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Weekend Edition 7/20-21, 1996 - Breaking News

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Apple Computer's 5th Annual Design Project

Designing Virtual Communities is the Focus of Apple Computer's 5th Annual Design Project.

New MovieTools, New Features New Price

About MovieTools is an Maci application that provides a suite of utilities for working with digital video

Iomega to Purchase Manufacturing Site in Malaysia

Iomega Corp. announced it has entered into an agreement to purchase a manufacturing facility in Malaysia from Quantum Corp.

Retrospect 3.0A Updater Available Download it Here

Dantz Retrospect 3.0A Updater utility that updates a copy of Retrospect 3.0 or 3.0i, regardless of its language, to version 3.0A (or 3.0Ai).

Apple Reduces Third Quarter Loss to $32 Million

Apple announced financial results for the quarter ending June 28, 1996. The Company recorded a quarterly net loss of $32 million

O.K. How Fast Can We Go - 500-Mhz?

Exponential Technology is quitely working on a PowerPC chip for the Apple Mac. The chip reportedly will reach speeds of 500 Mhz

Cyno Announces MacRADIUS Authentication Server

Cyno Technologies, Inc. announced the upcoming availability of its MacRADIUS Authentication Server.

APPLE Announces ATM Application Jump Start Program

MACTIVITY--Apple Computer, Inc. announced the ATM Application Jump Start Program,

Transoft Unveils 100MB/second Storage Network for Macs

Transoft Technology introduced the StudioBOSS FC product line of very fast digital computer networks for PCI-based Apple

ActionLine Tool Generates Java

Interactive Media Corporation (IMC) has released ActionLine, an Apple Macintosh Web authoring tool that generates Java applets for incorporation into standard HTML pages

StyleScript 3.0, True Adobe PostScript for HP Printers

GDT Softworks Inc., announced the development of StyleScript 3.0. The new version of StyleScript will provide genuine Adobe Level 2 PostScript support for the Hewlett-Packard

Scitex Unveils Sophisticated Tool for Total Prepress

Scitex Corporation Ltd. today announced Brisque, a new line of advanced digital front ends for the company's wide selection of output devices.

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Thursday 7/18, 1996 - Breaking News

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Icon Factory Download "Neat" Mac Icons

One of the advantages of the Macintosh platform is the ability to customize it almost any way you would like

CyberPound, Dedicated to CyberDog

Their is a new site on the WWW that is dedicated to the Apple OpenDoc product, Cyberdog.

P.publishing Bestows "Best of COMDEX" award on Apple

The staff of P.publishing descended on Chicago last month for the biannual COMDEX and WINDOWS WORLD shows.

NetManage Releases ChameleonNFS for Mac

At Mactivity NetManage released a new NFS product for the Apple Mac OS customers. ChameleonNFS

New Version of Aaron 1.4.1 & BeView Download here Aaron has been updated again to version 1.4.1

Larry Tesler Addresses MACTVITY (A Must Read!)

Building on its commitment to Internet solutions

Apple & Farallon Include Timbuktu Pro in QuickTime Conferencing

Apple Computer and Farallon announced an agreement to include Farallon's Timbuktu Pro

Apple Q2 Must Stop Bleeding, Plan Recovery

Apple Computer Inc's second quarter loss will be much lower than its record $740 million first quarter loss

Newton Technology Makes A Hole In One

With the support of US Robotics, ETE, Metricom, and the RAM Mobile Data Network, Brothers Software Products made a persuasive point about the future wireless technology

Claris Home Page Email Discussion Group

Internet Website developer and consulting firm Blue World Communications announced the creation of an Internet email discussion group

SuperCard 2.5 Japanese Version Ships

Allegiant Technologies Inc. and Seiwa Systems of Japan Wednesday announced shipment of the Kanji version of SuperCard 2.5

Smart and Friendly and Macromedia Collaborate

Smart and Friendly and Macromedia together have designed a complete multimedia CD-Recordable solution

Very Cool QuickTime VR to View San Fran Giants Seating

Now you can not only purchase seats on the WWW you can view the stadium from any seat at the SF Giant's ballpark.



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Wednesday 7/17, 1996 - Breaking News

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Apple Webcast to Capture Atlanta Street Scene

This summer, Apple Computer Inc. will present Atlanta '96 Street Scene, an online webcast extravaganza

Former Apple CFO of Takes Board Position with Carrier Access Corp.

Carrier Access Corp., campaign to create a governing board of internationally recognized industry experts

Worldwide Live! Over WWW using Enhanced CU-SeeMe

White Pine Software Inc. is providing LIVE Internet coverage of today's WorldWide Live!

