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Wednesday September 18, 1996 - Breaking News

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Clickshare Launches Internet's First Micropayments Service

Clickshare Corporation's pioneering multi-site, single-ID, Internet micropayment system went live on Friday

AOL Begins Trading On The Nyse

AOL the world's first billion dollar interactive services company, begins listing its common stock today on the NYSE

Direct from Apple Q&A Regarding Open Transport 1.1: Network Compatibility

From the Apple article is the Reference Q & A on network compatibility for Open Transport 1

Church Membership Keeper Database, Download here

Church Membership Keeper is a FileMaker Pro 3.0 database that helps churches keep track of membership

Apple's Internet Strategy Opens a Wealth of Opportunities

Apple's Internet strategy is to develop the best ways for people to access and deliver media-rich

Direct from Apple The Meaning of Error Type 11 and What to Do About it

Getting Type 11 errors on your Power Macintosh computer when a program crashes?

Apple and Telos Team to Introduce New High-Quality Audio

Apple Computer, Inc. and Telos Systems today announced that they will be introducing Telos' new high-quality, Internet audio-streaming

NetDay Help Desk Created by Farallon Goes On-Line with Participation from Apple

Farallon . creator of the National NetDay96 Help Desk initiative announced the availability of the on-line NetDay Help Desk.

Farallon Ships International Versions of Netopia ISDN Routers

Farallon announced availability of its international versions of the Netopia ISDN Routers

Apple Responds to Microsoft's "Newcomer" Attempts to Enter the Information Appliance Category

This is a summary of key talking points in the Apple Computer media and analyst conference call held on September 16

Radius' VideoVision PCI Digital Editing Solution Earns High Marks with Mac Magazines

The Radius VideoVision PCI Professional digital video editing solution

Apple Adds New Software, Download here



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Tuesday September 17, 1996 - Breaking News

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Apple Supports NetDay 96

Apple Computer, Inc. announced its support of NetDay96 with a commitment to deliver a series of programs during the 1996-97 school year

SyQuest Names Co-Founder of Western Digital Board

SyQuest Technology Inc.manufacturer removable cartridge hard drives, today appointed electronics industry veteran

Kingston Extends Memory Offer 8 MB Memory for $69

Following the successful launch of an 8 MB DRAM memory upgrade offer for Apple Macintosh

Symantec Offers Java Seminars

Symantec Corporation will be hosting several country-wide Java Seminars that will focus on teaching web developers

New Vice President Named to Apple's Interactive Media Group

Apple Computer, Inc. announced that it has named Carlos Montalvo, 39, as vice president of its Interactive Media Group

IMA Expo Presents Sneak Preview of Newest Digital Video Products at DV Showcase in NYC

IMA Expo '96 attendees will get a rare opportunity to preview the newest digital video and DVD technology

Cybersurf ``VIRTUAL T1'' Technology

Cybersurf Corp. announced that it plans to pursue a global expansion of its patent pending Virtual T1 Central Server Access technology

GLINT 3D Processor & Delta Geometry Accelerator Receive 1996 Editors' Choice

3Dlabs, Inc. today announced it has received the prestigious 1996 Editors' Choice Award from CADENCE Magazine

Intuit Will Create Framework For Financial Data Exchange Using the Net, Support for Mac Users

Intuit Inc. announced that it will coordinate the development of the industry's most comprehensive framework for exchanging consumer and small business financial data

Specular & Netscape Announced Licensing of WebHands Pre-built Artwork, Access here

Specular International, a provider of 3D and Web-based authoring products, and Netscape Communications

Sunburst Communications Licenses Web Workshop from Vividus Corporation

Sunburst Communications has partnered with Vividus Corporation to develop its newest educational product for children, Net Explorations with Web Workshop

Kids Make Their Own Holiday Fun With PrintPaks

PrintPaks Inc. announced today that their two latest multimedia craft CD-ROM titles for children will ship later this month


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Monday September 16, 1996 - Breaking News

Happy Jewish New Year

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New Game , loosely based on "Mah-jongg", Download here

Its purpose is to be educational, Intellectually stimulating and fun for the whole family.

AnySearch 1.0b7 Puts Direct Search Engine Button in Netscape, Download here

AnySearch adds a button and edit field directly to the button bar on Netscape allowing a search

PaceWorks Announces Public Availability of Dancer Beta

PaceWorks, Inc., today announced two beta versions of Dancer will be publicly available on

Conflict Catcher 3 Now for French & German languages

Casady & Greene, Inc., announced the release of French and German versions of best-selling utility, Conflict Catcher 3

Lari Releases LightningDraw Electric, Download here

Lari Software Inc. released LightningDraw Electric, a powerful content creation application for the World Wide We

Logitech Announces 3 New Pointing Devices for Mac

Logitech announced 3 new pointing devices for Macintosh: TrackMan Marble, TrackMan Live!, and Cordless MouseMan

Barking Dog VRML Model Library for 3D Web Designers

Barking Dog Software Co. has released a VRML model library intended for 3D Web designers

Use Peagasus Email Addresses in Eudura or Emailer, Download here

A just completed Pegasus Converter will convert Pegasus Email address books

PledgeMaker for Macintosh, Fund Raising Software based on Oracle

SofTrek, lwas formed to provide Oracle based, state-of-the-art software to the fund raising community.

New Version of Electrifier Playback Released 1st To Deliver Mac OS 8 Graphics Technology

Lari Software Inc. released Electrifier 1.5, as part of the

Groupie Software Better than E-mail, Mac Version under Developement

Revnet of Huntsville, Alabama, has created something new for the Web

IBM, 15 Banks Launch Home Banking Network

In an announcement IBM Corp. Chairman Louis Gerstner dubbed a "landmark,"

Clixsounds Releases Audion CD-ROM, Download Demo here

Clixsounds, a producer of unique sound files for Macintosh users, introduces its first CD-ROM.

Akimbo Systems Ships Globetrotter Web Publisher

Akimbo Systems announced today that it is now shipping its Globetrotter Web Publisher package for Mac


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