible 200.

Comcast & TV Guide's Interactive Screen Guide

Comcast Cable Communications and TV Guide's On Screen cable TV service said they have launched a test of TV Guide's third-party interactive product in Comcast's system in the Detroit suburb of Southgate.

According to officials, the guide works with General Instrument's set-top cable box and delivers a near-digital quality.

The TV Guide On Screen differs from standard cable channels that list or scroll TV listings because it overlays the entire system. This feature is important because the TV Guide interactive service doesn't need a specific channel to use.

Syquest Reduces Prices on EZ Drive

Due to pressure from it's competition, namely Iomega, SyQuest Technology announced an immediate reduction on the suggested retail price of its EZ135 hard drive, to $119.95. Previously, the EZ135, a removable 135 megabyte (MB) hard drive, was priced at $199 for the SCSI (small computer systems interface) configuration, and $229 for the Parallel Port configuration.

Quicktime 2.5 "final candidate" & Movie Player 2.5f3

You can download QuickTime 2.5 final candidate here.

You can download MoviePlayer for Macintosh 2.5f3 (includes developer & QuickTime VR plug-ins) here.

Thursday June 13, 1996 - News

Guy's Added Info re: Repair Extension Program AOL Licenses Shockwave, Billing Investigated
Apple 1996 'Partners in Education' Grants anchor238782 Ex-Apple Execs to Provide Net TV
1/4 of All Web Site Respondents Lie Macromedia Ships Authorware 3.5
anchor245853 IBM Plans Online Shopping Mall Apple Adds New Updates Download Them Here
FWB to Sell hardware business to StreamLogic Corp Online Stock Tips Concern SEC
Starbucks to Get into The WWW in Big Way NEW iHound Fast Searches For Mac Servers
Claris Recognized as Top Technology Company Court Says Communications Act Unconstitutional

Guy's Added Info re: Repair Extension Program

Guy Kawasaki and his Evangelist has supplied soma additional information about the Power Macintosh and Performa 5200, 5300, 6200, and 6300 Repair Extension Program from Apple
Computer. You can read the information here.

If you would like to subscribe to EvangeList, send an email to or go to:

AOL Licenses Shockwave, Billing Investigated

America Online has licensed Macromedia's Shockwave technology. But all the news seems to be revolving around an investigation into its financial operations.
According to a report in Newsday, the New York state attorney general's office has been investigating AOL's billing practices.

AOL stock dropped 10 percent June 5 after analysts reported that subscriber rates would slow in the near future, from 53 points to 47-5/8. As of early afternoon, AOL shares are trading today at 47-3/8 down over 2 points.

Steve Case AOL's CEO and seven other company officials sold off 481,000 AOL shares .

In the latest attempts to revitalize its offerings, AOL has been planning to unveil a major upgrade of its software for Windows users, with a comparable Mac upgrade coming in the fall. The service, with approximately 6 million subscribers, has also licensed Shockwave to allow AOL users with the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser to view animations created in Macromedia Director. Due to a deal signed in March with Microsoft, Internet Explorer is now the main browser included in every new version of AOL.

Apple 1996 'Partners in Education' Grants

For the 17th consecutive year, Apple Computer, Inc. announced the recipients of its Partners in Education (PIE) grants program, which includes ten K-12 schools and teaching institutions from around the country. Valued at $1 million, the grants will bring Apple's total contribution to $28 million since the program began in 1979. This year, in encouraging the use of the Internet as a research and collaborative tool, Apple will provide each grant recipient with an Internet Web server, including the Apple Internet Server Solution Kit.

"The grants program was designed to award computer and professional development grants to schools seeking new, innovative ways to use technology in the classroom and to provide solutions to groups that would otherwise have limited or no access to technology," said Fred Silverman, Apple's senior manager of Worldwide Community Affairs. "For nearly two decades, this program has encouraged building closer relationships between K-12 schools and teacher training institutions in order to bring the expertise and experience of both partners and apply it to K-12 curriculum development."

Following on the heels of previous PIE successes, this year's grant recipients again focus on using computers as tools to enhance a number of teaching strategies. These include the development of interdisciplinary curriculum, the creation of student-centered learning environments, encouraging teachers to serve as "coaches" and extending the boundaries of learning beyond the classroom into local communities. To date, more than 500 schools and institutions have benefited from this program.

In Oregon this year, students will study ecosystems and management; in New Orleans, students will use asynchronous communication technology to plan, design and investigative projects dealing with human aggression and cultural violence; and in Rhode Island, students will restructure the learning environment through project-based cooperative learning activities that integrate third, fourth and fifth grade and special needs students.