FastMap and Jon's Collection of Plugins Page

Jon's Collection of Plugins Page details all of the current plugins that he has written for WebStar

PC Compatibility Available to Nearly Two Million Macs

Reply Corporation today announced the new DOS on Mac Card to support LC-compatible Apple systems including the Power Macintosh( 5200, 5300, 6200 and 6300

Submit It!, New Commercial Versions of Web Site Promotion Service

Submit It!, Inc. today announced Submit It! Gold and Submit It! Pro, commercial versions of Submit It!, ag service for submitting Web site

Apple's Back-To-School "Cool Cash Back + Cool Tools for Schools"

Apple Computer, recently launched a back-to-school promotion called "Cool Cash Back + Cool Tools for Schools" to help both parents and educators

IMAGING EXPO '96, The Document Solutions

In a unique endeavor to help guide and educate individual attendees in their quest for answers to their specific business document management issues, IMAGING EXPO '96

Natural Intelligence Lowers Pricing for Roaster

Natural Intelligence, Inc. announced that it has dropped the price of its popular software package

Federal Express' FedEx interNetShip Now On-line

Federal Express Corporation formally released today FedEx interNetShip

Yahoo Revenues Up, Korean Plans Unclear

Yahoo! Corp., search and directory service, has announced an approximate doubling of revenues

Netcape Encryption Software to Be Available on the WWW

Netscape . has received federal approval to make its encryption software available

RAM Doubler Turns 2 or is that "Three?"

Connectix announced an upgrade to RAM Doubler, to version 2. Version 2 uses sophisticated smoke and mirrors

No Not PMS... PWS Personal Web Server Download Beta

ResNova Software, Inc introduced PWS, a low-profile, full featured personal web server for Apple

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Tuesday 7/16, 1996 - Breaking News

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Webgen Software at the Heart of New Ziff Davis/Microsoft/NBC Web Site

Internet Literacy Consultants, developed Webgen software, brings database technology to WWW publishing with this evening's premier of "The Site,

Adobe, InterNex Team Up For Software Distribution Via Web

InterNex Information Services, . announced that Adobe Systems, has selected InterNex to provide hosting and mirroring services for its WWW and FTP sites.

Asante Expands Operations in Japan

Asante Technologies , announced the expansion of of its operations in Japan

Give Apple Feedback on its WWW Sites

Here's your chance to give Apple feedback about their various websites.

iCat (Electronic Commerce) Adds IMV to Partner Program

iCat Adds IMV Internet to Partner Program; California-based Web Hosting Provider to Support and Resell iCat

Sonic Introduces Suite of Internet Servers

Sonic Systems, Inc. announced availability of a suite of software Internet Access Servers which allow Web, E-mail, FTP, DNS and DHCP.

Macromedia Launches Government Connection

Macromedia, Inc. announced a new program designed to better serve the pricing

New Search Engine Designed to Help Save Money

Pacific Telephony Design launched a free search engine to find the best prices on telephone and Internet charges.

Maxum Phantom, the 1st Commercial Web Crawler for Mac

Maxum Development Corp. announced Phantom 1.1, an version of AKTIV Software's Apple Macintosh-based Web crawler (formerly called Duppies).

The Making of Silicon Valley: A One Hundred Year Renaissance

Sentius, with the Santa Clara Valley Historical Association, has created a website to promote and celebrate the Association's new book

Now Utilities Users Get E-Mail Update, Download it Here

Now Software released the July update and a custom installer for Now Utilities 6.0. The free monthly update includes

Myrmidon v1.0.2 Released

Version 1.0.2 of Myrmidon, the powerfully simple publishing tool, has justbeen released. The freeware version may be downloaded here.

Big Apple Plays Host to Mac New York Music Festival

It started last Sunday and goes through July 20, the Big Apple plays host to the Macintosh New York Music Festival with some 450 artists performing

"Apple Opens Arms, Tries to Calm Fears"

Apple Computer tried to give quiet reassurance that all is well with the company by promoting its Internet and intranet strategies at the Mactivity '96 trade show here today

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Monday 7/15, 1996 - Breaking News

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Specular Infini-D Update 3.5 Ray Tracing 2-5 Times Faster

Specular International is about to launch a major upgrade to Infini-D, due to ship at Macworld Expo in August.

MacHTTP Updated to v 2.2.2.

Starnine/Quarterdeck has released an important, mandatory update to MacHTTP, updating MacHTTP 2.2 to version 2.2.2

Settle Disputes on the WWW

Online Ombuds Office, a Web-based mediation service, is offering $100 each to the first disputants who use the procedure to settle a disagreement.

AT&T; Announced Cell Phones & Service to Surf the Net

AT&T; Wireless Services announced plans to unveil a cellular phone and service that will allow users to surf the Net.

Roll Logs Without Getting Wet with Logroller

Logroller is a small application that rolls your WebSTAR log file on a regular basis

LogDoor Multi-site Log Processor Download Beta Here

Open Door Networks is announced a new LogDoor Multi-site Log Processor.

CHRP Vendors May Ship Before Apple, Power Computing 225 Mhz

Delays at Apple Computer in adapting the Macintosh operating system for the CHRP mean that other vendors may ship before Apple

MarketPlace CD v3.5 Helps Businesses Find Customers

MarketPlace Information Corp. introduced an improved CD that finds new customers, identify potential markets, analyze business segments, and plan marketing strategies. .

Micropolis Announces New Disk Drive

Micropolis announced a new version of its popular low-cost ARIES 2 disk drive, with enhancements

MSNBC To Launch Today

The cable service will launch with 14 hours of live daily programming; repeats will begin at 11 p.m. There will be no newswheel

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