Depending on the project, Apple will provide a variety of technologies to the 1996 grant recipients. Among them, the Power Macintosh 5400/120, Newton MessagePad 120, Workgroup Servers 6150 and 8550, Apple QuickTake 150 for Macintosh, LaserWriter 16/600 PS, Color Stylewriter 2500 and Apple Color OneScanner.

Ex-Apple Execs to Provide Net TV

Networks Inc., founded by three ex-Apple Computer Inc. developers, has announced an effort to provide Internet access via TV. The company, which plans to start rolling out products this fall, will release a WebTV Reference Design for set-top boxes that provide Internet access and a subscription-based WebTV online service for browsing and sending E-mail next month, according to officials of the Palo Alto, Calif., company. WebTV Networks expects to announce the first licensees of the WebTV Reference Design in July.

"WebTV's mission is to make the Internet as comfortable and engaging for consumers as the TV itself," said Steve Perlman, president and CEO of the new company, in a press release.

The device, which will work together with cable TV set-top box and will be priced lower than traditional PCs or the much-touted $500 Internet access PCs.

Company officials expect the first applications for WebTV will include electronic commerce, commercial offerings such as financial services, education and entertainment. WebTV products and services have been in trial throughout the United States for the last two months.

1/4 of All Web Site Respondents Lie

The Fifth WWW User Survey, conducted by the Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT), included questions about attitudes toward privacy in the most recent survey.

The findings: younger respondents are more likely to provide false registration information. Thirty-two percent of users aged 19-25 have provided false data, while only 13.6% of users over age 50 have done so. Also, females are more likely to have never registered at a Web site. The report concludes that marketing departments interpret demographic information conservatively.

Other findings of the survey were equally as surprising. Of 11,793 respondents , the survey noted an increase in the number of women using the Web. Overall, almost exactly one in three users are women (33 percent), compared to less than one in six in last year's survey (15.2 percent. Users continue to be overwhelmingly white (slightly more than 87 percent), with Asians making up the next largest group (3.4 percent).

Macromedia Ships Authorware 3.5

Macromedia a provider of cross-platform software tools for Web publishing, multimedia and graphics, today announced the availability of Authorware 3.5 for Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 3.1, Apple's Power Macintosh and Macintosh, a major upgrade to it's powerful authoring environment for interactive information. Authorware 3.5's new features give users more power and speed, greater ease-of-use and more creative options than ever before.

"Authorware is an award-winning, comprehensive solution for multimedia professionals on any project-from CD-ROMs to intranets," said David Lasner, Macromedia's Director of Product Management for Multimedia and Shockwave Authoring. "As an added bonus, the Authorware Interactive Studio comes with four best of breed products: Director®, Macromedia xRes;, Extreme 3D; and sound software, an unbeatable solution with everything you need to create professional multimedia projects from the ground up."

With the addition of Shockwave for Authorware featuring streaming multimedia, Authorware 3.5 is one of the best tool for putting all of this interactive information on intranets. For tens of thousands of corporate and government trainers, educators, developers and publishers worldwide who currently use Authorware, Shockwave revolutionizes the delivery of data-intensive, interactive multimedia applications over intranets. For new users, Shockwave for Authorware opens the doors for these creative individuals.

More Power and Speed
Authorware 3.5 now runs on more platforms and delivers the speed of native 32-bit performance. Applications created with Authorware 3.5 will sizzle at up to 200% faster than those developed in 3.0. By reducing development time and costs, Authorware 3.5 shortens time to market for Macromedia developers. New features include:
  • Native on more platforms-Windows 95, Windows NT, Macintosh, Power Macintosh and intranets
  • New 32-bit UCDs and XMOs add to the overall performance gains
  • Windows 95 enhancements include support of long file names, OLE drag-and-drop and Universal Naming Convention
Authorware 3.5 for Windows and Macintosh is available immediately. The Authorware Interactive Studio™ for Macintosh features Authorware 3.5, Director 5, Extreme 3D 1.0, Macromedia xRes 2.0 and SoundEdit™ 16 plus Deck™ II version 2.5. The Windows version offers Authorware 3.5, Director 5, Extreme 3D 1.0, xRes 2.0 and SoundForge XP. Both studios have a suggested retail price in North America of US $4995. Educational pricing is also available. Current Authorware users can upgrade to Version 3.5 for US $595. Interested parties outside of North America should contact their local Macromedia distributor for information on pricing and availability of all international versions.

IBM Plans Online Shopping Mall

IBM announced plans to build an online shopping mall. The service, called World Avenue, has been under development for about 1 year. IBM reportedly plans to open the Mall by this fall

The service, which will include intelligent agents and data mining tools, implements the Secure Electronic Transactions technology for credit card transactions. IBM plans to supply retailers with tool kits to help them design the layout of online pages and update them dynamically.

Apple Adds New Updates Download Them Here

FWB to Sell hardware business to StreamLogic Corp

By David Morgenstern (

FWB Inc. announced it will sell its hardware business to StreamLogic Corp, it will pay $5 million in cash and assume about $3 million debt. FWB will reportedly keep its software business.

Micropolis Corp. was renamed StreamLogic after the sale of Micropolis' hard disk manufacturing business to Singapore Technologies.

Online Stock Tips Concern SEC

Online stock tips and investment advice on the net is causing concern by the SEC who fears the spread of false information.

A few technology stocks have had substantial rises, and falls, due to information posted on Internet news groups and online services.

While the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ's National Association of Securities Dealers have authority to monitor stock tips passed by registered brokers, there is nothing regulators can do about tips passed online, where users often remain anonymous behind their screen identities.

The Securities and Exchange Commission and other federal regulatory agencies are concerned that insiders could provide false or misleading information to manipulate securities prices.

Regulators caution investors to do their homework before investing in any stocks based on information they may receive "online."

Starbucks to Get into The WWW in Big Way

Starbucks Coffee Co., has hired some big players to take them into the digital age, Digital Brands Inc., a New York-based interactive marketing group; digital media producers Watts-Silverstein and Associates, of Seattle; and San Francisco-based Cyberstruction Inc., which specializes in advanced World Wide Web-site design.
"Starbucks wants to be innovative and forward thinking in the way it connects consumers with technology. It's a very consumer-friendly company," said George Aposporos, president of Digital Brands Inc., in New York.

He said that the 4 million customers who pass through Starbucks' stores every week are very "techno-friendly," and almost 60 percent regularly use computers.

"It's a ready-made market to work into some tech initiative, and we're going to leverage that market," he said.

NEW iHound Fast Searches For Mac Servers

ICATT 's iHound is an indexer and search engine specifically designed for WebSTAR or Netpresenz Servers. iHound is fast, flexible and multilingual. It supports'and' and 'or' queries, substring searching and lots more.

In the past two months ICATT has been beta-testing iHound with the help of hundreds of beta-testers all over the world. We would like to thank eachand every one of them! We have incorporated many features based on direct requests from our beta-testers, and we sincerely believe that this hascontributed to making iHound the best search engine available for Macintosh.

Webnasters have been saying "Outstanding! From the announcement on the webstar-talk list to up andcustom localized in less than an hour... Indexing speed and index file sizeare especially impressive. Great!!" (Nebraska, USA)

"Finally I've found a fast-to-index and effective WebSTAR indexer and search engine!" (Princeton, NJ, USA)

You can download a fully functioning demo of iHound 1.0 is available from ICATT's site

The iHound set includes a manual, editable language plugins, example scripts, HTML-pages, etcetera. The registered version of iHound is available now for 100 US dollars (75 US dollars for
educational institutions).

Claris Recognized as Top Technology Company

Claris Corporation has been ranked #1 in customer service and technical support in a new K-12 research study, "Top 25 Technology Companies: Customer Ratings of Service, Support, Pricing, and Training," conducted by Education Market Research, Inc. Claris placed among the top five companies in training and pricing and came in second overall.

The study was based on questionnaires completed by 50 key educators nationwide who are responsible for evaluating software and hardware products for district-level purchases.

"Claris understands that, without excellent service, training andsupport, integrating technology into the classroom can be daunting for busy educators," said Marvin Zauderer, Claris director of education markets. "We are listening to educators and will continue delivering superior products and services that help them enhance the learning experience."

Court Says Communications Act Unconstitutional

The Communications Decency Act was declared unconstitutional this morning by a three-judge panel in federal district court in Philadelphia. In making the 3-0 decision, the judges granted a motion for a preliminary injunction against enforcement of "indecency" provisions of the Act.

Signed into law by President Clinton on February 8, the indecency provisions of the Act would punish distribution of "indecent" or "patently offensive" material to minors over the Internet or commercial online services. Violators would face fines and imprisonment.

"Subjecting speakers to criminal penalties for speech that is constitutionally protected in itself raises the spectre of irreparable harm," wrote Chief Judge Dolores K. Sloviter in her opinion. "Even if a court were unwilling to draw that conclusion from the language of the statute itself, plaintiffs have introduced ample evidence that the challenged provisions, if not enjoined, will have a chilling effect on their free expression."

The ACLU, (filed its legal challenge to the Communications Decency Act on February 8) one of the plaintiffs in ACLU v Reno which contested the constitutionality of the decency provisions, lauded the courts ruling.

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